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Haunted House Powerpoint Template

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Haunted House

Transcript: The Haunted House by Tey Kreidler Siobhan stood outside the big gray house, its shutters stained with mildew and most dangling by online one of their hinges. A good number of the cracked and dusty windows were covered also in deep green ivy vines, as was most of the house. The grass around the yard was overgrown and dead, brown and scraggly. A tree was growing in the backyard with no leaves and a heap of bird and bat houses and nests of all sorts. “This is your aunt’s house?” Rory asked from being and slightly to the left of her. She nodded quietly and took a step forward, going toward the door. He chased after her, staying close to her side. She pulled on the handle, and shoved her shoulder into the door. Rory pushed her out of the way and tried as well. No luck for him either. “Maybe the back will be open.” She mumbled. He nodded as well and they made their way around the house, over what seemed to be a sawdust trail, covered in weeds and brambles; blackberry bushes reaching out to hook onto pant legs. Rory stared up at the great, gray tree with a frightened look, grabbing at Siobhan’s hand, even though she pulled it away from him in frustration—he was always so clingy. Once they made it to the back door, both of them stopped, shining their flashlights on one another’s legs so that they could pull the burs and pieces of blackberry bush from their pants and suck at the cuts and scrapes on their fingers and hands. The glass of the sliding door was shattered in one pane and there were leaves all over the inside of the kitchen, and dust everywhere else. You couldn’t see in the window, except for where the pane was missing, glass spilling out into the yard and far into the kitchen. “There could be squatters,” Rory said to his friend, his best friend. She shook her head and grinned at him. “There aren’t any squatters in here.” Rory frowned at her. “How do you know?” She grinned more, taking his hand and pulling him forward. “Cos,” she answered, venturing through the kitchen to the living room, full of taxidermies. Rory groaned and clung to his best friend’s hand, not liking the idea of walking into a room full of dead, stuffed animals. It smelled of dust and formaldehyde, and there were cobwebs everywhere—dust hanging from the ceiling in long strands, reaching down and catching onto Siobhan’s hair. She ignored them, and kept walking, shining her flashlight over the wolf down in the corner, onto a fox on the mantle and then to a duck, sitting on a little fake pond, with a group of little yellow ducklings following her, their glassy eyes staring right at Rory. “I don’t want to be here…” he whined at her. She gave a laugh and pulled him forward again, but stopping when Rory jumped. There was a loud sound, unidentifiable the first time, but clear the second. Something was growling. Rory’s eyes traveled first to the bear, following the trail of the flashlight before Siobhan tugged his hand “It’s nothing,” she said, nodding. He frowned and tagged behind her, staying close to her—like she would protect him if worse came to worse. They made their way next into a large room, a living room or foyer or something. There was a desk in the corner, with drawers and a large potted plant on the top. ‘Plant’ would be best used lightly in this situation, as what was in the pot seemed to have been dead for quite a while. It was yellow and decrepit, like much of the rest of this house, and there was a circle of dirt around it on the top of the desk, like someone had tried watering it in recent memory, even though it was probably dead, then, too. Rory could still hear the growling from the other room, and Siobhan continued to ignore it. Through the foyer and into the next room, where there was a large flight of stairs and a lamp. Rory followed her up the stairs, and into what seemed to be a library, a picture of a woman was hanging from the wall, and a large dark blue chair was sitting beside it. Thump… thump… thump… Rory knew that Siobhan heard it this time, as she jumped as well. “It’s probably the ghost...” She mumbled at him, grinning. Rory let out a quiet whine of fear before going back toward the stairs. He made the first step, going backwards, shining his light in the direction which he had convinced himself the noise was coming from, and then the second step slipped from beneath him and he tumbled. Siobhan called after him, chasing him down the stairs. His flashlight was broken and shut off next to his unconscious person, and Siobhan’s was starting to go out, flashing on and off. There was more sounds of growling and more thumping, and she shined the strobing light around the foyer, the circle of light not helping much. There was a loud growl, and a dark figure appeared out of the room with the dead animals in it, and Siobhan chased it with her flashlight. Finally, into the circle of light, came a large figure... A large, terrifying figure. A bear. The bear. From the taxidermy room.

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