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Transcript: DMD Marketing | Carin Slater Template Program Current Program Current Templates Current Template program covers hospitals and recruitment clients, as these markets have less rigid requirements, smaller marketing budgets, and less experience in email. Newsletters Newsletter Templates CME CME Templates Recruiters Recruiter Templates Plans for Current Program Going Forward 6 templates for each group New templates based on customer input Already started, different templates are in different stages of completion Introduce practice of having a kick off call with client When, What, and Who Problems with Current Program Problems Clients want more flexibility with template layout Managing client expectations Clients want options for one off templates What can we do? Solutions Introduce semi-custom templates Pros of semi-custom templates Individual blocks that companies can use to build their own template layout Clients can create unique template layouts Based on current modular templates No new build time for us Cost built in No more adding costs based on creative team's time when customizing template Clients will be able to create one off templates or templates that can be used outside of what the main purpose would be for the template. Why it's gonna be good Cons of semi-custom templates Will require new documentation to be created Will require new implementation practices to be learned Set up will take longer and will require more initial input from client Clients will still not be able to change the layout between sends Will cost more Sticky points Q&A Q A & What next steps are required? Sales Account Management Email Team Questions for me?

PEARLS Program-Template

Transcript: hours a month your commitment herstory Save The Dates! Short answers objectives board of directors 8/16/14 9/4/14 9/27/14 10/11/14 10/25/14 11/8/14 11/22/14 12/13/14 Name Chapter Fall/Spring Year The PEARLS Board of Directors was created to assist with the strategic planning and implementation of the mentorship program. What do they do? hour a week personal time with LADY (Insert facts about the city and reasons why our service is needed and how our program can help it.) (Feel free to insert a small picture of your city at the bottom.) Studies show that when working with young people ... A mentor's main purpose is to help a young person define individual goals and find ways to achieve them. Since the expectations of each child vary, the mentor's job is to encourage the development of a flexible relationship that responds to the mentor's and the young person's needs. A mentor may help a young person: Plan a project for school; Set career goals and start taking steps to realize them; Make healthy choices about day-to-day life, from food to exercise and beyond; & Think through a problem at home or school. Mentoring is a development strategy for a youth’s successful path to adulthood. In a structured mentoring program, a supportive individual works with a youth to build a relationship by offering guidance, support, and encouragement to cultivate the youth’s positive and healthy development. MENTOR PRESENCE IN YOUR LIVES... hours 2 Saturdays Meetings Sophomore PEARL = 3 Years of Mentorship Junior PEARL = 2 Years of Mentorship Senior PEARL = 1 Year of Mentorship calender of events Name Chapter Fall/Spring Year WE'RE LOOKING FOR Describe an event that has changed the way you see the world. Why the LADYS program, and why now? Personal Statement: In this section, you can "freestyle" to show us your personality. Some people have done poems, rhymes, a writing sample, etc. If you choose to submit something that cannot be done online, you can submit attachments via email to Our mission is to empower and unite young women 9-13 to cultivate leadership development and academic excellence through mentorship, cultural awareness, workshops and civic engagement. ... the presence of consistent adult mentors has made a more significant, positive impact on the lives of young people than most other factors (i.e. activities offered, stipends, etc.). Conversely, inconsistent adult interactions leaves young people disenchanted and makes a far greater negative impact than other major factors of youth programs. your (insert city) board! Name Chapter Fall/Spring Year Strengthen Lives, Be A Mentor! Name Chapter Fall/Spring Year Each mentor will specify the grade level they wish to mentor in the application. This will determine the length of time you spend as a mentor. Name Chapter Fall/Spring Year The Sigma Lambda PEARLS (Promoting Education, the Arts, our Roots, Leadership and Service is a mentorship program designed and geared toward Latino girls ages 9-13 with the intention of instilling a sense of sisterhood, cultural pride, academic excellence and service to the community within its participants, through team-building activities and projects. Promoting Education, the Arts, our Roots, Leadership and Service Passion Commitment and Availability Emotional and Situational Intelligence Empathy A sincere desire to be involved with a young person An appreciation and understanding of the value of the program A desire to share your academic and professional experiences Respect for young women and cultures Active Listeners Be flexible and open Ability and commitment to complete the program 1/10/15 1/19/15 1/24/15 2/13/15 2/28/15 3/14/15 3/28/15 4/11/15 Mentor Application Vision We meet every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. Each collective gathering varies and could either be indoors or outdoors. We will meeting from 10:00a to 1:00p (subject to change) The Sigma Lambda PEARLS Program was piloted with a group of 15 fifth graders at P.S. 43 in the Spring of 2000 and was very successful. The PEARLS program has touched the lives of over 40 young girls who look to the program as an outlet for creativity and exposure to life outside their school walls & environment. hours a month Meetings Director - Assistant Director - Director of Programming - Director of Recruitment - Director Retention - Director of Communications & Marketing - Director of Human Capital - Director of Administration - hours a month personal time with LADY Name Chapter Fall/Spring Year Name Chapter Fall/Spring Year Our vision is to empower young women ages 9-13 to achieve academic excellence, cultural awareness and leadership skills. To empower our young sisters to serve as leaders in their communities by providing the necessary tools to excel academically and exceed professionally. To motivate our young sisters to reach their full potential by offering advice and guidance focused on educational and professional development. To educate and engage with

