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Transcript: HOOTSUITE an integral part of social strategy STRUCTURE Space optimization; editorially driven Synergies between site Re-order of back office INTEGRATION Different aspects of the OECD Top nav bar, bookshop, multimedia, Better Life Index, Data Lab, Insights Blog, Twitter feed, Calendar Better utilization of social media icons VISUAL IMPACT More images; reader friendly Introduction of new media AUTOMATION reducing work load while increasing content Character and image size limitations for consistency WORK IN PROGRESS IN THE WORKS Twitter followers are from France US and UK More links generated through Facebook and LinkedIn due to increase in content published on these sites The more content we publish and republish, the more traction we get on twitter TWEEET! TWEET! +5000! The most clicked tweets: What happens if we stop believing that politics delivers rules that are fair? READ: #OECD #yearbook2014 #oecdwk 140 clicks "The official line is that quantitative easing is not monetisation" - Philip Coggan READ: #oecdwk #yearbook #oecd 65 clicks #Teachers are the backbone of the edu sector; determinant of #productivity & growth. How does their #pay stack up? 40 clicks The challenges of digital development Working with PressFlex Changing requests/new ideas Nature of the business Organizational goals Active involvement Departmental synergies Social Marketing is an art & a science. Requiring intuition, courage to act, behavioral economics & statistics. HOT TOPICS: Trust, quantitative easing, teachers and indicators Friday, April 18, 2014 France, US and UK dominate OECD Observer hires HEC student Observer has a new look & feel Highlight of the changes Can she deliver results? Site usages sees a lift for the first time in months! Building twitter traffic & conversations HEC Paris Edition Focus on developing on online strategy - more forward thinking Human capital - dedicated person on website and social media Integration with other divisions Twitter content needs to increase (at least 5 posts a day) Drive more people to Observer site by starting internally Generation of more relevant content Speed of French site More exposure at events, OECD apps and websites OECD Observer readership stats Issue No. 231 Intern Weekly “I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.” - Albert Einstein INTERN OPINION BOARD Mobile edition for MCM/Forum E-newsletter in similar style: Mid-May French version: end of June Forward integration


Transcript: Cardiovascular Disease Cardiovascular disease is a general term used to describe disorders that can affect your heart and/or your body’s system of arteries and veins. Some cases of cardiovascular disease also known as heart disease Reflect on chronic conditions that develop or persist over a long period of time. sometimes the result of cardiovascular disease may be serious events such as heart attacks and strokes that occur suddenly when a vessel supplying blood to the heart or brain becomes blocked The term cardiovascular disease also known as CVD refers to information about the heart and blood vessels. Heart disease is a leading cause of death throughout Australia. In 2008, CVD was the underlying cause of 34% of all deaths in Australia (48,456 deaths) and it is estimated that around 800,000 people with CVD experience disability leading to mild-to-profound restriction on activities. Atrial fibrillation one of a number of disorders commonly referred to as 'arrhythmias', where your heart does not beat normally. High Blood Pressure also known as Hypertension) is the pressure of your blood in your arteries as the heart pumps it around your body. Heart Failure occurs when the heart muscle has become too weak to pump blood through the body as effectively as normal. Heart Foundation Tick self-funded public health program which aims to improve the healthiness of the foods Australians eat most often Foods to eat Fibre, legumes and soy and foods containing vitamin E are good for people with CVD Foods not to eat High fat Foods, high amounts of alcohol and many takeouts should not me consumed if you have CVD The outcome of CVD Death Rates approximately 4 times lower than peak levels recorded in 1968. This has been attributed to advances in CVD research, detection, prevention and management. Risk Factors include smoking, physical inactivity, poor diet, risky alcohol consumption, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol, obesity and diabetes Statistics estimated that 92% of Australian adults have at least one risk factor for CVD and almost 40% have three or more CVD risk factors. What is CVD Dietry needs

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