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Holding Company

Transcript: Restriction Some individuals prefer the simplicity of keeping the accounts in one book and the management in one pair of hands. There is more administration in that you need separate accounts, separate PAYE and separate VAT registration and perform separate audits if revenues exceed the threshold. Holding companies are classed as investment vehicles for tax purposes while subsidiaries are considered trading businesses. The distinction will have implications for deductions on expenses and other spending. Types of Holding Company Holding Company Indonesia The establishment of a holding company has been planned since the startup of the business. Thus, the very first company to be established within the group is the holding company. Pure Holding Company A public company will now be treated by the BKPM as a PMA if the "controlling shareholder" of such company is a foreign investor; Where an existing company is converted into a PMA, its subsidiaries must also convert to PMA status within a maximum period of one year. Capital City: Jakarta Population: 251,160,124 Total Area: 1,904,569 sq km GDP: $1.237 trillion (2012 est.) GDP Growth Rate: 6.2% (2012 est.) Business activities identified in Lists 1, 2, and 3 of the Foreign Business Act are subject to foreign shareholding limitations imposed by the Foreign Business Act; Foreign investment in businesses identified under List 1 is strictly prohibited; Foreign investment in businesses identified under List 2 is prohibited unless permission is granted by the Ministry of Commerce with the approval of the Cabinet (Council of Ministers); Foreign investment in businesses under List 3 is prohibited unless permission is granted by the director-general of the Department of Business Development of the Ministry of Commerce with the approval of the Foreign Business Committee. Land Tenure Tax Holding Company Regime Indonesia Only individuals enjoy all forms of land tenure. Certain legal entities may be given the opportunity to have limited rights of ownership over land. They are: banks established by the State; organizations of Agricultural Cooperatives established under Law No. 79 of 1958; and Religious bodies and social bodies appointed by the Minister for Internal Affairs on the advice of the Minister for Religion and the Minister for Social Affairs Exploitation rights and/or rights to build may only be possessed by Indonesian citizens or legal entities incorporated under Indonesian law which have their domiciles in Indonesia. Foreign Ownership Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia @dliliansa Dita Liliansa Residual Procedure The holding company is a full and independent company, can be: Taken from one of the existing companies in the same ownership or related; or Acquiesced from another company with a different ownership and has no relation. Holding Company Regime Benefits Drawbacks The effective corporate tax ... The rate of withholding tax on dividends paid to nonresidents is ... Gains on the sale of a subsidiary are taxable at the standard corporate income tax rate of 20% (FY 2013 & FY 2014). Gains can be offset by brought forwards tax losses for corporate income tax purposes. Joint taxation for groups is not available. Restriction •A corporation that exists solely for exercising control over other companies; or •A company that conducts no business but holds the assets of one or multiple operating companies and only relishes profit from its subsidiaries' dividend. A company may be dissolved as follows: a decision of the general meeting of shareholders; a Court judgement; expiry of the term specified in the company's AA revocation of bankruptcy pursuant to commercial court judgment with permanent legal force, where the bankruptcy assets of the company are not sufficient to pay bankruptcy expenses the bankruptcy assets of a company which has been declared bankrupt are insolvent, or revocation of companys business license Company Dissolution Terimakasih Negative List of Investment is stipulated under Presidential Regulation No. 36 of 2010 (Perpres 36/2010). Four categories of business restrictions are: Business closed to all investors including local investors (e.g. harmful chemical production) Business open only to domestic investors (e.g. natural forest concessions and radio/television broadcasting services) Business where a foreign investor may be a joint venture party (e.g. shipping, electricity production, transmission and distribution) Business open to all investors, but subject to certain restrictions (e.g. aquaculture and wood pulp industries). 1. Substance Requirements Foreign investor can form 8 kinds of company, although 3 of them are nearly possible. For public companies, at least half of the board of directors must be Thai residents. Minimum capital requirement .. A limited company must have at least three shareholders at all times. Holding Company must own the shares for at least three months before and three

