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Hieroglyphics Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Hieroglyphics Hieroglyphics were used not only for economic reasons like cuneiform. Early Egyptian hieroglyphs were created for economic trade recording, calendrics, politcal and environmental recording and largely for religous intentions. The ancient Egyptian language,Hieroglyphics, changed the means by which we communicate. It introduced the visual aspect of language. Since hieroglyphics were very time consuming to create, the Egyptians developed a simpler, cursive language called hieratic. The First Written Language Hierogylphics consisted of pictograms and ideograms that depicted events, ideas, and feelings of life. This novel discovery Changed language from just sounds to now include shapes. Cuneiform is commonly considered as the first written language, but because of it's abstract and underdeveloped structure it shouldn't be. Megan Robinson Soham Bose Amy Stewart Tyler Walker Hayley Drosky The Egyptian Hieroglyphics were much more developed than the Wedge-Shaped script, cuneiform. The Semantic workers in Egypt created the first alphabet, made up of 22 Hieroglphs, to communicate economically. The Egyptians considered their "sacred writings" to be a gift from the gods. This gift of language was in the form of pictures and images. Hieroglyphics were created and used in early 3000BC by the upper-class, royalty and priests. They told stories and recorded the rich history of ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphics set the basis for a numerous oral languages, including Greco-Roman, Arabic, Hebrew, and a various amount of other eastern African languages. Egyptian Hieroglphics should be considered the first wriiten language because of it's diverse use, development of the first alphabet, creation of a usable system, and effect on the spread of written languages. English 1102 Georgia Tech February 16, 2011


Transcript: One of the first forms of official writing Made up of symbols Sometimes words other times only syllables No vowels Hard to read How do hieroglyphics affect modern day humans? Modern day languages Use syllables and vowels Are inspired by hieroglyphics To learn about history Helped solve mysteries of ancient times Hieroglyphics were recordings of Taxes Ceremonies Achievements of pharoahs Rosetta Stone The Discoverer French Researcher Deciphered Hieroglyphics Used a technique called finding repetition When words repeated in greek script Looked for words in hieroglypic script Tools used to write Thoth Etyptians were religious Believed in many gods Scribe god Thoth Ibis head Ibis bill shaped like pen Often shown with scribe The Nile River Where Egypt flourished Helped Egypt greatly •Water to drink •Trade and travel route •Fish •Reeds to make pen and papyrus •Fertile soil More Websites: • Works Consulted Papyrus A pen made of reeds Ink of water and pigment Case of wood to hold pen and pigment after greek took over hieroglyphics not used replaced by greek Hieroglyphics What Happened to Hieroglyphics? A stone tablet with three kinds of writing Greek Hieroglyphics Demotic Found by army of Napoleon 1799 Jean Francoi Champollion

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