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Transcript: HELP DESK It´s a mechanism or technology that all the companies are using to get success across the services of advice and support for customers implicated for some implicated working society. These services let us be closer to the customer, so this is the way to give security and fidelization. Other of the objectives is to provide to the customers a point of contact to resolve or to analyze your requirement concerning to use of resources and services of a technology platform, always agree with the standards offered by the company. In the technical of Help Desk there are several levels to control and components. NetWorld Our center of Help Desk will be approached in the customer service, giving always the best of us in different ways like entertainment and technology according with the people preferences who are belong our company. We have technical with the best personal and professional formation, as the helper that will attend at NetWork. They will be the best in customer service, so this way it will be a better relacionship between the company and customer. The services we offered are: Telefonic assistance 24 hours a day. In any moment and according with the client´s need when any problem can present in the PC or their dispositive, that´s the way we have to count with the better time covered for giving help in the right moment when problems can be present. Technical support at home service: In any case that the problem can be bigger as we could hope, we´ll be willing to go to home or company to give solutions to failed. Solutions across remote acces (VPN): Virtual system for giving help online. No need to go home. Mission NetWorld´s mission is attending the needs of society about attention and technical support to personal computers, giving to the customers services and products of the best quality, with the associated a high rentability to give to the employers the possibility to develop their professional competences. Vision Our vision is to be a leather help desk center and in continue growthing, with national and international assitance that it shines for giving an excellent quality service to the customers, a benefit to our associated and an extended oportunities about the personal and professional developments to our employees generating a positive contribution to the society acting with a citinzeship compromise. Objetives The main objective of our Help Desk is giving advice to our customers on telephone to gain trusting and security at the time to fix your computers so this way it can realize the correct maintenance of each one of them according with the customer`s needing. Hans Agredo . CENTRO DE ELECTRICIDAD , ELECTRONICA & TELECOMUNICACIONES Jhonathan Pinilla Ruben Cadena Sebastian Merchan Alejandro Morales !! TANKS YOU !!

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Transcript: And now I have BIG Problem! Travels to Clients a) ___________ EDITOR NOTE: Replace covers with magazine covers that are relevant to your problem Research from Slides VIDEO ARCHIVE c) _______________________________ Action 3: Case Study 1 xxx xxx Template to describe a Prezi template created by: In short _______________________ Case Study EDITOR NOTE: This is CANDY to encourage people to discover outside the set path ... I wanted to do this Harvard Business Review d CREDITS = See the trend? Research on the Solution room for 4 key slides S @IndoJacco e Artwork licensed through: This is the result Action 1: abc Solution to some problem Case Study 2 Three Description picture Enjoy! xxx The Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) exceeds the Life Time Value (LTV) a customer brings us. Case-study take aways CASE-STUDY3 Footnote to whom this presentation applies Step one Where did you apply the solution For more Prezi templates xxx e EDITOR NOTE: Copy & Paste your own contact data using an iphone screenshot s Solution description b) ___________________ Step four? Notes Notes Solution! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Step Two And why it happened Action 2: Jacco van der Kooij Description of a m Matrix Partners preso! CASE-STUDY2 CASE-STUDY xyz Instead this is what happened How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Results This is my third go-around selling to large enterprises, SkyStream, Kontiki and now Qumu. I like to explain to you the problem the way I see it, the changes I suggest to avoid making the same mistake again. and And now all is right again

Template Desk

Transcript: Introduction: Talk: Based on unit 4-A "living in fear" Class Project: Based on inicial practicum in pre-school Final conclusion Oct 2010 - Jun 2011 Ideas: Story Board 3 Estas son algunas cosas importantes que hice para esta compañía. The Desk of Identity.... by Julia Leonard Honors Chemistry Hour 6 - A place with no loud distractions - talking, clanging - headphones - Plenty of ideas to start a piece -writer's landscape - Freedom to write however I want -short and sweet -poetic -etc. - Plenty of ways to edit and revise so I don't have to share my work Structure: Estas son algunas cosas importantes que hice para esta compañía. What I need most as a writer Ideas: Story Board 2 Black widow spider I see myself as a writer who wants to keep writing, even if I continue to write about the same thing over and over again. I tend to stick to the same format and layout, shorter more poetic pieces, and I also see myself as a writer who wants to try something new. But I don't think I 'll ever like sharing my work. Today I decided on the topic for my memoir even though I ended up changing it after looking through my writer's landscape. Along with the writer's landscape I did a couple of top ten lists, including "Top 10 things I hate," a random autobiography and the 55 word story. My memoir was coming along really well. Today I had five pages completed. I figured out a way to make everything connect, (for now) but when I edit and revise it will most likely change. In my writing I use a lot of sentence variation and repetition because I feel like those techniques work well with a more poetic structure. The section "Ethnics in a writer's life" has helped me a lot. I will not be here for Day 5. Black widow spider -Advanced competenced in english I -Applied linguistic -Metodologia de ingles para la ed. pre-escolar -Politicas y estrategias curriculares -Practica Inicial I 3 Blind Mice Conclusion On day 6 (Monday) we mapped our memoirs out in chunks. Since mine is more poetic and in sections, it was a bit more difficult, but I figured it out. I divided it into the individual sections and then mapped it as a whole. Posición Posición Posición How I See Myself as a Writer Then I arranged each piece in the order that worked best. The visual representation definitely helped me see my piece and how it was going to work and flow together as on large memoir with a series of memories . Ideas: Story Board 1 Oct 2010 - Jun 2011 Oct 2010 - June 2011 Day 6 Day 3 Oct 2010 - June 2011 Day 7 and 8 We did A LOT of editing and revising including: reordering, cutting, adding, replacing, etc. We also mapped out our memoirs with our groups which helped me figure out the main theme and how to improve my piece. This definitely helped me even though I prefer to work alone. Brown recluse spider Oct 2010 - June 2011 Day 1 Tarantula self-assessment: Randee #1 Jennifer #2 Makena #3 Class Project Estas son algunas cosas importantes que hice para esta compañía. I took each individual section and drew a picture, representing each part of my memoir. Day 4 Posición Tarantula Oct 2010 - June 2011 Estas son algunas cosas importantes que hice para esta compañía. Estas son algunas cosas importantes que hice para esta compañía. Brown recluse spider Posición I used a lot of editing and revising techniques today and I also found a better way to organize my memoir so it makes sense. It was still a bit choppy but it's getting there. We figured out the problem and the resolution for our memoirs. My problem was I didn't have a problem, it was all just memories so I had to figure out how to fix that. We also story boarded our pieces. Estas son algunas cosas importantes que hice para esta compañía. Notes Class Project Posición We did a couple of quick writes and then Becky Rule came, when we did the quick write I liked being able to tell who wrote which sentences. I have three pages done in my memoir, but I'm not very good at sustaining one topic for longer than three pages so I decided that a couple of shorter pieces were the way to go.

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