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Hip Hop Music

Transcript: Criteria For Hip Hop Break - Dancing Acrobatic dance form Sharp and short dance moves Flowing and wave like motion Difficult balancing techniques Often done on street corners and subway stations Rapping / MC'ing Tells a story Can rhyme but doesn’t have to Fast spoken music Describes the criminal lifestyle The song Road To The Riches by Kool G Rap and DJ Polo connects to society because it talks about the rapper’s life and money. It connects to society because during that time, he grew up in a rural area so it was hard for him to gain money. He raps about how he didn’t give up on getting money to support his family, which led him to getting a lot of money. People back then in the 1980s struggled with gaining money, Kool G Rap was rapping about how when he never gave up his dream of becoming famous and performing in concerts and earning ,money from doing so. “ Now the tables turned, my lifestyle switches. My name is Kool G Rap and I’m on the road to the riches.” This line in the song is when he tells that his life has changed because of his hard work. Hip Hop is a popular style of music. It has 5 elements, Disc Jockeys, Rapping / Emceeing, Graffitti, Break - Dancing, and Beat - boxing. Song 2: Title: Road To The Riches Artist: Kool G Rap & DJ Polo Decade: 1980s I chose the song, Road To The Riches by Kool G Rap and DJ Polo because it meets most of the elements of hip hop. In this song, the rapper talks about how he worked hard and became rich. It tells about his story which is one of the elements in the hip hop criteria. Instead of using real instruments, they mostly used electronic beats. The only instrument that they used was the drums. In the music video for this song, some teenagers are seen breakdancing to the music. Also, the rapper was wearing gangster like clothing in the music video. Although there was no graffiti involved in the music video, this song still meets most of the criteria in hip hop. What is Hip Hop? Disc Jockeys Mixed Music Records, turntables, etc Electronic Music Song 1: Title: I Have A Dream Too Artist: Dead Prez Decade: 2000s I chose the song, I Have A Dream Too by Dead Prez as my first song because it meets the Hip Hop criteria. It connects to Hip Hop because there is a rapper who tells a story about discrimination. Also, the artist uses harsh words that emphasizes the message of the song. There are sound effects that were added which made the song sound more aggressive. In the song, the rapper sometimes beat boxes to give a gangster feel to the song. The clothes they were wearing in their song cover are very heavy like, which means that they wear chains, baggy pants and big jerseys. Although they did not have a music video produced for the song, when they sing live, there are breakdancers who dance to the song. One of the songs that meet the Hip Hop criteria is I Have A Dream Too by Dead Prez. Whenever I hear this song, it makes me feel unhappy because, I think about how innocent the boy and how he was shot when he didn’t even do anything wrong. It also makes me feel upset that people judge others by their skin colour, I think that the police should’ve made sure that the boy wasn’t a thief before killing him, it isn’t fair that he was killed with no reason. I also feel kind of happy at the same time when I listen to this song because the artist was standing up to the police. He told the world about his opinions by expressing them in a song. When I hear this song I also feel aggressive because of the heavy sound effects that they put into the song and the harsh language that they used. Graffiti Found in alleys, abandoned buildings, cement walls, train lines, on trains and under bridges Mostly visible in Hip Hop music videos This song is connected to society because it tells a story about discrimination. In 2004, A boy with dark skin was mistaken as a burglar and was shot to death. People thought he was a burglar because he had dark skin and was wearing a black hoodie that hid his face which made him look suspicious. Dark skinned people were thought to be dangerous because of the way they are portrayed as gangsters in movies during the decade of 2000s. “There was an incident where a police had shot a black man in the back and then went and plant a gun next to him and say that the guy draw a gun on him which they find out after the investigation that the guy didn't have no gun the police had shot him in cold blood” this verse in the song was talking about how the police thought that the boy was holding a gun even when he wasn’t. The police thought this because the boy was black. Beatboxing Technique of vocal percussion Creates beats and rhythms When I listen to the song Road To The Riches by Kool G Rap and DJ Polo I feel motivated and inspired. I feel motivated and inspired because this song tells a story about how the artist became rich and famous, he worked hard and his accomplishments led him to success. After listening to this song I feel really inspired to not give up on my

Hip Hop Music

Transcript: Some males who listen to rap and hip-hop music will tend to wear baggy jeans, called sagging, oversized t-shirts, and a cap. Some will even go as far as getting grills. Grills are like jewelry for your teeth. They come in gold and silver, so when a person smiles, their teeth are all shiny. Tattoos are not a bad thing, but males will also get tattoos on their body. AFFECTS One big example of the negative effect of rap and hip-hop music is violence. These kinds of music can be very destructive to teens. It is not the youth’s fault, it is the content that the music contains. Although rap and hip-hop music can be a force for good, they can also have an extremely negative impact on the attitudes and behaviors of American youth. Conclusion How it changes young Males In a recent experiment, 700 fifteen- year- olds were exposed to rap music. One third listened to sexually explicit lyrics, and two thirds listened to degrading lyrics about sex. After the experiment, each fifteen year old was asked about their sexual thoughts. Almost all of their responses had something to do with sex (Degrading). The results of this experiment are very alarming because they show how much rap and hip-hop music is affecting American youth Hip Hop Music The teenagers who look up to rap and hip-hop artists are likely to do what they do. This includes their actions, ideas, the way they live, dress and act towards others. It is like a maze. The marketers are the maze, plastering an identity onto teenagers as they go through the maze. By the time they exit, they are nothing but a street thug influenced by music. In some ways, this could have a negative impact of youth. INFLUENCED Hip Hop The Impact of Rap What Rap Does Violent lyrics in songs can be a trigger for some teenagers to start fights, even kill others for what they have. Some possessions could be cars, clothes, jewelry, and money. Gangs and street thugs are also examples of negative effects. They rob, steal, vandalize, kill, and destroy others. Rap and Hip Hop also promotes a thug lifestyle, one that centers on not fulfilling an education, but instead doing drugs, and spitting rhymes while doing so. Though not all rap and hip hop focuses on these themes; most of old rap speaks of getting through hardship Hip Hop Music like comment share One Exampe Violence

