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Hippie Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: "Hippie " comes from word " hip " meaning a smoker of hashish or jazz and whose notes is also derived the word " hipster ". In August 1969 in place the height of the hippie movement with the Woodstock festival in Bethel , which gathered 500,000 people. Despite its total disorganization is a huge success. The lyrics of their songs deliver messages emotional , spiritual and political . Their music is more "free" than traditional musical styles. There are as many men as hippies hippies women. Most are teenagers, but there are also adults. The hippie movement is based on the rejection of the years of consumer society 60. The hippies are marginalized in opposing the authority , standards and the legitimate values ​​of the time , they encourage the ecological and egalitarian values ​​. Dwelling places HIPPIE In summer of 1967 takes place The Summer of Love Haight -Ashbury in Golden Gate park, where young people from around the world came together and made cons - discovered the hippie culture, and aroused the interest of the media. The hippie movement emerged in the mid 1960s in San Francisco quartierd'Haight -Ashbury in the Berkeley campus . In 1970 , the activity of the hippie movement decreases because of the failures of their struggles for peace and deaths due to drugs. The hippies are mostly from the post-war Baby Boom , during the period Glorioso Trentes the birthplace of consumerism. Timbin near Sydney in Australia A quarter of the city of San Francisco, Haight -Ashbury , brought together a hippie community. This is where the movement was born . There are other neighborhoods like Auroville in India or Australia Timbin created by hippies for hippies . Their habitat is based on self-build with natural materials (wood, earth) and are content with the bare minimum. Appearance Le quartier de Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco Jimi Hendrix à Woodstock, 1969 Their clothing style show them need to stand out from previous generations and recognize each hippies. Their clothing is noticed but remained at low cost. No brand of feminine / masculine is not apparent to denounce the sexism of the time. Values " Girl with the flower - Demonstration for Peace in Vietnam " -Marc Riboud The hippies show their detachment thanks to the consumption of drugs and alcohol psychydéliques in large quantities to enable them to escape and open mind. Music is a key element that will enable hippies express their freedom. Many artists are representative of the hippie movement , the best known are including Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, The Doors , The Who , The Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd. Their clothes are casual , colored ( floral patterns , sewed , washed ) , wide ( bell bottoms , jeans ) , influenced by the Oriental style. The first peace demonstrations broke out in 1965, they oppose against the Vietnam War and riots blacks in American cities . It broadcasts in France in May 1968 and in Western countries . "The end " of the movement is not accurate, but the media which granted them more attention in 1975 , with the end of the Vietnam War . And to finish... The hippies travel a lot , they are nomads. They move and live mainly in their mini -vans , whose appearance reflects their thinking . Hippie young lives very badly conformism : while their parents destine them a future "normal" and try to introduce them into the system, they oppose their authority and choose their own path. Likes In December of the same year to place a free Rolling Stones concert supposed to be a second " Woodstock " , but it sparked bloody fights : a viewer points a gun at Mick Jagger, it follows a violent brawl between service order and spectators , one of them will be stabbed . Their hair is long , to denounce the Vietnam War where soldiers shaved head . They shock the society of the time , the style was strict , standardized . Music Sociology groups The hippies have introduced many slogans such as : Many accessories : necklaces , bracelets , flowers , headbands in their hair , round glasses ... History

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