Health Program

Transcript: Mitigation of Drug-Resistant Pathogens A Health Education Initiative Mission Statement "We are committed to providing the highest quality of care through reduction in drug-resistant infections. Our mission is to improve quality of life for all our patients and institutions." Background Supporting Evidence 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur in the U.S. each year Approximately 35,000 people die as a result Over abundance of antibiotic use in health care, veterinary care, and agricultural products Key Objectives Purpose Reduce over use of antibiotics Minimize excessive prescription Improve health literacy on antibiotic use. Establish new standards of practice and prescription Program Emphasis Provider-Centered Patient-Centered Improve Patient compliance to regimen Reduce misuse or self-medication Improve health literacy of risks Reduce over prescription Redefine standards of practice Expand health literarcy to reduce risk Assessment Comparison Criteria What is measured? Amount of drug-resistant infections reported (includes in-patient and out patient settings) Why? The specific number of infections within a given timeframe allows for monitoring of changes or fluctuations. Types and classficiation of drug-specific resistant strains Why? Identification of which specific drug resistances establish which antibiotics are predominately used and if there are multi-drug resistances Amount of antibiotic prescriptions issued Why? Total number of prescriptions can provide insight on which ones and if there are excessive numbers being prescribed Evaluative Process Evaluation Complile relevant data and documentation Health Informatics and Managment Total cases of drug-resistant infections Total number of prescribed antibiotics Emergence of drug-specific resistant strains Health Education Program Public Health Develop relevant education materials based on need assessment Evaluate program components and implementation processes Maintain or revise programs to improve or meet diversifying needs Patient and Staff Education Health Education and Delivery Develop repetoire with patients to gain trust and understanding Educate patients on the importance of health compliance and engagement Establish consistency in practice with health care workers and providers Improve health care delivery and patient health outcomes Impact Reduce Patient Out-of-Pocket Expenses Lower Overall Healthcare Expenditure Outcomes Reduce exposure and contractile risk Improve Quality of Health and Health Care

