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Hedge Fund Investor Presentation Template

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Hedge Fund Strategies

Transcript: Invests in event-driven situations such as mergers, hostile takeovers, reorganizations, or leveraged buy outs. May involve simultaneous purchase of stock in companies being acquired, and the sale of stock in its acquirer, hoping to profit from the spread between the current market price and the ultimate purchase price of the company. Utilize derivatives to leverage returns and to hedge out interest rate and/or market risk. Convertible Arbitrage Managers either purchase stocks that are undervalued or sell short stocks that are overvalued The fund generally has positive exposure to the market. If 70% of the fund is invested in long positions and 30% is invested in short positions, then the fund has a net market exposure of 40% Pairs trading is a variant of long/short strategy Special Situation Purchasing a security that is expected to appreciate, while simultaneously selling short a related security that is expected to depreciate Can be used on a combination of any pair like: stock and bond of a specific company stocks of two different companies two bonds issued by the same company Event Driven Equity Market Neutral Short Selling Market Timing Relative Value Arbitrage In this strategy the net exposure of the fund to the market is zero. Can be achieved by: Equal amount of investments in long and short positions Creating a zero beta portfolio Investment approaches used by fund managers Global Macro Allocates assets among different asset classes depending on the manager’s view of the economic or market outlook. Portfolio emphasis may swing widely between asset classes. Unpredictability of market movements and the difficulty of timing entry and exit from markets adds to the volatility of this strategy. Payoffs depend on how well can the manager forecast price movements as well as the exact market timing of the movements. Taking positions in both the convertible bonds and the stocks of a company in anticipation of a price mismatch between the two securities Payoffs on convertible arbitrage are influenced by interest rate movements as well as by changes in credit spreads An important parameter in this trade is delta, the proportional change in the value of the convertible bond relative to the change in the underlying stock price This technique attempts to profit from both relative and absolute pricing inefficiencies. The market for distressed securities is often inefficient and illiquid because of factors such as investor irrationality, risk aversion, legal restrictions on holding sub par securities, low coverage by analysts, and lack of research. An active form of this strategy is to buy a substantial proportion of the outstanding security of the distressed company and then attempt to influence the restructuring process. Distressed The focus is on the securities of companies involved in mergers and takeovers Because of the possibility the merger may not go through, the target company’s share price usually carries a “bid premium”, a discount to the proposed takeover price, until the merger or takeover is finally completed. This can, however, create arbitrage opportunities Equity Long/Short Tactical Sells securities short in anticipation of being able to buy them again at a future date at a lower price Looks at various overvaluation situations of the securities, or the market, or in anticipation of earnings disappointments Investment approach is diversified by employing various strategies simultaneously to realize short-and long-term gains. Other strategies may include systems trading such as trend following and various diversified technical strategies. This style of investing allows the manager to overweight or underweight different strategies to best capitalize on current investment opportunities. Merger/Risk Arbitrage Relative Value Attempt to exploit mispricing among fixed income securities Some of the positions that can be taken are: Based on offsetting positions at various points on yield curve Based on interest rate spread between corporate bonds and treasury bonds Based on positions involving treasury bill rates and those on eurodollar market Long/Short Fixed Income Arbitrage Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund Strategies Make large bets based on forecasts of major macroeconomic events such as changes in interest rates, currency movements and stock market performance Macro funds are active in a wide variety of markets, including foreign exchange, futures, fixed income, equity, as well as both exchange-traded and over-the-counter securities The return profile of macro funds is much more volatile than that of other hedge funds. Part of the reason is that macro funds often trade in instruments that are relatively illiquid.