Company PowerPoint

Transcript: I picked this company because Nestle is a Worldwide organization and you can find one at most of the malls you go to, and their food is amazing. Nestle Toll House Good Food, Good Life With instant coffee, baby food, and bottled water in the mix, Nestlé crunches more than just chocolate. The world's #1 food and drinks company in terms of sales, Nestlé is also the world leader in coffee (Nescafé). It also makes coffee for the home-brewing system, Nespresso. Nestlé is one of the world's top bottled water makers (Nestlé Waters), one of the biggest frozen pizza makers (DiGiorno), and a big player in the pet food business (Friskies, Purina). Its most well-known global food brands include Buitoni, Dreyer's, Maggi, Milkmaid, Carnation, and Kit Kat. The company also owns Gerber Products. North America is Nestlé's most important market. Why Nestle is better Baby foods Bottled water Cereals Chocolate & confectionery Coffee Culinary, chilled & frozen food Dairy Drinks Food service Healthcare nutrition Ice cream Petcare Weight management Competitors Mars, Incorporated DANONE MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL, INC. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (Chairman) Paul Bulcke (CEO) Wan Ling Martello (CFO) Brands Its most well-known global food brands include Buitoni, Dreyer's, Maggi, Milkmaid, Carnation, and Kit Kat. Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company (1866) Farine Lactée Henri Nestlé (1867) Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company (1905) Continued Nestle Toll House Why? Nestlé is the world's biggest food manufacturer, with almost 450 factories spread across the globe, and a portfolio that ranges from baby foods to pet care, from chocolate to mineral water. Its world-famous brands include Nescafe, Kit Kat and Perrier, among many others. The group also owns a large shareholding in cosmetics company L'Oreal. As with other food companies, recent years have seen a greater concentration on a focused food and beverage business. In particular Nestlé has leveraged its performance in sectors such as ice cream and petfoods with an aggressive acquisition strategy. At the same time, it has placed health and wellness at the forefront of its agenda, developing the widest possible range of nutritionally balanced products under the overall umbrella "Good Food, Good Life". See also Nestlé USA, Nestlé UK, Nestlé Australia, Nestlé Latin America and Nestlé Japan. Competition committed to enhancing people's lives by offering tastier and healthier food and beverage choices at all stages of life and at all times of the day. Nestle is an overall amazing company that has all different kinds of food and brands. It has a few competitors but nothing too major that can tear apart the company. committed to enhancing people's lives by offering tastier and healthier food and beverage choices at all stages of life and at all times of the day. Company PowerPoint Overview

Rawabi Holding Company

Transcript: we all achieve our vision through organic development and strategice partnerships with along term commitment to provide: strong technical experties, superior quality products and services and a solid network of business relationship. It sheds light on the nature of various career options available to youth and hosts experts tp represent these career choices. the experts describe careers in order to motivate youth and provide insights into their future and aid them to discover their hidden potentials. Interns meeting with: Mr.Abdullaziz Al-Turki Summer Internship 2015 Rawyeh Bakhshwain 201002438 Job Discribtion to be the leading regional provider pf products and services to a diversified range of key industries, and by doing so to contribute to the ecoomic development and quality of life where they operate. SWOT Analysis in Rawabi Holding Threats Corporate Social Responsibility Program(CSR). Job History Professional development training in demand Low research& Development activities. Rawabi Holding's stakeholder has identified the youth empowerment as a pertinent social issue and took the opportunity to bring a positive social shift in our saudi nation. Rawabi Holding works to empower youth (aged 16-24) by encourage them to identify their potentials, assisting them in channeling their energies and providing them with means for bright future. They had developing many self discovery programs. such as: Weaknesses Professional Skills Quality in Brand High Managment skills Effective CSR Programs Financial Support Quality of Leadership I had learned many information about the importance of social responsibility in the community and how it will affect us not only on personal level but on career level also, and how Rawabi support and participate in many social activities in Saudi Arabia. all my writing courses had been helpful, my main tasks is writing and reading the policies in the company i applied most of what i learned in these courses. also some of my tasks requierd usage of excel programs, which i had learned from my study skills course in PMU. so i believe taking more social courses would improve me as an HR student. It is a program that runs for two months, allows university students to develop their skills and work ethics also implement what they have learned through their studies in the workplace. also offering them a full-time employment job after graduating. Interns are hosted in different departments according to their majors under both peer mentors and managers, and provide them the necessary learning courses within their internship period sch as: Safety at Work Place Courses. The Rawabi Holding UK Awards. The Annual Charity Run. New CSR programs Effective actio plans Ambitious initiatives from expert Quality new marketing strategies The Rawabi Internship Initiative: The Rawabi Career Guidance Program. Community Investment Program. The Saudi Cancer Foundation. New competitors Oil low prices Increase of industrial equipment prices In the RTE they will introduce you with their : Career Compus Application The Color Q Test Rawabi Holding is a purpose-driven company that exists not only to generate profit, but also to improve everyone and everything they can. it was founded in 1980 with an experince for over 30 years, Rawabi have three Major products and services line which are: OILFIELD SERVICES, CONTRACTING AND INDUSTRIAL SERVICES and RETAIL. It is one of the main clients and distributors to the big companies and the government in the field. also is has many activities with national and international manufactures. Rawabi is powered by people. Which was established over 25 years ago to develop the integrated health care services provided to help patients in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, support them, train medical staff and spread awareness among the community in how to prevent and control the disease in professional manner. SWOT Analysis in Rawabi Holding Conclusion Vision: Mission Rawabi Holding Talent Exhibit (RTE): Rawabi Holding Background Strengths Opportunities Rawabi Holding Company

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