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Transcript: Road Design Thank You Any Questions ?? To Dr. Issam Dabbour T=Rtan (/2) Group Members We started off by placing the contour map on AutoCAD .Using the software, we marked the center line for the South Avenue , railroad and the North Avenue Perpendicular lines to the South Avenue and the railroad until both lines intersect Rv=V^2/g(fs+e/100) " Highway Engineering Projet " This project discusses the design of a new road that connects an existing South Avenue with an existing North Avenue where there is a railroad that lies in between the two Avenues. * The proposed road has four lanes (two in each direction) * Lane width of 3.6m * Design speed of 60km/h * 6% super elevation * Minimum grade of 0.5 % and a maximum of 8 % Team Vertical Curve excel sheet Layout L=π/(180 ) R ADU Student To Design the vertical curve,we used the relative values on the contour map on AutoCAD to get the stations and elevations . We used an excel sheet to plot the stations Station PT is determined by (Station PT = ST PC + L ) Station PVI = 539.0984 Elevation PVI = 7.35m L=KA=187.5=135≈140 m StationPVC=stn.PVI-L/2=539.0984-140/2=469.098 elevation PVC=ele.PVI-L/2 (G1)=7.35-140/2 (0.005)=7.000m Station PVT=stn.PVC+L=469.098+140=609.098 elevation PVT=ele.PVI+L/2 (G2)=7.35+140/2 (0.08)=1.75 m We drew an arc in order to be able to make up our horizontal curve and determine stations PC,PI and PT What is our design? Getting Started Station PC = ST PI – T Station PC = 0 +462.6059 We used given equations in order to find the radius to the vehicles traveled path,Rv, which can also help us find R Design the vertical curve Station PT = ST PC + L Station PT = 0 +539.0984 We also found the centre angle of the curve R=140m Rv=134.837m Rana Ismail Radi 1004275 Nour Al Ashkar 1007580 Shayma Abdulfatah 1011491 Eman Al Jabour 1012710 Alaa Allan 1004120 Calculations For the first horizontal curve Station PC can be determined by (Station PC = ST PI-T) 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c


Transcript: An Analysis of University Student's travel patterns via 7 days travel diary Group Members: 1. Ramit Raunak- 13BCL0259 2.Ajay aggarwal - 13BCL0315 3.Rishav vats - 13BCL0090 Conclusion Problem definition Data extraction and analysis Imbalance supply of demand for public transport :- Remote area with less trip production or attraction Less accessibility Socio-demographic factors Avg. daily distance and time travelled on weekdays & weekends Distribution of hourly km travelled on weekdays & weekends For more reliable data survey period could be extended Option of an online travel diary survey. For more accurate travel patterns more students can be involved. Travel preferences of students were better understood via the analysis of travel pattern obtained. Students at the study area have to travel more for meals and leisure activities. Travel pattern were totally different for weekdays & weekends. Female students that did not own a private car tended to have more car trips. The objective of this study to analyze the travel pattern of students in the Engineering campus of University Sains Malaysia, by using a 7-day travel diary survey Avg. daily trip generation rates based on gender & motorized vehicle ownership on weekdays & weekends Distribution of hourly activities on weekdays & weekends Mode split of university students on weekdays & weekends Distribution of hourly trip rates on weekdays & weekends Introduction Study Area Methodology Avg daily time travel cost on weekdays & weekends Future improvement Avg. daily trip generation by modes of travel on weekdays & weekends Figure 5 Distribution of hourly trip rates on weekends


