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Healthcare Administration

Transcript: $3,035 Interviewing Shaun Orr Who practices and where is this practiced in the Upper Valley? What is the required training for this job? $1,735 Utah State University: Business Administration Idaho State University: Healthcare Administration Brigham Young University-Idaho: Healthcare Administration What is the annual salary? Shaun Orr hard at work Where can I obtain a degree in this major? $2,338 Shaun Orr: meetings, schedule, complaints, privacy concerns, new policies, daily operations, committees, finances, audits, hiring Jared Richards: meetings, network, insurances, patients, staff Rachel Gonzalez: meetings, problems, community, network, staff, departments Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or Healthcare Administration Courses on Business, Economics, Management, Health, Accounting, Communications, and Computers Thanks for watching! With the staff after the job shadow What are the advantages/disadvantages of this career? What is a typical day like? A presentation Shaun gives to people interested in the health center Comparing tuitions of three colleges Natalie Webster Senior Project 2012 Healthcare Administration Shaun Orr – Brigham Young University-Idaho Student Health Center (Rexburg, ID) Jared Richards – Drs. Toenjes, Brizzee, & Orme Cosmetic & Family Dentistry (St. Anthony, ID) Rachel Gonzalez – Madison Memorial Hospital (Rexburg, ID) Dental center or other specialized clinic: Smaller - $35,000, Bigger - $80,000 Typical doctor’s office: Smaller - $50,000, Bigger - $100,000 Hospital: Smaller - $100,000, Bigger - $350,000 Advantages: Job security High paying Building relationships Service opportunities Leadership positions Many career options to choose from Disadvantages: Time consuming Complex Lots of regulation changes What does a healthcare administrator do?

Healthcare Administration

Transcript: The corporate office makes sure that the building and every department in it just like the administrator, is ran smoothly so when State comes in the building they do not receive any citations. Too many citations or major citations can cause a nursing home to close it's doors for good and so corporate,the administrator along with other department heads makes sure that does not happen. Annual State Surveys How many departments are there to over-see? The different departments range from Nursing which is over-seen by the DON as well. The admissions department which controls the census of the builidng. The business office, which controls the monies and insurance mattees of residents. The activities department which keeps the lively hood of the residents functioning. The HR department which handles paperwork matters, check, and insurance for employees, dietary department which does all of the cooking and diet plans for residents, therapy department which helps restore residents back to their prior levels of functioning and the maintenance department which keeps the building functioning and clean. Maitenance also oversees housekeeping and laundry. Even though It may sound like a lot for one person to handle, the administrator actually gets more than enough help from there supervisors and managers. It is not the administrators job to babysit and watch a persons every move. If there are outstanding department heads most of the time the Administrators job is not nearly impossible to do. During the time of the annual survey. Surveyors are qualified to stop any employee at any given time to ask them random questions about nursing home rules and activities and they expect you to know the answer. Why does Corporate need to over-see the administrator? How does the Administrator over-see so many departments? Yes, in fact there are other jobs. It is the administrators responsibility to budget monies and control the expenses that each department may use. Such as the food resources for dietary, Linen for the laundry department, Nursing supplies and properly functioned equipment and those are to name a few. What does the State check for when survey is in progress? Are there any other jobs that the Administrator is responsible for? Having knowledge about the company you work for is always a positive thing and important. Not knowing whats taking place in your building or knowing who to ask questions to can cause you to ineffectively do your job. Everyone has a department head overseeing there job, including the administrator. The title of the department is known as the corporate office. Through out the month the corporate office may visit the nursing home to make sure everything is being properly ran and if any issues may have occurred then they should also have been taken care of in a timely fashion. There should always be a team effort in order for things to run efficiently. However the administrator is responsible for over-seeing all department heads. Why is it important for you to know all of these things about the work place? Who runs the builiding? Healthcare Administration Nursing Home Edition. Does the Administrator Have a Boss? There comes a time once a year when the State comes to the nursing home to do inspections. These inspections are called Annual Surveys. The surveys are subjected to last for a week Monday-Friday from about 7:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.

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