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Transcript: SETTING The Setting of HIVE takes place mostly on a tropical volcanic Island. In the Volcano is the school HIVE The time period is modern times but the technology at the school is much more advanced. The main Conflict is that Otto was taken to the school against his will and he wants to escape. Otto Malpense Otto Malpense is an orphan who by using his remarkable intelligence manages to run it from behind the scenes Otto is Extremely smart, cunning, charming, mostly trustworthy, and he never gives up. What I Took Away From this book I learned to never give up and to always try and make your circumstances work out for you. I also learned that you can find always make friends, no matter how different you are. Figurative Language The figurative language in this book helps to add effect and meaning to the book. For example, in the book he calls the sacs at the base of the plant violet slimy and pulsating which adds more meaning and effect to the description than just "They were large sacs at the base of the plant. Also, when describing the plant violet's reaction to the rockets fired at it the author used words like uncanny and swatted to add to the general feeling of whacking the missiles out of the air. THANKS FOR WATCHING A summary of the book, Otto Malpense is a boy genius. He has run his orphanage for years without anyone even knowing. But when a large scale prank catches the attention of the top secret school HIVE, he is thrust into a world of villainy and must quickly find knew friends, all with different attributes that make them different from ordinary kids. Otto bids his time, plotting and waiting, with one thought, to escape. and have a nice day =)> or evening or Afternoon Gus Bosch HIVE by Mark Walden

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