Transcript: Children adapting to their new lives during the Great Depression In this picture, the children have a fatigue look on their face. The children during the Great Depression were effected tremedously. Instead of playing with toys and going to school, the children had to help their families work on the farms in order to get enough money for food. The kids in the picture can relate to Ruthie and Winfield from the Grapes of Wrath. Ruthie and Winfield went through a lot being as young as they are, but they were never alone, they always had one another to keep them company. For example, Ruthie and Winfield had each other on the road to entertain one another. The children in the picture are also not alone, they have each other to get them through this dark, depressing time. In this picture, I see the exhaustion, fear, and worry on the mother's face. This woman's family, probably took as long as the Joads did to get to West. Although, the Grapes of Wrath did not mention an exact time frame for how long it took to get to California, it was a long time, which explains the exhaustion on the woman's face. The unknowing of the future is the result to the fear in the mother's eyes. Although she is afraid, just like Ma Joad, she has to hold an optimistic role in order for her children to be okay and be scared. Besides the fear and exhaustion on the woman's face, I also notice her clinging on to her child. During the Great Depression women didn't hold a value in society, but women like the one in the picture and Ma Joad hold a strong heroic characteristic. The reason I say that is because throughout this dark time, it was the mothers who held the families together, by adhering to the situation the family's in and surviving it. Ma Joad contributed alot to the Joads survival of the Great Depression, she not only fed them, but she always had hope and tried anything to keep her family from seperating. The Dust Bowl was the name of the Great Plains region where drought struck. This region consisted of states like Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico. The drought caused the soil to be so dry that the wind easily picked up the topsoil, creating dust storms that were called black blizzards. More than 2.5 million families were driven out of this region due to the living conditions, and most moved out West, where there were plentiful agriculture. The government bought 11.3 million acres to keep for production. The Dust Bowl also sparked cultural response from artists, such as John Steinbeck and Dorothea Lange, who documented the struggles the migrant families went threw. What led to the Great Depression? Families struggled daily to gather enough food to eat during the Great Depression. These food lines helped these struggling men feed their families, and the smiles on the men's faces shows how much they appreciate this weight being lifted off their shoulders. This reminds me to when the Joads arrived to the government camp, the camp gave the Joads an extra hand to get them back on their feet. The smiles on the faces of the men, remind me of, the Joads who were also fortunate that the camp had their own sanitary units (bathrooms). The men also seem anxious on line, which also resemble the men in the book, Pa Joad, Uncle John, and Al, who were anxious to find work. The only man who found work was Tom, which made them more anxious. 66 Work- Cited vs. The Grapes of Wrath Real Life This picture displays a migrant labor couple. The couple in the picture carry hope in their eyes. They are clearly happy, which shows that over all the troubles the migrant workers went through, couples like them, and Al and Agnes, found time to make each other happy. The people in the picture and Al and Agnes, can relate to each other because the relationships formed at this time hold stronger bonds because of the tough living. That is why Al rathered stay with Agnes than go on with his family towards the end of the novel. by: Hana Morgan Poor farmer being driven out of his farm. THE DUST BOWL People on city food lines HIGHWAY In this picture, I see the look of misery in this man's face. Just imagine being driven out of your family raised farm that's been passed down to you from generations before. The sad look on his face is caused by not being able to do anything to fix the situation he is in. Another man, who holds guilt for something he has no control over is Uncle John. It wasn't entirely his fault his wife died, but he lives the rest of his life sinning because of his guilt. Pa Joad also has guilt for something he can't fix, it was the birth of his son Noah. THE END OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION In October 29, 1929, the stock market crashes causing banks to call in loans. Over thirty billion dollars worth of stock values disappear by mid November. By March 1930, over 3.2 million people become unemployed. In February 1931, families become so desperate for food, in different parts of the US, they start food riots. This meant they began to break into grocery

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Transcript: State Route 88 & Interstate I-15 Background Design Criteria Horizontal Alignment Vertical Alignment Superelevation Earthwork Cost Need to avoid protected area, (hashed) Curve Superelevation Superelevation – Calculating Transition Crossing Major Drainage Area Sight Distances Highway Engineering End CAPACITY CALCS What we learned Cut & Fill Horizontal Alignment - Design Criteria F-6 CalTrans Freeway Interchange Vertical Alignment EXCAVATION Meets minimum curve radius but does not follow maximum superelevation Manual Calcluation - 4% Superelevation 2:1 Route 88 Matt Espinoza & Hugo Camberos Bridge Options Over I-15 Under I-15 Over I-15 Minimize Cut Exceed max grade criteria Under I-15 Increased Cut Feasible, within grade criteria HDM Topic and Table 204.8 Depth of Structure, False work and abutment Topic 309.3 Vertical Clearance Fill slope of Ramp meeting existing I-15 Graphics and Table from Highway Design Manual Need of Urban Expressway SR88 to meet I-15. With this, must avoid an environmental area for conservation. Everything about the design must meet the Highway Design Manual. Information referenced from table 203.2 in the Highway Design Manual Background Number of Lanes 2 lanes each way Highway Engineering EQ. 6-9 Average Daily Traffic(ADT)- 15,000 v/day Ratio of Design Hourly Volume (K)- 12% Directional Factor (D)- 60% Percent of trucks (T)- 12% Growth – 3.0% per year of base Sight Distance Based on Velocity and Grade HDM Fig. 201.5 Fig. 201.7 Vertical Alignment “Birds Eye View” or “Plan View” 2-lane State Route 88 on to 4-lane Interstate 15 Freeway Designed multiple angles at “meeting point” at N 2,033,733. E 6,781.224. We chose final design because it fit the best with the curve It also gave ample room between the right of way line of the road and the protected area on the map 8 feet from the catch points Horizontal Alignment Horizontal Alignment -Environmental Vertical Alignment VERTICAL ALIGNMNET Need to design a bridge to cross over the river shown here in magenta No curves on bridge 10ft clearance from water level I-15 will cross over SR-88 with an 18ft clearance SUPERELEVATION Overview 270ft Distance- Gore Distance, 600 ft. merging distance Runoff distance for reverse curve 2/3 of both curve radius. Reverse Curves, Compound Curves Next time avoid ramps starting on top of bridge ATTENTION TO DETAIL Horizontal Alignment HORIZONTAL ALIGNMENT WB-ON Ramp includes a bridge Under and over itself Ensured this design would work Made sure grade and sight distances remained within the designated criteria Where do we start our alignment? Ensured we took the correct elevations from ETW Grade Max of main road design 4% Max on ramps 8% Bridge Structure W/ I-15 $300/sqft $6,838,800 Bridge Structure over wash $80/sqft $4,693,280 ROW Fence $30/ linear ft. $175,170 Racks on Racks on Racks Good book-keeping is essential to success Save often Must follow all design criteria How to use Inroads and what it is capable of Designing highways comes with very strict guidelines Vertical Alignment Superelevation Horizontal Alignment - Speeds West Bound Meeting I-15 WB-ON Extreme Superelevation COST ESTIMATE

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