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Transcript: The Buddha Chris Brown James promised Cleveland that he would not rest until he won them a Championship. Instead, he left the team with nothing to go join Wade in Miami. VII. Gluttony Fraudulent Madoff defrauded thousands of investors and collected millions of dollars in the largest Ponzi scheme of all time. He has over indulged to the point of being the largest man in the world. He took more than he was given. Violence Heretics Punishment: He will be stuck in the river of Styxs with other wrathful individuals that are always fighting eachother. He is in Limbo because he did not know about Christianity. He followed his own path towards enlightenment. But it was wrong... Punishment: Thrown around by hurricane force winds in a continuous circle Punishment: He will be trapped in the City of Dis. Where he will be held in a burning tomb Chris Brown decided to beat up Rihanna for giving him the herps. He acted out in unnesscary violence Lustful Punishment: Chris Brown will be fighting with other violent people for all of eternity. If he trys to leave he will be attacked by the Centaur and Minotaur. Uribe Garza II. Traitor LeBron James Winnie the hoarding Pooh never shared the honey he got from the bees. His greed is disgraceful to the 100 acre woods, Christopher Robin is pissed. Squidaward is always angry towards his neighbors SpongBob and Patrick who just want to have fun. VI. III. Wrathful Bernie Madoff Punishment: He will replace one of the three traitors in Satans mouth and be chewed and eaten by Satan forever. IV. Welcome to Purgatory LIMBO. Punishment: Stuck in an eternal cold rain. Lay in the mud while Cerberus tears at your flesh Welcome to Hell IX. VIII. Winnie the Pooh I. Eric Cartman He could not control his sexual urges and posted pictures of himself on twitter to show his mistress. Cartman constantly mocks the church in many episodes. He uses the church's name for his own personal gain. Punishment: Winnie must roll weights agianst one another for all eternity Anthony Weiner Punishment: He will be lined up and whipped by horn demons V. Punishment: Trapped in a castle filled with grief and sadness Avaricious (Greed) Squidward Tentacles


Transcript: Hell By: Amy Ross I shall take you all on a journey, taking you one step at a time. Taking you all further away from reality, and deeper into hells walls. Peeling away 5 layers of true pain and torture until we reach Lucifer himself. Taking you all into the deep depths of the palace of Irkalla. FOLLOW ME First Circle- Liars. Liars deserve to rot in hell. Starting with Oprah Winfreys mother. She lied and denied having another baby after Oprah, leaving the child left to countless number of foster homes and a life lived that never had true meaning. These liars should be damned to life forever doing physical, hard labor. This labor should be : -push ups -carrying boxes -miles of walking -serving others Failure to complete these tasks result in a fork in the heart, torture (especially taking fingernails off), and being kicked repeatedly in the stomach. You cannot die in hell, you live forever with the pain. Forever. Forever. FOREVER. Lucifer- Lust, Greed, and Anger. If we were to descend into hell, we would see Hugh Hefner, being damned to hell for the sin of lust and greed. Lust because of the countless sexual desires he had and greed because he always wanted more women, one or two never satisfied him. The others who are in this circle of Hell for anger should spend forever repeating countless acts of love for the one thing they hate the most. The Third Circle- Rape and Abuse They hurt someone, they deserved to be tortured. The people who raped, cheated, or abused another person during their life here on Earth should literally be burned forever on a stake. Almost like what they used to do years ago, except they would never die. Every second of ever day, week, month, and year, for forever they would have pain. The Fourth Circle Robert Blake would be seen in the fourth circle because he killed his wife. He deserves the absolute worst punishment imaginable. Mafia 666, the band, would also be in this circle because they worship Lucifer. People in this circle would have to eat peoples brains, eyeballs, and flesh. This isn't the worst of it though, they would eat a replica of the people they knew in their past life. Of course it wouldn't actually be the people, but they would not know that. The Fifth Circle You deserve to forever be stabbed in the back. Betrayel is the worst sin, therefore it is the fifth layer. The reason why betrayel is the worst sin is because the person you betrayed trusted you, you were there for them. And then you go ahead and stab them in their back. A famous person you would see here is Mark Zuckerburg because he stole the idea of Facebook from his colleagues, which counts as betrayel to me. In my opinion, adultery and betrayel qualify as the same sin because when a person commits adultery, they are betraying their husband or wife. Someone who betrays a person should live forever in hell repeatedly being stabbed in the back literally by a replica of the person they love. Enfin! Blasphemy and Murder Hell has a hard time containing them. The Second Circle- Chris Brown would be found in this circle because he abused his girl friend. People who reside in this circle of hell for lust and greed should have the one thing they lust for the most and can't get enough of set in front of them. They should be on a treadmill always trying to get that one thing they want for forever. Betrayel


