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Hedge Fund Manager

Transcript: The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania Educational Requirements End Manager, Hedge Fund Accountant Bachelor Degree in Economics or Political Science Sam Leibner Wharton, with its notable alumni of Donald Trump, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffet, is one of the most prestigious schools in the nation and has one of the best business programs ever seen. The degree of my choice is an MBA in Finance. The tuition per year and for room and board is $90,000 a year, but with extra fees it is around $100,000. Over the course of six years, which is the time frame for an MBA is $540,000 - $600,000. There are over 400 companies that visit the University of Pennsylvania for students with an MBA and on campus there are 70+ interview rooms. If someone wouldn't want to continue as a hedge fund manager for their entire life, they could move into the field of business consulting. If you want to stay on the inside of the business where sales are happening, you could become a sales manager. An important part of this job is monitoring customer preferences. Hedge Fund Manager The company looking for a hedge fund manager accountant is a firm out of Charlotte, North Carolina, named Charles Schwab. Charles Schwab believes in the importance of the individual investor, and has a prestigious track record. In order to meet expectations at the job you must motivate members, classify assets and liabilities, income and expense accruals, and financial statement preparation. A bachelor degree in finance or economics is a must and 7-10 years of fund managing experience. There is a $75,000-$100,000 base salary and a bonus, however there are no benefits, but that can be negotiated. No specific guide lines to becoming a hedge fund manager, what most of the job comes down to is reading the market using algorithms Other Career Opportunities

Hedge Fund

Transcript: Strengths Leadership Ambition Pictures We found the director's of our group clashed most with the socializer because they like to stay on task and socializers tend stray off task without direction Strengths: Communicating Punctuality Describing Each Group Member As a team we feel like we worked equally, dividing up the tasks and concurring them. As a team we feel we work really well together being able to throw around ideas with each other. Being able to divide up the tasks; we feel as a team we were all leaders in our own way. Leader vs. Manager Leader vs. Manager Leader vs. Manager Donations Leader vs. Manager Clear communication Strong leadership skills Good time-management Great planning strategies Weaknesses: Time-Management Staying on task Leader vs. Manager Amount Donated Weaknesses: Making fun of Scott Articulating Destina Group meetings to divide the work Making posters & putting up posters Financial storming Leadership Communication Finance Design Communicated better with sponsors More promotional materials Awareness Portable ATM Machine Getting together to prepare for the presentation: This was the most difficult because we all have different schedules and things going on in our lives that we have to take into account. Pre-Event Preparation Project Management as a Skill The Most Difficult Part of the Assignment Hedge Funds Donations received: $156.23 Amount spent on booth: $35.00 As a group no one really over powered anyone We all contributed equally with giving ideas and completing tasks We worked liked a well oil machine bouncing ideas off each other and essentially building our team up along with our workshop dream job fair. Weaknesses: Attention Span Punctuality Nikki Bob Street- Director/Socializer/ Thinker/ Analytic Nikki Bortolotto– Director Scot Zelazny – Socializer Destina - Director Weakness Attire Ambition Scot How This Presentation Improved our Business Skills Strengths: Inspiration Positivity Strengths: Communication Leadership As a team we feel like we worked equally, dividing up the tasks and concurring them. As a team we feel we work really well together being able to throw around ideas with each other. Being able to divide up the tasks; we feel as a team we were all leaders in our own way. Clashing As a team we feel like we worked equally, dividing up the tasks and concurring them. As a team we feel we work really well together being able to throw around ideas with each other. Being able to divide up the tasks; we feel as a team we were all leaders in our own way. Leader vs. Manager Leader vs. Manager Robert What We Could Have Done To Be More Successful We all had different ideas so we just generated ideas together and discussed with each other having negatives and positives in how it will work. Leader vs. Manager Sponsorship Set-up Purchases As a team we feel like we worked equally, dividing up the tasks and concurring them. As a team we feel we work really well together being able to throw around ideas with each other. Being able to divide up the tasks; we feel as a team we were all leaders in our own way.

