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Health Care and Quality Presentation Template

Transcript: Title Body subtitle body body subtitle body body the degree to which health care services for individuals and populations increase the likelihood of desired health outcomes and are consistent with current professional knowledge National Association of Quality Assurance Professionals the level of excellence produced and documented in the process of patient care, based on the best knowledge available and achievable at a particular facility Community Health Accreditation Program the degree to which consumers progress toward a desired outcome Dimensions of Quality Quality Control refers to activities that evaluate, monitor or regulate services rendered to consumers The Quality Control Process Total Quality Management A way to continuously improve performance at every level of operation in every functional area of on organization using all available human and capital resources. Aims to reduce the waste and cost of poor quality Quality Assurance the process for objectively and systematically monitoring and evaluating the quality and appropriateness of patient care, for pursuing opportunities to improve patient care for resolving identified problem focus: the discovery and correction of errors These activities are carried out by, quality assurance personnel or department personnel. Continuous Quality Improvement a cyclical process involves identifying an area where there is an opportunity for improvement then outline the sequence of activities that should occur in order to solve that problem, and implementing them Once the cycle is completed it has to be determined whether the problem has been solved. If the problem continues, the cycle should be repeated. Model for Quality Improvement What are we trying to accomplish? How will we know that a change is an improvement? What changes can we make that will result in improvement? Implementing the CQI cycle Step 2: define a problem within that area, and outline the sequence of activities (the process) that should occur in that problem area Step 4: select specific steps in the process, and for each step list the factors that prevent the achievement of desired outcome Step 5: collect and analyze data about the factors that are preventing the achievement of the desired outcomes of the desired steps Step 7: monitor the results of the action taken Plan 5. Compare collected information with the established criteria Measure Quality the process subtitle Track subtitle body The Customer subtitle Access to Service 1. Establish control criteria Step 6: take corrective action to improve the process body Do Interpersonal Relations Study subtitle Identify the variation in standards variables through statistical methods Improve Quality Teamwork 3. Determine ways to collect the information body standards, norms, guidelines title 4. Collect and analyze the information Step 3: establish the desired outcomes of the process and the requirements needed to achieve them Safety body 2. Identify the information relevant to the criteria body Technical Competence title subtitle Act subtitle Step 1: identify an area where opportunities for improvement exists Continuity Quality Assurance Elements of Total Quality Management comply with the norms Continuous Quality Improvement as a means of achieving quality variable characteristics subtitle to decision-making based on data collection and analysis 6. Make a judgment about quality Define Quality Amenities The Scientific Approach whose needs are paramount to the determination of quality Efficiency Effectiveness 7. Provide information and if necessary, take corrective action regarding finding to appropriate source Observe 8. Determine when there is a need for re-evaluation body body