Health Program Presentation

Transcript: By :Jada Jordan ,Kasi Kilo & Jessie Ward 2019 "Hand & Hand, We Stand Against Drugs " PLANNING STRATEGY & Our mission at “Hand and Hand, We Stand Against Drugs” is to provide college students with the proper knowledge and tools that will prevent them from using or abusing drugs. By doing so we plan to implicate some daily substance free recreational activities such as Drug Free Health Fairs, Drug Informational Meetings & Mandatory Drug Addict recovering meetings once a month. These activities will give students the information on drug abuse, first hand survivor stories and health fair for screenings against drug abuse. Mission Statement About Us About Us Background Background After conducting our research, we discovered that at some point in a student’s college career they will be exposed to drug usage whether it is from a friend, stranger or even roommate. Timeline Timeline May -Jul 2019 Goal Aug -Oct 2019 Feb-April 2020 Nov 2019-Jan 2020 During this time frame the process continues with: Drug Prevention Recreational Activities ,Freedom Workshops,Drug Testing Questionnaires,& Reality Check Workshops. During this time frame we expect aggressive success from the following : Freedom Workshop,Reality Check Workshop and Program & Evaluation Feedback The process during this period begins with : Planning,Review of Budget,Hire and Train of Staff & Volunteers , and Meetings to Implement Programs. During this time frame there will be an increase in progression with the following : Freedom workshop & Drug Testing Questionnaires Statistics Goals Goals & Objectives Our goals are simple and are put in place to help prevent drug abuse on college campuses in students of all ages, race and sex. Decrease the percentage of drug abuse on college campuses starting with Dillard University. Increase the knowledge of drug prevention among college students. Work towards inputting “Hand in hand, we stand against drugs” program in all colleges worldwide. Feedback Questions Thank You Thank You

Health Program

Transcript: Optimal Health Program Diet Healthy, balanced meals increase your energy and also provides your body with nutrients. The benefits of a good diet are the reduced risk of strokes, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. 14,000 Canadians die from stroke and 74,000 Canadians die from cardiovascular disease each year. Also, there are 60,000 new diagnoses of type 2 diabetes every year (Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation 2011, CBC News 2010). Healthy Meals and proper porportions for an older adult Inclued... 7 servings of fruits and vegetables 7 Servings of Grain Products 3 Servings of Milk or Alternatives 3 Servings of Meat and Alternatives For Example... Exercising can also decrease the chances of an older adult developing age related diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis and type 2 diabetes (American Academy of Family Physicians) Another area to focus on when regaining or maintaining optimal health is the environment in which the individual lives in and their habits. "Once a toxic substance has contacted the body it may have either acute (immediate) or chronic (long term) effects" (Human Resources and Equity / University of Toronto). For instance, smoking cigarettes contains the mixture of nicotine and carbon monoxide and every time you smoke, you temporarily increases your heart rate and blood pressure, straining your heart and blood vessels. By slowing down your blood flow, you are at a greater risk of stroke and heart attacks (Johnson 2011). Eventually tar coats the smoker's lungs, resulting in a great risk of developing lung cancer. A healthy living environment cannot be in an area with high dosages of radiation either. Cell phones and cell phone towers communicate using radiofrequency which is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, including microwave radiation, visible light and X-rays radiation. "The health problems that have been linked in one way or another include Attention Deficit Disorders, Aging, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Aspergers, changes in blood, passing the blood brain barrier with toxins, changes in blood pressure, brain cancer, breast cancer, other kinds of cancers, cataracts, chances in cells, chromosomal damage, dizziness, changes in DNA, earaches, changes in EEG, all kinds of reactions in people who have electromagnetic sensitivity, eye cancer, fatigue, changes in genes, headaches, weakness in the heart, heat effects, moving heavy metals into the brain, issues with the immune system, leukemia, lymphoma, MCS, memory loss, miscarriages, effects on nerves, neuromas, adn neurons, development of oncogenes, pressure, risk of disease in general, various sensations, effects on signaling enzymes, stress, sweat, tumors, and changes in vision" (Moon 2009). Opitmal Health Program The first area I would focus on when creating an optimal health program is the intake of nutrition and proper amount of servings of all the food groups to create balanced healthy meals. Following Canada's Food Guide. Then, two and a half hours of aerobic exercise and strength training twice a week. Finally, living in a safe environment with low toxic chemicals and low levels of radiation. The recommended amount of aerobic exercise is two and a half hours weekly, followed by 2 days a week of strength training (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Naturally as the body ages, bones and muscle tissue start to break down. Therefore, activities such as aerobic exercises strengthen muscles and bones at the same time. Environment Exercise

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