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Hello My Name is:

Transcript: Welcome! My name is Janet Dempsey and I am currently a student at Quinnipiac University in the MOT program. I am expected to officially graduate Janurary 2016 after completing my last two Fieldwork Level II affiliations. Although I am still unsure of the field I'd like to work in, I love working with young children and older adults and can see myself working with either population! Janet Dempsey Hello My Name is: Traveling OT Inpatient - Acute Rehabilitation Early Intervention or Pre-K Children's Hospital Spinal Cord Injury Unit Outpatient Prosthetics I invite you to look through my ePortfolio where you will find a collection of papers, projects, videos, intervention plans and protocols that I am proud to share. I hope for you to see my passion for the profession of Occupational Therapy through my academic achievements and engagement in OT activities outside of the classroom. I began my journey at Quinnipiac in 2010 as a freshman PT major, and it was not long before I realized this was not my calling. After a long debate and several pro-con lists, I had made the best decision of my life; I switched my major. I knew that OT was the right choice for me when I learned the unique impact that OT's make people's lives. My favorite part of this profession is being able to use any meaningful occupation as a form of intervention. I learning new things everyday and I know that this profession will keep my on my toes. As the end of my journey nears, I am more excited than ever for the new opportunities ahead in the professional world. The best decision I've ever made About Me: You're Invited Settings I am Interested in working in

Hello my name is

Transcript: I currently teach the 4th to 6th grade Sunday school class at my church, and I have taught Vacation Bible School for the past two summers. My major is Secondary Education with a content focus in English. After graduating from TTU, I plan to return to my hometown, teach at my old high school, receive a Master's degree, eventually get married, and have a family. Major and Content Focus About me: Hello my name is Hannah! My name is Hannah Hutchison. I'm from Scott County, Tennessee where I graduated from Scott High School in 2013. I was a cheerleader in high school and a member of the Beta Club. I'm currently a sophomore at Tennessee Tech. I have two dogs and one fish, and I enjoy spending time with my family, going to church, fishing, hiking, and just being outdoors. I'm kind of a big deal Here are some pictures of cheerleading, my dogs, Hershey and Mia, and my family. I want my future students to have access to technology in my classroom. I want them to be able to use iPads and computers for research, giving and preparing for presentations, and having quick access to things I might want them to look up in the classroom. Also there are several school apps that I would like to get familiar with and use in my classroom. When I was in elementary school there was very little technology used at all. The only technology I remember is old computers and overhead projectors. Now there are many technological items in classrooms such as smart boards and iPads. Technological advances have changed drastically in the past 15 years of my school life. I have grown up with technology, and I have seen the changes that technology can make in the classroom. Honestly, I do not believe that the education level of what students are getting today could be done without the aid of technology. In the future, technology will only continue to advance, and students will be able to use this technology to better their education. Today, I use a laptop computer or an iPad to do the majority of my college work. This is very different than what a typical college student would have used 15 years ago to complete their work. Plans for Technology Technology in Education

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