Hedge Fund Manager

Transcript: Hedge Fund Manager Work Hours/Workplace Policies Typical Day Rewards: Hedge Fund Managers will make a lot of money if they are good at what they do. If you are self employed the job market will increase 20% by 2020. Stresses: The hours are long and you work on most weekends. The chance of getting a job is 9%. They will work closely with the executives and consult them with the decisions being made for the company. The Hedge Fund Manager will usually prepare financial statements, business activity reports, and forecast stock market trends. They monitor financial details to ensure legal requirements are met. Review company reports to find ways to reduce costs or aquire new companies. Analyze market trends and help make financial decisions. Tom Gallagher Advisor: Alal As a hedge fund manager you might have to travel to different places. You might have to go to the location of the company you are trying to add as an assett. Rewards/Stresses References Bachelor's degree in finance, economics, or business. You need four years of work experience and you need to pass three exams. Name Educational Requirements Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, Financial Managers, on the Internet at : (visited October 15, 2013) Travel Requirements Starting Salary The starting salary for a hedge fund manager is between $100,000-$150,000. But the top 25% earn between $1,000,000-$10,000,000. The daily hours will usually be from sun-up to sundown. There won't be much time with the family, and there's work at home too. Worlplace policies are dressing business and no criminal background. Name Job Description

Hedge Fund

Transcript: Strengths Leadership Ambition Pictures We found the director's of our group clashed most with the socializer because they like to stay on task and socializers tend stray off task without direction Strengths: Communicating Punctuality Describing Each Group Member As a team we feel like we worked equally, dividing up the tasks and concurring them. As a team we feel we work really well together being able to throw around ideas with each other. Being able to divide up the tasks; we feel as a team we were all leaders in our own way. Leader vs. Manager Leader vs. Manager Leader vs. Manager Donations Leader vs. Manager Clear communication Strong leadership skills Good time-management Great planning strategies Weaknesses: Time-Management Staying on task Leader vs. Manager Amount Donated Weaknesses: Making fun of Scott Articulating Destina Group meetings to divide the work Making posters & putting up posters Financial storming Leadership Communication Finance Design Communicated better with sponsors More promotional materials Awareness Portable ATM Machine Getting together to prepare for the presentation: This was the most difficult because we all have different schedules and things going on in our lives that we have to take into account. Pre-Event Preparation Project Management as a Skill The Most Difficult Part of the Assignment Hedge Funds Donations received: $156.23 Amount spent on booth: $35.00 As a group no one really over powered anyone We all contributed equally with giving ideas and completing tasks We worked liked a well oil machine bouncing ideas off each other and essentially building our team up along with our workshop dream job fair. Weaknesses: Attention Span Punctuality Nikki Bob Street- Director/Socializer/ Thinker/ Analytic Nikki Bortolotto– Director Scot Zelazny – Socializer Destina - Director Weakness Attire Ambition Scot How This Presentation Improved our Business Skills Strengths: Inspiration Positivity Strengths: Communication Leadership As a team we feel like we worked equally, dividing up the tasks and concurring them. As a team we feel we work really well together being able to throw around ideas with each other. Being able to divide up the tasks; we feel as a team we were all leaders in our own way. Clashing As a team we feel like we worked equally, dividing up the tasks and concurring them. As a team we feel we work really well together being able to throw around ideas with each other. Being able to divide up the tasks; we feel as a team we were all leaders in our own way. Leader vs. Manager Leader vs. Manager Robert What We Could Have Done To Be More Successful We all had different ideas so we just generated ideas together and discussed with each other having negatives and positives in how it will work. Leader vs. Manager Sponsorship Set-up Purchases As a team we feel like we worked equally, dividing up the tasks and concurring them. As a team we feel we work really well together being able to throw around ideas with each other. Being able to divide up the tasks; we feel as a team we were all leaders in our own way.

