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Transcript: Circle Six: Pride Men and women will be castrated and or sterilized with rusty instruments in the most slowly painful way. The Vestibule If anytime in your life you have murdered or taken part in a murder, you are sentenced here. Circle Eight: Wrath/Violence against God & Nature After you are the sterilized or castrated, you will be sent into a room where lustful actions will revolve around you and you cannot partake. People who believe in God and The Devil but chose to follow the Devil's way instead of God's. If you have committed any act against God or Nature, you are sentenced here. Circle Seven: Sloth Circle 10: Neutral Humans Circle Four: Greed Circle Three: Lust Here, you will be tied down on a bed and demons from Hell will shove large amounts of food down your throat. when your throat gets stuffed they will cut parts of your body open and shove food inside and sew you back up with infected needles. Circle One: Murder Instead of being on fire or melted, people who haven't really committed any sins or crimes are sent here to be encased in a sheet of ice, not tortured or beaten; just frozen. Welcome to Hell They are brought to a luxurious temple to worship Satan. they are given everything they could possibly want and more. If you have ever used love under false pretenses or sold your body off for money, you are sent here. You will be put inside a Mansion, given millions and millions of dollars, diamonds, everything your heart could possibly desire and live in wealth. Banshee demons will appear in your new home and tie you down and beat you repeatingly while they rob you of all you're wealth for eternity. Here is where you'll be put into seperate rooms filled with trick mirrors. The mirrors will show you different images of yourself in the worst possible way. They'll show you as overweight instead of skinny, Ugly instead of pretty, the complete opposite of what you'd think of yourself. You will also be among supermodels who are much more perfect than you are. Work Cited Will receive money and riches in front of them. Whenever they reach down to pick it up, the money and riches will shrink into a single penny. When they move away from it, the pile of wealth increases in size. (Much Like Tantalus) By Alicia Grajales This layer is the last and final of Hell. Here is where you wait when you first enter Hell. Depending on your age of when you died you would have to wait the same amount of years before you can be seen to be put into your correct placement in Hell. You are thrown into a river of boiling blood of the people or person you murdered and later taken out and strapped down in a chair and forced to watch projections of your loved ones being violently murdered in front of you over and over again. Circle Five: Gluttony Circle Nine: Theistic Satanists Circle Two: Stealing Instead of being lazy and not doing everything, you instead do everything. You are given a list each day for eternity to do chores, excersises, and other hard tasks each minute of each day. You are tormented by Ghouls if you slack off. You will be nailed to a pentagram and thrown in a casket to mark you are forever the Devil's. Then you will be burned alive at a stake into ashes in a repeating cycle.


Transcript: Circle 5 "The Non-Flushers" : People that refuse to flush the toilet. Punishment: Being stuck around people that are always happy, cheerful, and positive. Also, whenever they speak negativity, woodpeckers with stab them in the eyes repeatedly. Circle 1 "The Decorators" : People who leave their Christmas lights up until February. Circle 4 "Coughers" : People that don't cover their mouth while coughing. Punishment: being poked with millions of straws all over their body, and being surrounded with delicious beverages, but never getting another drink. Circle 9 "complainers" : people that are constantly complaining about something, and never appreciate what they do have. Punishment: being hung from the feet by Christmas lights for all of eternity. Punishment: after every word spoken, someone obnoxious interrupts them. Also they will have rocks thrown at their necks. Punishment: being constantly sick and in pain, while having the ill cough in their faces. Punishment: being glued to a restaurant booth seat alone with no food or drink. Circle 6 "The interrupters" : People who never let you get a sentence out without interrupting with their own comments. Circle 7 "The Slurppers" : people who insist on making the slurping noise with their straws, when their drink is clearly gone. Punishment: being forced to color forever with dried out markers with their feet. Punishment: being forced to talk endlessly about what they believe is important, but never being heard. Their voices will be drown out by music. Bailee Cheathams & Josh Leitch Guide: Johnny Depp Reason: Hes the best actor of all time. Circle 2 "The Press-hards" : People who press unnecessarily hard while coloring with markers. Punishment: they are to be locked in a port-a-potty that has been used by hundreds of people, but has never been cleaned or emptied. Circle 3 "The One Siders" : Couples that sit together on one side of a booth at a restaurant, while no one is across from them. Circle 8 "the Ramblers" : people who try and talk to other passengers in the car over loud music, when the music is obviously too loud.

