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High Tech sector presentation

Transcript: High-tech industries to benefit economy Main High-Tech industry sectors 23 USA 12 India 8 Germany, Netherlands, UK 6 Canada, Brazil, France, China Personal computers: the same situation since new IT goods (iPhone, iPad...) Conclusion French situation: overall impression The world of innovation French Success Story 151 throughout the world Annual electronics and technology trade show (not open to the public) since 1967 Las Vegas, Nevada 3,200 attendees 150 countries represented 152,000 visitors expected Introduction a slowing down → As the french economy 46,000 enterprises 15.3 % of the value of all exports the leading exporter of high-tech: Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK and Belgium La French Tech Tendencies World technology centers The impact on the labour Between 2014 and 2015: +75% of french companies Mostly: smart connected devices CES* 2015: an unmissable springboard *The Consumer Electronics Show A few figures enhancing the stagnant situation Contents gain market share, use resources more productively high value-added production and success in foreign markets benefit other commercial sectors Elena BAIBAKOVA Nicolas FURIC Big leaders from USA, China, Korea Bad general economic situation The French touch: a new way of innovating Start-ups and smart concepts = a balanced system France is regaining a leading position ! Netatmo How does it look ? blablabla bla bla blablabla Thank you for your attention! European High-Tech Aerospace Automotive Artificial Intelligence Biotechnology Computer Engineering Computer Science Information Technology Nanotechnology Nuclear Physics Photonics Robotics Semiconductors Telecommunications High Tech sector presentation 120 french companies 1st european country represented In the Eureka-Part: 2nd country represented Smart Cities Mobile Money Growth Wearable Devices Tablets to the Head of the Class Mobile Fitness Devices LTE Subscriptions More Intelligent and Intuitive Devices New Microconsoles Personal Clouds 3D Printing awarded 4 times “Smart home”, “Home Appliance”, “Digital Imaging” and “Tech for a better world” The first smart camera connected to home What is High-Tech?

High-Tech Talk Presentation

Transcript: So? Is there another reason? Well first off it is from a credible source. It is a news article from CNN. So we got this far!!! Well, now you know why i recommend this article! ^_^ Yay yet another emoticon. Why would i Recommend it? Yes there is even more. The article itself is recent. It was only made 2 months ago this year. I would say that is a current thing! So, um ya. I dont know were i can find this article. You haven't said a word about where to find it. Well of course there is. One of the other reasons is that it talks about a specific hacker group as well as viruses. It goes in to detail about what this hacker group did and what type of virus they released. They also talked about how they released. Yes!! GOAL! Oh, that was my bad. I will give the link later. Just be patient. ^_^ yay another emoticon. So, any more reasons after that? So other than the information that was given and the fact that the article was a credible source are there any other reasons? High-Tech Talk Presentation High-Tech Talk Presentation So, would i recommend the article that I have found? Here are the citations and the link!! "The new plague: Computer viruses that extort you." CNN Wire 9 July 2014. Student Resources in Context. Web. 11 Sept. 2014. Yes i know its a long one but i cannot help that. I hope you enjoy! ^_^ yay the final emoticon Actually no thare are no more reasons. Those are the only ones i have but they are very good ones. I didnt want to give away too much information about the article because if you want to know more about it you can read it yourself! ^_^ yay emoticon!


Transcript: School Goals Serve a student body that mirrors the ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of the local community. Integrate technical and academic education to prepare students for post-secondary education in both high tech and liberal arts fields. Increase the number of educationally disadvantaged students in math and engineering who succeed in high school and post-secondary education. Graduate students who will be thoughtful, engaged citizens. Adult World Connection Personalization Adult World Connection Common Intellectual Mission Teacher as Designer Opened in 2000 in San Diego, CA Now 13 schools (5 HS, 4 MS, 4 ES) ~ 5,000 students 600+ employees Students accepted by blind, zip code based lottery Annual operating budget: ~ $40 million Common Intellectual Mission 96% of graduates go to college 66% go to four-year institutions 34% of graduates major in STEM (compared to 17% nationally) High Tech High was recognized in the 2016 National Rankings and earned a bronze medal Not a lot of bullying; safe environment where students feel safe Personalization Documented Results Challenges "Most Likely to Succeed" Trailer: High Tech High Project Page: High Tech High PBL Teacher's Guide:'s%20Guide%20to%20Project-based%20Learning.pdf Hands on Learning at High Tech High: No tracking of students by perceived academic ability Integration of hands and minds & the merging of academic disciplines Assessment is performance-based Accommodate diverse learners Teacher as Designer HIGH TECH HIGH Snapshot High Tech High’s mission is to develop and support innovative public schools where all students develop the academic, workplace, and citizenship skills for postsecondary success. Still some questions about how students are individually assessed Highly dependent on funds/donors ($40 million/year?) High teacher turnover Mixed reviews from parents Some say students are lacking basic skills like spelling and math and were told that that had to be taught at home One parent said her daughter had to take remedial math and English in college Helpful Resources Design Principles Work in interdisciplinary teams to design the courses they teach Take the lead at staff meetings Schedule supports team teaching Teachers have ample planning time to devise integrated projects, common rubrics and rituals Learner-centered approach that supports & challenges each student Students pursue their passions & continually reflect on their learning and growth Students engage in field studies, community service, internships, and consultation with outside experts Routinely create work for authentic audiences and exhibit that work in professional venues Mission Statement

High Tech High

Transcript: All students meet UC A-G requirements Alumni now attending colleges such as UC Berkeley, Syracuse, UCSD, SDSU, Reed, and more. Feedback from alumni indicates high level of readiness in critical thinking. Attendance: 8:30-3:30, every day Closed Campus Policy: To ensure student safety, HTHNC maintains a closed campus. Dress Code Intersession & Internship Series of charter villages Point Loma (International, MA) Chula Vista North County High Tech High High Tech Middle High Tech Elementary Submit an online application by going to Paper applications also accepted Application due date is February 28th, 2015 Admissions notifications mailed the last week of March Attendance at HTHNC info session is required College Going Sports, clubs, groups, etc. Free opportunities to pursue interests within class Electives Not a single “type” of HTHNC student What we do Student Life High Tech High North County What is High Tech High? Personalization "Real World" Connection How to learn rather than what to learn Collaboration and Community Hands on! Admissions "High Tech High’s mission is to develop and support innovative public schools where all students develop the academic, workplace, and citizenship skills for postsecondary success." Questions? College Prep School Expect all students to apply for a college or university Project Based Learning engaging education with the real world Diverse Interests and Student Body Full Inclusion Model General Expectations Acceptance into HTH What is Project-based Learning? HTH uses a computer based zip-code lottery to select students Zip codes are grouped geographically into clusters, each comprising a target percentage of the student body Percentages based on US Census data indicating the number of school-aged children who reside within each zip code

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