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Transcript: HIVE a platform used to develop SQL type scripts to do MapReduce operations Introduction Introduction Hive is a data warehouse infrastructuretool to process structure data in Hadoop. It resides on top of Hadoop to summarize Big Data and makes querying and analyzing easy. Initially Hive was developed by Facebook, later Apache software Foundation took it up and developed it further as an open source under the name Apache Hive Features Of Hive It stores schema in database and processed data into HDFS( Hadoop Distributed File System) It is designed for OLAP It provides SQL type language for querying called HiveQl or HQL It is fast, familiar, scalable and extensible Features Architecture of Hive User Interface- Hive is data warehouse infrastructure software that can create interaction betweeen user and HDFS. The user interfaces that Hive supports are Hive Web UI, Hive Command line and Hive HD. HiveQL Process Engine- HiveQL is similar to SQL for querying on schema info on the Megastore. It is one of the replacements of traditional approach for MapReduce program. Instead of writing MapReduce program in Java, we can write a query for MapReduce job and process it. Architecture Hive Architecture Contd. Execution Engine- The conjuction part of HiveQL process Engine and MapReduce is a Hive Execution Engine. Execution engine processes the query and generates results as same as MapReduce results. It uses the flavour of MapReduce. HDFS or HBASE- Hadoop distributd file system or HBASE are the data stirage techniques to store data into file system. Meta Store- Hive chooses respective database servers to store the schema or Metadata of tables, databases, columns in a table, their data types and HDFS mapping. Figure Pictorial Architecture Working of Hive Execute Query- The Hive interface such as Command Line or WebUI send query Driver to execute Get Plan- The driver takes the help of query compiler that parses the query to check the syntax or query plan or the requirement of query Get Metadata- The compiler send metadata request to Megastore Send Metadata- Metastore sends metadata as a response to the compiler. Send Plan- The compiler checks the requirement and resend the plan to the driver. Till here the parsing adn compiling of query is completed. Execute Plan- The driver send the execute plan to the execution engine. Functioning Contd. Working Execute Job- Internally, the process of execution job is a MapReduce job. Here, the query executes MapReduce job. Metadata Ops- Meanwhile in execution, the engine can execute metadata operations with Metastore Fetch Results- The execution engine receives the results from Datanodes. Send Results- The execution engine send those resultant values to the driver Send Results- The driver send the results to Hive Interfaces. Pictorial Representation on Working of Hive Diagrammatic Representation Hive-Data Types All the data types in Hive are classified into four types- Column Types Literals Null Values Complex Types Data Types Column Types Intergral Types- Specified for using intergral data types only. INT, BIGINT, SMALLINT, TINYINT. String Types- Specified using ('') or (""). VARCHAR and CHAR Timestamp- Supports java.sql format 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS:ffffffffff' and format 'yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss:ffffffffff' Dates- decribed in format "YYYY-MM-DD" Decimals- The DECIMAL type in Hive is as same as Big Decimal format of Java. Represnts arbitraty precision Union Types- Collection of heterogeneous data types. One can create an instance using create union. Column Types Literals Floating Point Types- These are nothing but numbers with decomal points. Genrally this data type is composed of DOUBLE data type. Decimal Type- These is nothing but floating point value with higher range than DOUBLE data types. The range if decimal type is approximately -10^-308 to 10^308 Literals Complex Types Arrays- They are used in same way as used in Java. Syntax: ARRAY<DATA_TYPE> Maps- They are similar to Java Maps. Syntax: MAP<primitive_type, data_type> Structs- they are similar to using complex data with comment. Syntax: STRUCT<col_name: data_type[ COMMENT col_comment,.....]> Complex Types HQL Queries HQL Statements Create Databases- hive>create database [if not exists] userdb; hive>create schema usedb; hive> show databses; Drop Databases- hive> drop database [if exists] userdb; hive> drop database [if exists] userdb cascade; hive> drop schema userdb; Create Table- hive> create table if not exists employee( eid int, name string, salary decinal, destionation string) >comment 'employee details' >row format delimited >fields terminated by '\t' >lines terminated by '\n' >stored as text file Partition Hive organises tables into partitions as a way of dividing tables into related parts based on alues. It is easy to query a portion of data Adding Partition- Syntax: hive>alter table employee add partition(year='2013') location '/2012/part2012'; Dropping Partition- Syntax: hive>alter table employee drop [if exists] partition Other


Transcript: SETTING The Setting of HIVE takes place mostly on a tropical volcanic Island. In the Volcano is the school HIVE The time period is modern times but the technology at the school is much more advanced. The main Conflict is that Otto was taken to the school against his will and he wants to escape. Otto Malpense Otto Malpense is an orphan who by using his remarkable intelligence manages to run it from behind the scenes Otto is Extremely smart, cunning, charming, mostly trustworthy, and he never gives up. What I Took Away From this book I learned to never give up and to always try and make your circumstances work out for you. I also learned that you can find always make friends, no matter how different you are. Figurative Language The figurative language in this book helps to add effect and meaning to the book. For example, in the book he calls the sacs at the base of the plant violet slimy and pulsating which adds more meaning and effect to the description than just "They were large sacs at the base of the plant. Also, when describing the plant violet's reaction to the rockets fired at it the author used words like uncanny and swatted to add to the general feeling of whacking the missiles out of the air. THANKS FOR WATCHING A summary of the book, Otto Malpense is a boy genius. He has run his orphanage for years without anyone even knowing. But when a large scale prank catches the attention of the top secret school HIVE, he is thrust into a world of villainy and must quickly find knew friends, all with different attributes that make them different from ordinary kids. Otto bids his time, plotting and waiting, with one thought, to escape. and have a nice day =)> or evening or Afternoon Gus Bosch HIVE by Mark Walden

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