Hedge Fund

Transcript: Fund Virag Mehta Financial Security Hedge What is a Hedge Fund ? 1% Description What are Hedge Funds ? Privately owned companies Limited clients Goal is to generate high returns Don't have to follow most rules set by SEC / CSA Have more freedom in what they invest in Must be an accredited investor Accredited Investors Accredited Investors What are the requirements ? Need to earn at least $200,000 per year Or have over$1,000,000 in net worth What can Hedge Fund invest in ? Investments Bonds Stocks Fine Art Minerals Real Estate Currencies Pro & Cons How hedge funds make you money ? Pros Advantages Aggressive Investment Strategies: can use a lot of strategy like leverage than other can’t use Huge Gains: various types of strategies and high risk potential Good Performance: gives you a return even if the market is down Expert Advice: investors with lot of experience manage the money Diversification: can invest in various types of assets Disadvantages Cons Large Investment Fees: usually 2% management fees and 20% of all the profit Leverage: Often use borrowed money from the bank to invest in hope of high return Illiquid: First year lock in and payouts only twice a year Standard Devaluation: A tool used to calculate risk but can’t show you the bigger picture in risk of return Initial Investment: Usually need about $250,000 to get started Solution How to invest in a hedge funds ? Must be a accredited investor with the risk tolerance Can invest in the stock/share of the fund if released Contact the company using a broker or directly Alpha North Asset Management King & Victoria Fund LP Bridge water Associates D.E. Shaw & Co. Two Sigma Real Life Examples Examples Why invest with us ? Product We have provided an excellent return of investment over the 20 years at 16.8% All performance fee reinvested into the fund Leverage with warranty Overall best 2018 Canadian hedge fund Sources Sources Team For Inquires Alpha North Asset Management 333 Bay Street, Suite 630 Toronto, On, M5H 2R2 Phone: 416-506-0776

Hedge Fund Shit

Transcript: AHL Investment Marketing Graduate Program GLG Affects Professional Investors (ie. Insitutional and Well-Informed) Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive Historically, there have been different regulatory approaches within each country in the EU. In 2010, the EU approved a law to require hedge funds to register with national regulatory authorities. The EU's Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFMD) was passed by the EU Parliament on November 11, 2010 and is the first EU directive focused on "alternative investment fund managers", including hedge fund managers.[ The directive requires managers to disclose more information, on a more frequent basis, to regulators about their investment strategies. Countries within the EU are required to adopt the directive in national legislation by early 2013. 12 month program designed to develop graduates in some of the core commercial business areas within Man, with the goal being for the successful candidate to use the acquired expertise in the creation of compelling marketing collateral. Benefit the Investment Marketing team. rotate in sales, investment management and product teams. each graduate takes on a specific project that should develop their team. After the rotation, return to the IM team where the graduate is responsible for writing and managing Man's marketing collateral. work with senior RMs, invesment management and communications personnel. *The role will also involve the development, implementation and regular review of a detailed marketing plan.* Requirements: -degree in Finance/Business -a demonstrable, active interest in financial markets -self-managed, intuitive, and pro-active -team-oriented -excellent English, some German -entrepreneurial mindset, creative thinking -excellent MS Office skills My notes: -important of knowing how to conduct marketing research (read over marketing notes!!) -great with MS office, prezi -very interested in both markets and marketing -want to grow in this direction -have the skills for it Performance Fees Management Fees (AuM( acquired October 2010 ntended to make MAN group more diversified, partly due to investment strategies that have low correlation to AHL performance MAN- strength in distribution GLG- range of liquid strategies GLG’s focus through its alternative strategies is on preserving clients’ capital and achieving consistent, superior absolute returns with low volatility and low correlations to both the equity and fixed income markets. Since its inception in 1995, GLG has built on the roots of its founders in the private wealth management industry to develop into one of the world’s largest and widely respected alternative investment managers with a growing presence in the market for traditional long-only investment products, serving individuals, corporate and institutional clients. GLG’s investment performance reflects the capabilities of its deep and talented team of investment professionals as well as its rigorous and bespoke risk control processes. manages about 32bn (on MAN-GLG site, as of March 2011) on GLG site it says 23bn.. as of initially set up under Lehman Bros. what distinguishes hedge funds from traditional funds is mainly investment strategy and the absence of regulatory/investment constraints they can use more aggressive strategies (ie. short selling, arbitrage, options) use a broad number of investment strategies exposure to different types orf market risk (ie. interest rate risk, currency risk, term rate risk) and structural? risk (liquidity risk, credit risk, volatility risk) driven by institutional investors (over 50%) ie. public pension, endowment plan, family office increasing concentration as industry matures hedge funds can be good for increasing returns and diversification of a portfolio directional strategies (ie. event-driven, equity long/short) increase return and reduce risk of portfolio but are more highly correlated with equity markets relative value strategies ie. fixed income arbitrage, equity mark neutral, are good for risk reduction and diversification for Jakub: internal processes? personality type? IM department? dress code/ attitude? Hedge Funds Swiss Market 2/20 UCITS MAN In the last few years, alternative investments and hedge funds in particular have become part of the standard asset allocation process in the Swiss private banking business as well as for many Swiss institutional investors. This is the case even though, given legal and regulatory constraints, hedge funds may only be distributed in Switzerland by way of private placement, without any public offering. In addition, Swiss law and the practice of the supervisory authority, the Federal Banking Commission, allow for the setting up and the public distribution of collective investment schemes which take different forms and which invest into hedge funds (e.g. investment companies, investment foundations, and funds of hedge funds). These structures have also contributed to the success of

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