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Transcript: History Export Global Structure Products Brau Union Sponsorships Turnover International Comparison Scandals In 1886 the French chemist Louis Pasteur developed the "Heineken A-yeast", which is still the key ingredient of Heineken beer. Five territories Scandals Thank you for your attention! Turnover Heineken Lager Heineken Light Beertender Draughtkeg Export Western Europe Central and Eastern Europe The Americas Africa and the Middle East Asia Pacific After World War I Heineken focused on Export United States - first Heineken shipment landed 3 days after Prohibition ended Since that Heineken has remained one of the most successful imported beer brands in the United States At this time they also started investing in advertising Products History Sales decline by 3.1 % compared to 2010 proceeds increased by 3.6 % in 2011 to 17.1 billion dollars Heineken Partnership with Brau Union Austria French chemist Louis Pasteur developed "Heineken A-yeast" which is still the key ingredient of Heineken beer. In 2011: worldwide brewed 1846 million hektoliters of beer export of 19 million hectoliters in 170 countries most common beer brand in the world national more than 50% market share From 1996 to 1999 Heineken was involved into a beer cartel Two other dutch breweries involved Penalty of 220 million Euro Insiderdeal between Heineken and Brau Union At the sale 19 people (CEO of BBAG) earned millions Founded in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken Brewery De Hooiberg in Amsterdam Bottom-fermenting yeast In 1874 second brewery in Rotterdam In 2003 Heineken acquired a majority shareholding in the Austrian market leader "Brau Union" Sponsorships 115 brewing plants in more than 65 countries Heineken Cup UEFA Champions League Heineken Open 500 music events a year Scandals Global structure International Comparison


Transcript: History -1893: Gerard Adriaan Heineken dies Product Amste- Heineken light :reduced-alcohol, low-calorie beer -Up till 50 L only for the catering industry Marketing - A famous brand, espcially for men - Heineken is expending their market share in all different countries Heineken experience -Is located at :Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam Opening Monday to Sunday, from 11am until 7pm • € 16,00 at the entrance • € 15,00 for online ticket. Website : • group rates on request (not on Saturdays after 13:00 hrs) -Located at the end of the tour - Offers a wide range of Heineken clothing, Heineken beer products, posters and other exclusive Heineken merchandise - Open daily from 11am until 7.30pm Time for questions Contact : e-mail: phone: +31 (0) 205239222 Thank you for listening! - 3mg/100ml - 21 EBU -1999: Heinekenis voted brand of the century in the Netherlands - 1998: Heineken University is opened - New and old logos _ Famous and funny commercial - -not using GMO raw materials. The product compositions - 3.0 gram/100ml 2. The Differences -0.5 gram/100ml -Many types of merchandise such as : Heineken A Heineken Brewery - 5% vol The current ticket prices -Entering into beer business in 1864 Group members : Bitterness Colour 1. Common points - 9 EBC * Sweater -It contains water, barley malt, hops, and a very special yeast. The opening time -1914: First exports to Asia - - 7 EBC -3mg/100ml - Heineken is sold in more than 170 countries Crates -0.3 bottle -0.5 l bottle -0.33 l cans *bags -170KJoule/100ml = 40Kcal/100ml - 0.5 gram/100ml - 23 EBU -Original extracts 11-12% by weight -Original extracts 11-12% by weight * caps The difference between Bottles and Cans Gravity: Alcohol Carbohydrates(mainly dextrins and polysaccharides) Proteins Sodium Energy value Group members: -Sponsoring for some male sports -170KJoule/100ml = 40Kcal/100ml * Towels -3.0 gram/100ml Thu Hang Pham Richardson Santiago Zierke Sebastian Lebesque Jos Vries de Marcel - 1889: Heineken has become the second largest brewer in the world Always innovating and searching for new products or packages - 1933: Prohibition is lifted,first Heineken in the US The Heineken Experience shop Cartboard box -0.5 l cans -0.33 l cans fridge pack -Twister -Special edition bottles -Tap 5 l The sources Amstel - 5% vol -2000´s acquisition of new breweries in Russia and Germany, the Asia Pacific’s, India, Mexico

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