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After Effects

Transcript: My Government is a Autocracy Dictatorship That is not totalitarian they can own property but still need to answer or be prepared to move if worst comes to worst. backfired Social Contract Mainly the strongest or the most bossyest. It is a law that they cant start private interests groups to overthrow me. After my society is set up I will begin to find a cure for the last of the infected natural rights I will be equal In my society I am the Dictator because I have the most people following me. I was the leader before it was established. I use Both the theories Social Contract and Force to run my society Questions and comments They have freedom of speech and a right to give their say in what happens in the country but It is ultimately my decision of what happens. of course I make decisions based on whats good for the people. It is up to the government of a social contract country to protect and give people rights that does not dehumanize them. freedom of speech The people have the right to take back their power if the government fails to be equal with rights or fails to protect them The social Contract theory is when the people hand over their power to the government Autocracy Infected Disease Force The government did not know that it would kill 95% of the population including them A single person that has control over everything that happens in the country The cure But because I am not a Totalitarian I do not have complete control over all human affairs. Set up labs. Before the Disease there was an in-direct Democracy. This government created A disease and spread it in our food system to kill most of it's people so they will be easyer to control.

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