Hip Hop Template

Transcript: The History of Hip Hop Where it Began The South Bronx 1970's White Flight Urban Decay Poverty Local Government Corruption White Flight Synopsis Simultaneous with the “white flight,” social and economic disruptions abounded. Construction on the Cross Bronx Expressway, which began in the postwar period and continued into the early 1970s, decimated several of the minority neighborhoods in its path. City infrastructure was allowed to crumble in the wake of budget cuts, hitting the less privileged parts of the city most directly. Strikes organized by disaffected blue-collar workers crippled the entire metropolitan area. As a largely white, middle-class population left urban areas for the suburbs in the 1950's and 1960's—a phenomenon known as “white flight”—the demographics of communities such as the Bronx shifted rapidly. The Bronx, one of New York City’s five “boroughs,” became populated mainly by Blacks and Hispanics, including large immigrant populations from Caribbean nations including Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, and Tobago, and others. Groups Turning Point Turning Point Music Culture Dance Music Music Latin and Caribbean traditions met and mingled with the sounds of sixties and seventies Soul, Disco, and Funk. Limited access to instruments and music education, music makers made music with what they could find. DJs assembled their own sound systems and built extensive record collections by searching secondhand stores for old Soul, Funk, and Rock and Roll albums; they used their collections to provide entertainment within their communities. Sounds taken from these records—from James Brown’s drum breaks to Parliament Funkadelic’s funky bass lines—provided the raw materials for creative work: beats to be mixed and modified. B-Boy and B-Girl Break Dance Dance Breakdancing is thought to be inspired by the performances of James Brown. DJs would take the breaks of dance records and string them together to give dancers a chance to show off their moves. Breakers would choose elements from sports and other dances, including gymnastics, the Lindy Hop, capoeira, and disco. Timeline Timeline 1974 1970 1976 1975 Other DJ's start playing in similar styles. DJ Pleaser Lovebug Starski first refers to this movement as “hip-hop.” Hip Hop First Appears in the Bronx DJ Afrika Bambaataa battles Disco King Mario in the first DJ battle. 1973 1978 DJ Grand Wizard Theodore invents the record scratch. DJ Kool Herc deejays his first block party in the Bronx The music industry first uses the term “rap music,” which shifts the focus in hip hop from the deejays to the emcees. Lesson Activity Lesson Plan Open up Schoology and reply to the discussion question labeled: Discussion: ABC News Clip You must reply to this question and respond to at least one classmates post.

Hip-Hop music

Transcript: Hip-Hop got its name by the story called "Afrika Bambaataa's Hip-Hop" and the heroic protagonist was a younger former Black Spades warlord with an awesome fro hawk and a face like a featureless stone. Before the Next Teardrop Falls, Freddy Fender Who crated it Hip-Hop? Kool Herc Campbell is created as being highly influential in the pioneering stage of Hip-Hop music, Herc created a blue print for Hip-Hop music and culture the Jamaican tradition of impromptu toasting poetry and speech over music. What was the most popular Hip-Hop music in the 1975? Lauryn Hill was one of the most successful hip-hop female artists of the 1990's Dr.Dre The Chronic provided a template for modern rap. Due to the sucess of Death Roe Records, West Coast hip hop donoinated hip hop during the 1990's along with The Notorious B.I.G in the East Coast. Hip hop became the best selling music genre by the mid-1990's. Missy Elliot- Gossip Folks Todays Hip hop The 1980's saw the reinvention of Michael Jackson,and Diana Ross and the superstardom of Prince and the emergence of Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Janet Jackson -who were all the most successful musicians durin this time. Hip hop music has change a ton from the decades like in the 1970's had a blueprint for hip hop. In the 1980's beat boxing had became very popular in that time.Dr. Dre was the popular hip hop person in that time.In the 2000's Tine Tempah- pass out How is it show that America has change? Rhinestone Cowboy, Glen Campbell Who was popular? Love will keep us together, The Captain and Tennille Philadelphia Rider,Elton John Hip-hop was the most sucessful genre Why was it called Hip-Hop? Todays Hip hop is way different than the other decades.Like G-easy he is a hip hop/rapper but mostly hip hop.He is very sucessful he creates great songs. Drake is a great artist he had many songs that is popular today an example is One Dance or Popstyle is I think that is recent. Some favorite songs in 2000's Some songs were popular in 1975 were. Eva - Tambourine Hip-Hop music J-Kwon- Tipsy

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