Health Care Presentation

Transcript: By: Tamara Southerland, Honors English 3, Ms.Locklear,11-27-17 Health Care Issue For Americans Topic Sentence Should the government be required to help people with health care bills that are not affordable Thesis Statement: So if what if the government was to be required to help americans(families) with high health care bills, Would it be better or unnecessary Logos: It can help the providers of a household or even single mothers with high medical bills they can’t afford and have to provide for the children or themselves “Before I got divorced my ex-husband had needed emergency treatment which included a helicopter transport and a three day hospital stay. We had no insurance and got hit with a $48,000 bill!” This quote is coming from Single Moms Income website from article “A Big List of Financial Assistance Resources for Single Moms” by Alexa Mason March 07, 2017 Logos 2 It brings the decrease of high health care bills and everyone could be ale to either pay for them or already have them paid. “The House bill that Republicans plan to pass to replace the Affordable Care Act keeps some of the most popular provisions of the law, but it does not mandate coverage and shifts how the government would provide financial help.” This quote is from this article “How would the American Health Care Act affect cost and access?” by PBS March 7, 2017. Pathos Makes health care easier for citizens to have/need. “ the bill eliminates the tax penalties that the ACA imposes on nonexempt individuals for not having health insurance, as well as employers with 50 or more full-time workers who do not offer health insurance to their employees.” This quote is coming from the article “Q&A: The Facts on the Republican healthcare bill” by D'Angelo Gore, Lori Robertson and Vanessa Schipani, March 8, 2017. Pathos 2 The government can improve the rate of angry people with high health care bills “ Enhanced federal funding for the low-income adults who became newly qualified under the ACA would be phased out, ending after 2024.” This quote is coming from article “Senate healthcare bill: Here's how it would affect you” by Maureen Groppe June 22, 2017. Counter Agrument Some opposers may argue that it’s more money coming the government that shouldn’t be. “Under the Affordable Care Act, more than 10 million more people got coverage in 31 states that expanded their Medicaid program”. This quote is coming from this article “How the Republican health care bill would change federal funding for Medicaid” by PBS March 9, 2017. Counter Agrument 2 The opposers disagree because they feel that people should be able to afford their healthcare bills. “When patients lack sufficient health care insurance, financial matters become integrally intertwined with biomedical considerations in the process of clinical decision making.” This quote is coming from “I Can't Afford That!: Dilemmas in the Care of the Uninsured and Underinsured” by Saul Weiner June 16, 2001 Community Service My community service was I sat sit with ms. Terri that explained to me about the issues at the hosptial and helped her with some papers. She deals with the medical things at the hosptial and patients dealing with health care issues or filing for disability. And Now the Video!!! Conclusion In conclusion that if the government was to be required to help americans(families) with high health care bills is the government should find a equal ground to give the Americans what they need and deserve. When looking how America is today on healthcare, it is very unfair for the way Americans have to pay this in such a high bill. Work Cited Page “How the Republican Healthcare Bill would change Federal Funding for Medicaid” by PBS, March 9, 2017 “FACT CHECK: Trump's Confusing Remarks To Senate Republicans On Health Care” by Danielle Kurtzleben, July 20, 2017 “These three women could make or break the Senate Republicans' Obamacare repeal bill” by Emily Cadei, June 20, 2017 “ The Battle Over American Health Care: What's At Stake In The Senate's Bill”Fresh Air, June 28, 2017 “Senate HealthCare Bill Exposes Workers to Financial Ruin Money” by Elizabeth O’Brien, June 15, 2017 “I Can't Afford That!: Dilemmas in the Care of the Uninsured and Underinsured” by Saul Weiner, June 16, 2001 “No, The Government should Not Provide Health Insurance For All Americans” by Paul Hsieh, June 16, 2001 “What If America Had Canada’s Healthcare System?” by Olga Khazan, October 21, 2014 “A Big List of Financial Assistance Resources of Single Moms” by Alexa, Mard 7, 2017 Any Questions?

health care presentation

Transcript: Presenter Name HEALTHCARE SALES PITCH Company Career choice #1 *Diagnose and coordinate all aspects of the birthing process, either independently or as part of a health care team. * Provide well-women gynecological care *MUST have a specialized, graduate nursing education. Nurse Midwife *Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). *Also completing an accredited Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program with a concentration in midwifery. What education is needed for this career? There are no known job openings in Texas, but there are about 500 openings in the United States. Projected job openings in Texas: Salary range: The salary range for nurse midwives is $91,550 to $100,590. 1- Midwives College of Utah. 2- Stony Brook University. 3- West Virginia Wesleyan College. Best ranked colleges for nurse midwifery: Where can one find work in this field? * Hospitals *Clinics *Private practices with physicians. 3 quotes about about nurse midwifing: TREATMENTS TREATMENTS NUMBER OF PEOPLE TIME LOCATION LOCATION STAFF Doctor's Name Nurse’s Name STAFF Nurse’s Name Doctor's Name Nurse’s Name Nurse’s Name Acute care falls under the broader category of secondary care - the stage after primary care (when a patient makes first contact with medical professionals). Acute care involves the treatment of patients diagnosed with short term but serious conditions - and might take place in a number of clinical settings like Accident & Emergency, Intensive Care and Neonatal Care. Typical medical conditions an acute care nurse may be called upon to treat range from severe injury and chronic illness, to strokes and infectious diseases. Career choice #2 Critical care refers to care for the most acute and unstable patients in the hospital population. For example, the intensive care unit (ICU) and coronary care unit (CCU) are examples of critical care nursing. While all types of nurses work in medical/surgical units, working in critical care requires specialized experience or additional preceptor training due to the complex care provided, and many nurses obtain an AACN certification to document their advanced skills and knowledge. * Citations * * Citations HISTORY HISTORY NOW 2010 2008 2015

