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healthy food

Transcript: give 3 examples of foods that can be eaten to increase levels of carbohydrate in the body? Nutritionists say that people are still not eating enough fruit and vegetables to be truly healthy. what is glycogen? what is meant by a balanced diet? How does fibre work? fibre is only found in plant food. These include cereals (wheat , rice and maize), peas and beans , vegetables and fruits. Fibre cannot be digested by the body. It absorbs water and helps food pass easily alone the digestive systems. Vitamin c cannot be stored for long in the body, so we need to eat friut and vegetables regularly. It helps the body to fight colds and flu as well as to as to heal from wounds and broken bones. Vitamin c also assists the body to absorb iron, so try eating a tomato with your steak! describe the best way to relieve dehydration caused by normal activity? a large number of Australian families eat more than 3 take away or restaurant meals each week. Growth and repair of body tissue. Energy. Proper functioning of the body and protection against disease. what are the 3 main functions of food? what is wrong with fat Fat is a rich source of energy. it is found in animal foods such as meats, cheeses, cream and butter. A built up of fat like substance in the blood steam contribute to the cause of heart disease. list 10 benefits of exercise which group of people may gain a benefit from using a sports drinks? Explain why a diet high in carbohydrate is recommended for athletes?

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