Hedge Fund

Transcript: Fund Virag Mehta Financial Security Hedge What is a Hedge Fund ? 1% Description What are Hedge Funds ? Privately owned companies Limited clients Goal is to generate high returns Don't have to follow most rules set by SEC / CSA Have more freedom in what they invest in Must be an accredited investor Accredited Investors Accredited Investors What are the requirements ? Need to earn at least $200,000 per year Or have over$1,000,000 in net worth What can Hedge Fund invest in ? Investments Bonds Stocks Fine Art Minerals Real Estate Currencies Pro & Cons How hedge funds make you money ? Pros Advantages Aggressive Investment Strategies: can use a lot of strategy like leverage than other can’t use Huge Gains: various types of strategies and high risk potential Good Performance: gives you a return even if the market is down Expert Advice: investors with lot of experience manage the money Diversification: can invest in various types of assets Disadvantages Cons Large Investment Fees: usually 2% management fees and 20% of all the profit Leverage: Often use borrowed money from the bank to invest in hope of high return Illiquid: First year lock in and payouts only twice a year Standard Devaluation: A tool used to calculate risk but can’t show you the bigger picture in risk of return Initial Investment: Usually need about $250,000 to get started Solution How to invest in a hedge funds ? Must be a accredited investor with the risk tolerance Can invest in the stock/share of the fund if released Contact the company using a broker or directly Alpha North Asset Management King & Victoria Fund LP Bridge water Associates D.E. Shaw & Co. Two Sigma Real Life Examples Examples Why invest with us ? Product We have provided an excellent return of investment over the 20 years at 16.8% All performance fee reinvested into the fund Leverage with warranty Overall best 2018 Canadian hedge fund Sources Sources Team For Inquires Alpha North Asset Management 333 Bay Street, Suite 630 Toronto, On, M5H 2R2 Phone: 416-506-0776

Hedge fund

Transcript: Trade of: futures stocks currencies bonds options Administrator Attractive points They bring capital Generates revenue and profit that provides it to its customers Individual transaction is entirely dependent on the actions of money managers The structure of presentation: 1. General information about hedge funds 2. Structure of hedge fund Victory 3. Sources of income 4. Conclusion Offshore areas of financial control Hedge fund victory designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi If an ordinary broker simply makes a one-time transaction on behalf of a hedge fund, the prime broker performs a much wider range of functions. Attract the attention of the investment companies Hedge fund primary broker guarantor bank Unattractive points Financial instruments Equity investment participation No limit of the use of funds funds under the only currency or commodity transactions High level of risk It's a company whose functions include the definition of investment strategy hedge fund Fraudulent schemes Investors asset manager Elena Zimina What is hedge fund? The annual growth of investment Daria Semina Its main task is keeping investors' assets: money, securities, precious metals, etc. This independent evaluation is needed to reduce the risks Victory Victoria Platonova The earnings of hedge funds consists of the following factors: -use the classic strategy of mixing long and short positions in the same portfolio within the promotional trade; -participation in trade securities only within short-term strategies; -game on price fluctuations of securities under similar assets, significantly reduces the riskiness of transactions; -Work with assets or debentures of the Company, having some problems in business (operating or financial), leading to a transformation - from restructuring to bankruptcy; -various forms of arbitration - from mergers to generate income from the formation of the price differences between the base of shares / convertible bonds or bond assets having a direct relationship; -investing in assets (securities of various types) in developing countries; -investing in global commodity, currency and stock markets; -futures trading.

Hedge Fund

Transcript: Investors in the hedge fund ...hedge fund is basically a fancy name for an investment partnership Purpose Its worth Benefits Each investor: Fee structure Structure Concentrated investment strategy exposes hedge funds to potentially huge losses Hedge funds typically require investors to lock up money for a period of years Use of leverage, or borrowed money, can turn what would have been a minor loss into a significant loss Hedge Fund 25% Short stocks Risk receive 25% of any profits over 5% per year manages the money Only open to “accredited” or qualified investors Division of income sends check Key characteristics Often employ leverage 75% Investors fills out investment agreement Thank you for attention! Hedge Fund at work $ make money regardless of whether the market climbes higher or declines Vika Gorban Ira Minakova million Name $ 100 million Investment strategies that have the ability to generate positive returns in both rising and falling equity and bond markets Hedge funds in a balanced portfolio can reduce overall portfolio risk and volatility and increase returns A huge variety of hedge fund investment styles provide investors the ability to precisely customize investment strategy Main ideas of hedge funds The fund is up 40% A fund administrator is an accounting firm that provides all the administration work for an investment fund Returns $10 million invest in anything anywhere in the world Operating agreement The Fund, LLC Risks and benefits Hurdle rate Risks Wider investment latitude Fund manager Key characteristics Loooooooong stocks The Fund Questions? Main idea of Hedge Fund the first 5% In a year... contribute the money

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