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Transcript: Center of Hell Here lives the Judges of Hell. These entities judge which division of Hell each soul will go to.Also, all the souls watch a projection of their life and the decisions that landed them in Hell. The Judges will know if they feel remorse, and that will help them make a decision. Avarice A person who has committed the sin of Avarice has committed a sin of excess. They demanded wealth, status and power in their lives, without any thought to whom they hurt or used unjustly. In hell, the greedy are crouched naked, on their backs they hold up the impossibly heavy floor of the Center of Hell. They are naked, so they don’t even have clothes on their back they can claim and they are below everyone, always straining at the very bottom of hell. One person you may find in this sector of Hell is Charles Ponzi. The “Ponzi Scam” was named after this Italian swindler conned several thousands of investors on international reply coupons. Ponzi became a millionaire in months, but when people started examining his account he got caught. He took in $20 million (equivalent to $222 mil today) and in the process crumbled six banks The Wrathful Saint Basil viewed anger as "reprehensible temporary madness." The wrathful are those who used anger in their lives as an excuse or catalyst for violent acts. People who commit this sin include child abusers, torturers, animal abusers and domestic abusers. Abusing can mean physically beating someone, or torturing them mentally with harsh words. Those souls in this portion of hell are condemned to being suspended in boiling blood, constantly screaming and never able to feel the relief of a new breath of air. They will be suspended in blood to remind them of the cruel, pain they inflicted on other. And they will be forever yelling and howling so they will never know the relief that their victims never experience. One person you may find in this sector of Hell is Jim Brown. He played for the Cleveland Browns for nine seasons and led the NFL in rushing eight times. However, he was accused of violent crimes many times. He was accused of raping an 18-year-old girl, throwing his girlfriend off of a balcony, beating up a golfing partner, and beating his fiancé. He never served a sentence over 6 months and a miniscule fine, after his many years of NFL, movie and racial interaction fame. The Liars The liars are people who lived to deceive those around them for personal gain. They are all together, not separated between different types of liars, such as pathological or petty. The liars are forced to stand on their heads, upside down. This is because, as the Quran says, "Lies, aggression and hostility come from the prefrontal lobe of the brain (behind the forehead)". Also, they have a damp black cloth over their eyes, so they can never see because they never let anyone see the truth. In this portion of Hell, you could meet James Frey, the author of A Little Million Pieces. He published an “autobiography” in which he lied about many details. He was revealed on the Oprah Winfrey Show, where thousands of people became disappointed by the lies he told to become famous and rich. Also you could find Abraham and Sarah in this portion of hell. In the book of Genesis, Abraham instructs Sarah to lie to the Egyptians and claim that he is her sister, not his wife. The Lustful The sinners who committed lust in their lives gave into irrational feelings of longing. These include adulterers, gamblers and gluttons. The lustful are sent to the deepest sea of Hell, where they can see a good light, and all the things they ever wanted beyond the surface. They are in an eternal pursuit swimming upward, but never make any progress and never feeling hope. The waters toss them back and forth and envelop their lungs, making them spit up tears and the horrid waters of Hell. This is never letting them have the satisfaction of their longing, like they received in their previous life. Josephine is found in this sector of Hell. Napoleon married Josephine quickly, and Napoleon fell desperately in love with Josephine. She however, thought he was boring and rejoiced when he left for war. She went to multiple parties and committed multiple acts of adultery. When Napoleon found out from Junot, he was destroyed. The Murderers This sector of Hell can be broken into two different divisions: Homicide, and Filicide (the killing of children) The homicidal sinners are piled body onto body, deeper and deeper into a narrow pit in Hell. They are attached grotesquely at the joints to one another, forming horribly painful positions. This is so they are attached to fellow man for the rest of their existence, as they took the life of man away. The murderers of children line the hallways of Hell, facedown, with thousands of the damned souls trampling them, bleeding on them and crying on them. They are forever in intolerable pain, never seeing or understanding the pain that is causing them. This is like the children never understanding why

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