Health Care Presentation

Transcript: Evelyn Bustos Service Coordinator Level 1 Superior Health Plan OUR COMPANY OUR COMPANY Superior HealthPlan is a Medicad Health Insurance, a managed health-care company that provides health care for many Texas residents. AT A GLANCE AT A GLANCE PEOPLE PROTECTED PEOPLE PROTECTED 2013 2014 Foster kids Aged, Blind and disabled Low income families Foster kids Aged, Blind and disabled Low income families Foster kids Aged, Blind and disabled Low income families Foster kids Aged, Blind and disabled Low income families 2015 2016 LOCATIONS LOCATIONS El Paso, TX San Antonio, TX SPECIALITIES SPECIALITIES CHIP Perinate: Program for prenatal and delivery services of low-income pregnant women who do not qualify for Medicaid. CHIP and CHIP RSA: Program for families who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but who can’t afford to buy private insurance. STAR (Medicaid) and STAR MRSA: Health-care coverage for low-income families. STAR+PLUS (Medicaid): Health-care coverage for qualified low-income people who are elderly and disable. STAR Kids: Health care for children with disabilities, special needs or chronic conditions, under 20 years. STAR Health: Health-care coverage for children/young adults in foster care. STAR+PLUS Medicare-Medicaid Plan (MMP): Health care for seniors and people with disabilities who are enrolled in Medicare and receive full Medicaid benefits both Medicare and Medicaid are managed by Superior Health Plan Allwell from Superior HealthPlan (Medicare Advantage): Medicare Advantage programs for members who are eligible for Medicare or both Medicare and Medicaid (dual eligible). If you are a STAR+PLUS member and qualify for Medicare you may be able to enroll as a dual eligible member. OUR PRODUCTS OUR PRODUCTS Star+Plus Department HEALTH HEALTH LEVEL BENEFITS Dual Non-Dual Managed by primary insurance Medical care and Long Term Care services covered Medical Medical for non-dual Members BENEFITS Preventive Dental Vision Benefits Hospital Care, Primary Care, Lab, Radiology LTC Long Term Care Service (LTC) LEVEL Non-Waiver BENEFITS Waiver Daily Activity Health Services-services provided at a local center that provides meals, exercise programs, wound care, medicine administration etc. Personal Assitant Services-service provided at the members home, someone assist with cleaning, cooking, bathing, laundry, transfer, escort, etc. Incontinent Supplies Minor Home Modifications Emergency Response System Home Delivery Meals Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy Adaptive aid-prostethics, hospital bed etc Skilled Nursing Job Placements IMPORTANT INFORMATION Waiver Approval is required from HHSC, and it takes about 60--90 days for state to review documents and asssesment. HISTORY HISTORY El Paso 1999 Serves over 254 counties Offers 8 Health Care programs Star+Plus Superior HealthPlan provides health care for many Texans. Superior began in El Paso in 1999. Today, Superior serves members in across the state of Texas TESTIMONIALS TESTIMONIALS STORY 1 STORY 1 Superior Star Plus offered great care for my parents while I worked. They make sure all their needs are met. This program goes above and beyond for their members STORY 2 STORY 2 My son has many health conditions and Star KIDS program has been very attentive to his needs. The nurses make sure to visit him often, make sure his incontinent supplies are delivered and is receiving the best care. Glad I selected this program for him. STORY 3 STORY 3 I'm a foster parent, and when I received a call in the middle of the night to take 2 sisters in I didnt hesistate. The Foster Care program with Superior Health Plan eased my worries. That Monday my girls had benefits and were scheduled for their first home visit and evaluation with a nurse and scheduled for their first visit with their Peditricianas well. They work fast and and care for the children well being. The Service Coordination Department is dedicated to help the Aged, Blind and Disabled members and assist them in the process of obtaining Long Term Care Services (LTC). We receive calls or make outbound calls to members that have recently experienced sudden changes in health and requires LTC services. The Service Coordinator either receives incoming calls or makes outbound calls to the enrolled member in the Health Insurance The Service Coordinator conducts a phone assessment with the member, verifies demographics and educate member on all current benefits If member is in need of any LTC services, the Service Coordinator will submit the request to the scheduling department. The scheduling department will reach member to schedule a home visit If member already has services in place we confirm if member is satisfied with the services During telephonic assessment we can determine if member requires additional services such as; Behavioral health, Disease Management, Emergency Services and Medical Transportation We also assist in locating Community Resources such as; legal aid, job placement, family The

