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Transcript: COMMUNICATION Chloe Gourley Introduction INTRODUCTION There are many possible words that strike me as good choices, but communication seems to be a very strong choice for me. To me, communication means a way of talking to someone you may know, or maybe you do not know, yet in the novel 1984, The Party sees communication as a threat to them. If there is communication between the citizens, then they can discuss their hate for Big Brother. That could cause a rebellion against them, and that is what causes the government to have a threat due to communication. The Party's Definition Communication between the citizens in Oceania would cause a way to transfer opinions. Some may be good, but others may be about the hatred for Big Brother. That would allow a way for the people to plan against the government, and that could allow them to take away the power of Big Brother, and that is a major threat to The Party. This is why everyone is under constant surveillance, that forces everyone to keep their mouths shut, and they can't ponder about it too long because there is a possibility that they could get caught by the though police. The Party "Every citizen, or at least every citizen important enough to be worth watching, could be kept for twenty-four hours a day under the eyes of the police and in the sound of official propaganda, with all other channels of communication closed." Citation My Definition I think that communication is the idea of how you can talk to someone, or the way that you speak to someone. I normally only communicate with someone that I know, but communication is very important. Sometimes I may have to talk to someone new, but it has to happen to know what is going on, or how someone is feeling. Communication is always key. My Definition Conclusion Since the party veiws communication as a threat, and for me communication is a way to exchange points of veiw. These reason's allow us to relize that everyone feels or relates to workds and the meanings of the words differently. The way we have been treated in the past can make an impact on the future. If the party sees commuication as a threat, that explains as to why everyone is under constant surveilence. That creates a way of understanding to everyones differences.. Conclusion "With the development of television, and the technical advance which made it possible to receive and transmit simultaneously on the same instrument, private life came to an end." Citation


Transcript: 2000 Turkey was the first Muslim country to adopt this notion that under the leadership of Kamal Atartuk. Next nation was searching for other Islamic countries. As in Egypt is bound by the French government, while Indonesia and Malaysia respectively brought by the Dutch and English. 1990 2005 In Islamic country, we also should realize that there are differences between an Islamic state and Islam being a state religion. There are also debates from western and Islamic philosopher over secularism which discuss the matter of political and religious authorities in Islamic world and the application of sharia in legal system. Islamic country also not compatible with the teaching of secularism because in secular state Islam and politics cannot be together. Presented by: NAZIRATUL HUSNA BINTI OMAR 1319754 THE EMERGENCE OF SECULARISM DEFINITION OF SECULARISM Mustafa Kamal Ataturk 2010 SCHOLARS' PERSPECTIVES DEFINITION & HISTORICAL BACKGROUND HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Presented by: SYAHMI AKMAL BIN SAHRUNIZAM 1329079 Basically secularism is asserting the right to be free from religious rule and teachings, or also can be considered to be neutral on matters or belief. Secondly, the public activities or decision like politics should be separated by religious beliefs and practices. Western philosopher argued that secularism is a move towards modernization and should separate away the religious belief. WHAT IS SECULARISM? Emerging from the church and the action block insulation door thinking and scientific discovery. The emergence of this understanding is also due to the action of the pastor who hold religious ceremonies that are contrary to the thinking and moral. Then came the revolution Europeans who oppose the religions and church leader began with Martin Luther, Roussieu and Spinoza. Finally 1789M year, France was the first country to wake up with the political system of religion. Emerging understanding of Darwinism, Freudisme, Existentialism, Ateismenya with Nietche idea who this God is dead and man is free. For their rejection of organized religion has led to the advancement of science and technology with the advent of the Renaissance of rapid industrial growth and technology in Europe. This ideology continue to spread and began to enter the world of Islam in the early 20th century. 1995

Definition Presentation

Transcript: DEFINITIONS Crosscutting Concepts Help students connect knowledge from various disciplines into a logical and organized scientific view of the world Examples patterns cause & effect scale, proportion, & quantity systems & system models energy & matter (flows, cycles, and conservations structure & function stability & change Crosscutting Concepts Disciplinary Core Ideas Fundamental scientific ideas that form the science discipline DCIs make up the NGSS content DCI Scientific & Engineering Practices Behaviors that scientists engage in to create models and other helpful tools to represent ideas and explanations Science & Engineering Practices diagrams drawings analogies computer simulations mathematical representations Next Generation Science Standards NGSS K-12 science standards that set the expectations for what students should know and be able to do. This set of standards was developed to improve science education for all students. CCSS Common Core State Standards K-12 ELA and math standards that set goals and expectations of what students should know, and skills they should have. Student Exploration Student Exploration student conducted activities that allow students to explore and learn at their own pace Difference between Science & Engineering Science vs. Engineering Science The body of knowledge that explores the physical and natural world Engineering Application of the body of knowledge to design, build, and maintain a product Research Research is... careful study and investigation for the purpose of discovering and explaining new knowledge Innovation INNOVATION a new idea, method, or device Investigation Investigation... to look at something closely and carefully to learn facts this young girl is looking closely at the objects and how they interact with the water to determine if they float or sink


Transcript: Foxconn At the expense of lower level workers Child Labor Not My Problem? Amnesty International has reported that tech giants use such cobalt to power their batteries Nothing-demand is only increasing Works Cited Courtesy of World Vision What are we doing about it? Duhigg, Charles, and David Barboza. "In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an IPad." The New York Times. The New York Times, 25 Jan. 2012. Web. 21 May 2017. <>. "Exposed." Child Labour behind Smart Phone and Electric Car Batteries. Amnesty International, 19 Jan. 2016. Web. 21 May 2017. <>. How does this affect American Ethics? -Americans are ready to buy these products without a second thought (Courtesy of World Vision) -Foxconn is a Chinese based company -Reports of fatal accidents, employees exposed to toxic chemicals - Employee suicides are common, as employees do not have the Freedom of Speech, low wages, and dangerous working conditions Corporations and the Corruption of American Ethics and Values -Knowing about such human rights violations and buying such products only makes Americans more compliant with human rights violations -Corporations will continue exploiting innocent workers to gain profits -Americans enjoy products made by people that do not get to enjoy the rights that Americans do -No significant public outrage has occurred The Problem -Lower level workers are being exploited by corporations -Exploitation includes the violation of human rights The DRC is known for using Child Labor to mine cobalt for exportation add logo here

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