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Healthcare Administration Powerpoint Templates

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Healthcare Administration

Transcript: $3,035 Interviewing Shaun Orr Who practices and where is this practiced in the Upper Valley? What is the required training for this job? $1,735 Utah State University: Business Administration Idaho State University: Healthcare Administration Brigham Young University-Idaho: Healthcare Administration What is the annual salary? Shaun Orr hard at work Where can I obtain a degree in this major? $2,338 Shaun Orr: meetings, schedule, complaints, privacy concerns, new policies, daily operations, committees, finances, audits, hiring Jared Richards: meetings, network, insurances, patients, staff Rachel Gonzalez: meetings, problems, community, network, staff, departments Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or Healthcare Administration Courses on Business, Economics, Management, Health, Accounting, Communications, and Computers Thanks for watching! With the staff after the job shadow What are the advantages/disadvantages of this career? What is a typical day like? A presentation Shaun gives to people interested in the health center Comparing tuitions of three colleges Natalie Webster Senior Project 2012 Healthcare Administration Shaun Orr – Brigham Young University-Idaho Student Health Center (Rexburg, ID) Jared Richards – Drs. Toenjes, Brizzee, & Orme Cosmetic & Family Dentistry (St. Anthony, ID) Rachel Gonzalez – Madison Memorial Hospital (Rexburg, ID) Dental center or other specialized clinic: Smaller - $35,000, Bigger - $80,000 Typical doctor’s office: Smaller - $50,000, Bigger - $100,000 Hospital: Smaller - $100,000, Bigger - $350,000 Advantages: Job security High paying Building relationships Service opportunities Leadership positions Many career options to choose from Disadvantages: Time consuming Complex Lots of regulation changes What does a healthcare administrator do?

Healthcare Administration

Transcript: Economics Technology Communication Risk Management Strategic thinking The 12-credit internship is recognized as a best practice and enables students One of the fastest growing fields in the medical industry Baby boomers on their way out and will have many job openings by graduation Estimated 22% growth Bachelor's Degree at Towson Internship at Mercy Medical with Grandmother Graduate with BA Get job at Johns Hopkins Take Year off to establish work expierience Grad school at Johns Hopkins University (Go BlueJays!) Graduate from Hopkins Get job at Hopkins in Maternity Towson perks continued Healthcare Administration Drive Four years of classes (5 credits a semester) Internship during your senior year Towson University is one of the only schools in Maryland to offer this major. Foundation- education We are the only undergraduate Health Care Management program in the state of Maryland fully accredited by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration. This is national recognition of the program’s excellence Skills needed Students train in both health care AND business, making them more competitive Healthcare administration at TU Results My Plan Administrator for Hospital- $92,000 Physician Group- $72,000 Elderly- $68,000 Insurance/HMO- $122,000 Medical Equipment Manufacture- $98,000 Public Healthcare Facility- $115,000 Steady income- starting job of $20/hr. The average income is $46.17/hr. Working in the healthcare field without having to get your hands dirty with sick people. Same benefits of nurses and other positions in the medical field Plenty of room for growth when looking for jobs or graduate school; to get a head start on the “real world”;

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