Health Care Presentation

Transcript: Physicians and Prescribing definition: The continued pathological use of a medication, non-medically indicated drug (called drugs of abuse), or toxin. Question #2: A patient in Virginia ended up with a dislocated jaw from a routine ear surgery, how? (Hint: the patient does not have TMJ) Students Physician Substance Abuse: Physicians Answer: The physician was high on cocaine during surgery. Nurses Clinical Study By: Allison Sargent, Rachel Hartman, Sean O'Bannon, Skylar Bolduc, & Tate Hohulin Question 3: A gastroenterologist's routine colonoscopy patients would wake up in more pain than normally associated with the procedure. Any ideas on how this could occur? Abuse varies from 2 to 10 percent. Categories of abuse: Licit drugs: Alcohol, Caffeine, Tobacco Illicit drugs: Marijuana, Opiates, Cocaine Prescription: Tranquilizers, Barbituates, Amphetamines Over-the-counter: Analgesics, Allergy, Anti-obesity The most alcohol was consumed by 18 to 44 year olds. The group from 44 to 54 years old had increased tobacco usage. Those 34 and up were more likely to abuse prescriptions. Pharmacists Physician Substance Abuse: The patient's physician would snort a line of cocaine up to four times per week. The number of nurses abusing substances is increasing because of accessibility -nurses are entrusted with well-being of patients -and they are stressed from the high responsibility Being seen more as an illness than a moral deficiency Answer: The gastroenterologist was not administering the necessary narcotics to his patients during their colonoscopy. He was instead injecting himself with the narcotics in between procedures throughout the day. Physicians Articles: California Board of Pharmacy. Pharmacists Recovery Act. 11/29/2012. Coulehan JL, Zettler-Segal M, Block M, McClelland M, Schulberg HC. Recognition of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse in Primary Care Patients. Arch Intern Med. 1987;147(2):349-352. Hood J. Doctor's drug abuse not pretty or rare. Chicago Tribune. 11/13/2010. Lembke A. Why Doctors Prescribe Opioids to Known Opioid Abusers. New England Journal of Medicine. 10/25/12. Merlo LJ, Cummings SM, Cottler LB. Recovering substance-impaired pharmacists' views regarding occupational risks for addiction. J Am Pharm Assoc. 2012;52:480-491. Officials Crackdown On Physicians Illegally Prescribing Painkillers. Thompson CW. Medical Boards Let Physicians Practice Despite Drug Abuse. Washington Post, 4/10/2005. Collins LR, Gollnisch G, Morsheimer ET. Substance use among a regional sample of female nurses. Elsevier. 1998 Dec 2; 145-155. Up to 46% of pharmacists admit to taking a controlled substance without a prescription Generally more healthy than the general population but special risk for substance abuse Risk Factors for Pharmacists Ease of Access Stressful Work Environment- particularly community pharmacy Culture Barriers to Accessing Treatment Education Was arrested in September 2012 for unlawful prescribing received 11 years in federal prison. had to pay $700,000 to insurance companies to pay for the fraudulent prescriptions. prescribed oxycodone and oxymorphone to patients with no medical need for these narcotics. caught when 26 local pharmacies contacted the FDA with suspicions. FDA found that 87 pharmacies stopped accepting his prescriptions. Question: The chief resident in neurosurgery at a prominent Chicago hospital was stealing handfuls of Tylenol #3 to stave off withdrawals, how many do you think he would take per day? Scope of practice: The area of expertise in which the doctor is licensed and therefore is only able to prescribe within their scope of practice. E.g. Dentists cannot prescribe anti-psychotics Unlawful prescribing: Prescribing medications to patients for reasons besides treating an indication. E.g. Prescribing narcotic pain killers to feed an addiction for the doctor and or the patient Pharmacists Recovery Program Find abusers quickly Evaluate severity Prevent lapse in professional judgement that may harm patient or the pharmacist Return the pharmacist to the profession if possible 76% - 87%Pharmacy students consume alcohol 4% of pharmacy students are at risk for a drug addiction substance abuse programs are available Health Services: (618)-650-2842 15 states thus far have implemented programs to help nurses who have substance abuse problems -most advanced program is in Tampa -started in 1984 with Linda Crosby counseling three patients -by the following year she was up to 35 Substance Abuse in Medical Professionals Opioid Abuse in the U.S. Estimated

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