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Transcript: WHat? WHEn a visual assessment Di'Ovion Smith client information Gave verbal consent on 2.17.20 and 4.15.20. Important Dates Date of Birth (of client): 09/18/1998 Date of Examination: 2/17/2020 1:15:35 secs Duration PRESENTING PROBLEM/REASON FOR REPORT Why? More Information Available Here. More information.. Ms. S. Volunteered to do the interview to help the examiner complete their assignment. However,the client did express concerns about having depression symptoms and feelings of being overwhelmed with classes and certain aspects of her life. Family BACKGROUND family Born in St. Paul, MN and raised in Chicago, IL. Adopted by Aunt after mother's death. Their Relationship was less than perfect. Met biological father at 15 y.o. along with that side of family. Credits paternal siblings for "giving purpose" to her life. Counseling background history Previous history of counseling. Cause of counseling for her was feelings of depression and anger problems brought on by upbringing. Sent to facility after family incident. Counseling had a very positive outcome, loves therapist. medical history Ms. S claims to not have any major medical problems. however, she has taken medication for depression and anger. substance use and/or abuse Claims to be "social drinker". Has experienced with marijuana in lifetime. Denies any legal consequences due to alcohol use. Educational background Began in Catholic school then switched to public school once she began middle school. After high school, Ms. S. began her college career at a private institution in Jackson, MS. Her intended degree is in Mass Communications. vocational history vocational history Works at Chicago Park District. Job title is Recreational Leader. Job duties are to watch the kids, assist them when they need help, and basically be a mentor to the children that she works with. She has held that position since she was 14. She began as a member before becoming a leader nd claims to love job. behavioral observations Ms. S. overall behavior did not raise any concerns during the assessment process. she was very open and honest with the examiner. However, Ms. S. did get emotional an begin to cry when discussing a certain aspect of her life. test results results results for the mmse mmse Ms . S scored within the _24-30_ range on global cognitive measures achieving a _29_/30 on the Mini-Mental Status Exam results emotional screening Ms. S was administered a screening test for depression. She scored in the _0-5_ range, endorsing _7_/15 items results personality screening Received the ISFJ personality type. "The Nurturer" ISFJ stands for Introverted, Sensing. Feeling, and Judging. results vocational screening Ms. S score on the RIASEC Test came out with the highest numbers being for the letter R.A.S. R are often good at mechanical jobs. S are people who like to work with other people rather than with things. A type people are those who like to work in unstructured situations where they can use creativity. . An example of a good major for people who score high with S is communications. Coincidentally, Ms. S is currently studying to get her degree in communications. diagnostic impression Minor Depressive Disorder, Mild, Recurrent additional info Summary Ms. S is a 21 years old college student who presented with depressive symptoms and minor signs of anxiety. The results of today’s evaluation reveal Ms. S has mild symptoms indicative of depression summary recommendations recommendations 1) continue to see current counselor and participating in sessions as seen necessary. 2) Consult with a counselor for further evaluation. 3) Re-evaluation is suggested within a year if symptoms worsen. the end


Transcript: WHY we chose thIs technology: Davison envisions people being able to walk in a room and already know the names of the people around them association with old media Argument: -Able to argue about the invasion of privacy on their private lives. -Complaints about being tracked by GPS at all times when you might want your location hidden. -Users willingly signup for the App and know what is requird by the App to run -If a user wants to protect their privacy they are able to change the privacy settings or turn of the tracking Image: -It is an easy way for people to change their image publicly. -Any person is able to go on Facebook and like pages to display an image they want the public to view them as. -Can then lead to identity issues and the person you are hoping to meet might not have as much in common with you as you thought. Symbolism to new media argument and image: Highlight periodically uses the GPS services on your phone to locate friends or people with common interests within a 100 mile radius. It notifies you when friends are nearby or when someone interesting crosses your path. Shows who people are around you and how they are connected to you. Highlight represents new media by enabling users to find people anywhere in their area using GPS location services. This supports the growing trend of new media to become involved in each and every part of our lives by tracking our every move. How much information is too much information? Relevance in the future Contributes to making the world a smaller place Similar to Foursquare and Find My Friends Utilizes Facebook to connect you to people you may have not already met but have common interests with Breach of privacy--but a welcomed breach of privacy. Do we have a right to complain? Scholarly writing and popular opinion uses: How it Works: Using social media to bring a community together instead of pushing them apart “San Francisco is a city of 800,000 strangers,” he says. “When you walk by someone you don’t know anything about them.” This technology capitalizes on society's need to socialize at all times and make friends online. It is intended to connect you to people you know and help you meet people with common interests in your immediate area It combines social networking technologies such as Foursquare and Find My Friends that enable you to GPS-locate people around you. One of the most buzzed-about topics at the 2012 South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. Finding people in your area with common interests Discovering people with mutual friends Knowing where to find your friends Making connections in a community where you may not know a lot of people