Transcript: Hell People sent to this level include: The Third Level: Ashley was the founder of the charity Change for a Cure. There she raised money for her battle against cancer, starting the charity send money to the University of Alberta to find a cure for cancer. The only problem -- she didn't have cancer. She had shaved her head, starved herself, plucked her eyelashes and waxed her eyebrows to make it seem as if she was going through chemotherapy. With this hoax, she and supporters raised $20,000 for the charity, but the money never arrived to the university. In fact, she had used the money to go on a huge shopping spree, and later had to file for bankruptcy. BETRAYAL People in this level include: end. People sent to this level will be forever humiliated, subject to their worst fears in public. This is a suitable punishment because people with large amounts of pride often look down on others and think highly of themselves. Julius Caesar was shown to be very cocky and prideful in Shakespeare's play. His pride leads him to not accepting Artemidorus's letter which would have told him about the assassination plot against him. Betrayal is the act of breaking or violating someone's trust or confidence in you. There was a prophecy of Oedipus that he would kill his father and later marry his mother given to him by the gods since birth. It is shown in his speeches that he is quite prideful, and in his actions later when he really does kill his father. He later receives the hand of Jocasta in reward for solving a riddle. However, Jocasta was his mother and Oedipus would go on to marry her, and the prophecy was fufilled. Wrath is intense and uncontrollabe anger and hate. It represents violence and destruction. The Second Level: Julius Caesar LUST People sent to this level will be punished by burning forever. Greed is the excessive desire to gain more than one would actually need or deserve, an insatible desire for something. Benedict Arnold, a brilliant general, is probably the most famous traitor in U.S. History. In the American Revolutionary War, he turned sides to the British, planning to surrender at West Point in return for £20,000. Later, his plan unravelled and he escaped to a British frigate and was given command of British troops. Ashley Kirilow Judas Iscariot People in this level would be punished by being surrounded by the thing they want the most, but not being able to obtain it, no matter how hard they try. It's a suitable punishment because they'll end up suffering for their greed in their life forever. The fire represents their desire and passion in their lives and how it drove them to do wrong. Benedict Arnold Marcus Brutus Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and orchestrated the murder of about 17 million civillians, including 6 million Jewish people targeted in the Holocaust. Lancelot, who had an affair with Guinevere. WRATH The Fifth Level: Adolf Hitler PRIDE Amy Truong, Pd. 7 Tristan and Iseult, who had a big affair. And, Woo Bum-kon People sent to this level will be stabbed in the back forever, because that's what they basically did to their friend/comrade -- they were a backstabber to them, so in Hell, they'll get the equal punishment. The man who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. The Fourth Level: GREED Rod Blagojevich A governer who solicited bribes and conspired to commit wire and mail fraud. He also extorted money, and tried to auction Barack Obama's seat to the highest bidder. Oedipus, whose pride led to his downfall. The man who took the lead role in the assassination of Julius Caesar. People sent to this level will be punished by being in darkness and alone forever. They will lose all their senses, and can never sleep. They will always have their wrongdoings floating around in their head, always having to recall the things they did wrong because of their wrath, things like murder and suicide. Jim Jones was the founder and leader of the Peoples Temple, a cult. He is known for forcing the suicide/murdering of more than 900 members, 300 of which were children, in Jonestown, Guyana and five other killings, including a U.S. congressman. Woo, a police officer, had an argument with his girlfriend on the afternoon of April 26, 1982. Disgruntled, he left for work and started heavily drinking. Later he returned home and beat up his girlfriend, and then returned to the armory at his work and loaded up on weapons and ammunition, including 7 hand grenades. At 9:30 p.m. he started shooting in the marketplace and killed 57 people while injuring 35. Woo Bum-kon's killing spree has claimed the most victims in modern times. Lust is a self-indulgent sexual desire. Pride is unreasonable and inordinate self-esteem. Tristan, while going to bring back Iseult for his uncle King Mark to marry, falls in love with Iseult, and she with him. Even though Iseult marries Mark, she continues to have an affair with Tristan. Jim Jones Bernard Madoff Madoff was the operator of the largest Ponzi Scheme in history,

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Transcript: Hell By: Dan MacDonald How Bad Is Hell? There are 9 levels of hell Pergatory - Pergatory is a 2nd chance for people who didnt live full lives with God, But did not follow the devil. pergator is for sinners that deserve forgiveness. 1st level - Limbo - entering Limbo, you are escorted across the river of Acheron. Limbo is a place of Sadness not torment. 2nd level - the second level of Hell is a place hidden from all light. The wind is as fierce as if you were standing next to a tornado. this is a place where the lustful spend their eternity. 3rd level - the third level is a place of cursed rain, cold and heavy. Gluttens are punished here along with all others that gluttenized themselves. etc....... 9th level - the last level of hell is were the devil resides. this is the worst possible outcome that anybody could ever experience. If you go tell this level, there is absolutely no hope. Hell is an Eternal resting place for the people that left God out of their lives. All who go there face complete damnation forever with satan himself. Are There different variations of Hell? Yes. Our Catholic religion believes that all 9 levels are true, but that we will freeze more than burn and it is the coldest place ever. Where is it located? Some Geologists Believe that Hell is located at the center of the Earth. Since the Core is Located there, the location also varies depending on the religion. How Bad do you have to be to go there? Frankly, you don't have to be bad at all. You could be just an average person. If you are not baptized, catholics believe that you will go to Limbo. If you reject God you will go to hell. If you praise Satan, you will go to hell.

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