Transcript: BLACKPINK The biggest kpop group ! JISOO Jisoo: VISUAL, lead vocalist, sub rapper she has stolen my heart and her smile makes my days. Such a sweet heart, BIAS, her voice just <333, Dior's princess, miss Korea, dog's mother, UNNIE, stunning, cutie, my gurl, "she's not scary", an English queen, savage, ACTRESS finally (snow drop is out). She likes pikachu, chicken's wings, purple, Dalgomie and loves her members obv. Jisoo LISOO <3 JENNIE She looks very confident, powerful, sassy, aggressive literally a savage; but actually she is kind, sweet, she's a baby :,) Positions: main rapper, lead vocalist, face of the group she has a gummy smile and rosy cheeks, she raps faster than my internet, her vocals aren't a joke too. Jennie ROSIE She's a sweet angel omg!! I love her is so perfect and gentle with others. Also a chipmunk and a living meme. GAY ;) She hates mans ahahahahah. I love her English, the way she talks is so catchy and fluent also with her australian accent aahhah. Positions: main vocalist, lead dancer HER VOICE MAKES ME FLY <3333 Rosé LISA She's so iconic, cool, trendy and hot asf. She's the maknae of the group:3 love her dances they are so powerful and fluent. Positions: main dancer, lead rapper, sub vocalist She's so brave and I love the fact that she works so hard to reach her dreams in an unknown place, with unfamiliar people and different rules. (Because she's thai so she had to fight her battles to being part of Blackpink.) Lisa Answer to 10 questions about blackpink Quiz who is her? 1 Who is the main vocalist? 2 a. Lisa b. Jisoo c. Rosé d. Jennie e. Dahyun f. Chaeryeong g. Karina Bias? 3 a. Rosé b. Giselle c. Yeji d. Jennie e. Lisa f. Jisoo g. Jihyo Who likes pikaCHU? 4 Who's your bias? 5 Again, Who is her? 6 Who is from thailand? 7 Who is called a chipmunk? 8 Who likes purple and blue? 9 Main Rapper? 10

Report template

Transcript: Boxes which need to be modified: -Professor/a: Depending on the gender modify it and just add your name. Watch out! There are two boxes!! -Nivell ( level) : Write down the level they are doing. -Participant: You have to write down name and surnames. -Terms: Fill in the correspondent term. It is really easy, you just have to follow certain steps. If you do not follow them, we will send back your student's reports for you to modify them. -There are two main parts: Term evaluation and comments. Every term you will have to fill in with their marks, leaving the previous ones. - Interacció ( interaction): if the participant interacts / participates . There are 4 possibilites: Ok, Good, Very Good or Excellent. -Writings: Pass or Not pass. -There is no average mark! Therefore, participants will see how they are doing in each skill. They are adults. In the comments section is where you have to write down your opinion. Report templates Acadèmia Formate -Reports have to be sent to the language school in advance. We have to check for spelling mistakes, appropiate comments and translation. - Send a whole group in a file. -Every year , we have to modify reports and Ferran and myself have to rush up because teachers do not pay attention. That is why, we will send back anything not been appropiately filled. - Translations have to be done for minors. So, their feedback must be in English and Catalan/ Spanish. -First / advanced students do not have reports! -Write down as well when we are coming back in the comment!!! At the bottom of the sheet, modify: Professor o professora (depending on the gender) and date. -Once we print the reports, you will have to sign them. -Exams have to be handed in in reception as well. Children's template: The format is different. -You grade your pupils according to their abilities and evolution throughout the term.

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