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Harvey-Mudd College

Transcript: Harvey-Mudd College Tisel Martinez Flores History Harvey-Mudd College, the nation's top liberal arts college of engineering, science and mathematics, was chartered in December 1955. HISTORY Harvey Seeley Mudd Harvey Seeley Mudd Mudd served as chairman of the Board of Fellows of Claremont College, now The Claremont Graduate University, for 25 years. He helped plan the undergraduate college of science and engineering chartered in 1955, but he did not live to see it opened. With the backing of his friends and family, the new college was founded and named in his memory and honor. Location and Setting Harvey-Mudd college is located in Claremont, California, 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. *301 Platt Blvd DIVING IN Setting Contact Information Contact Phone: (909)-621-8011 Email: CHART Admission Process and Requirements Admissions *Common Application. Submit along with a $70 application fee. Application fee waivers are available to those who can demonstrate unusual financial need *Required Additional Writing. An additional essay and short answer response is required as part of your Common Application Admissions *Teacher Recommedation from a math or science teacher *Teacher Recommedation from a humanities, socail science, or art teacher *Official Transcripts *SAT, ACT typically with a 1470 out of a 1600 scale. Admission Process and Requiremtns Acceptance Acceptance Rate: 12.9% Acceptace Chart Harvey Mudd ROADMAP Academic Calendar Aug. 23, Wednesday Residence halls open for new students; orientation begins. Aug. 27, Sunday Residence halls open for returning students; first meal – brunch. Aug. 29, Tuesday First day of fall semester classes; Convocation 11 a.m. Sept. 4, Monday Labor Day – most offices closed, classes in session Sept. 11, Monday Last day to add full semester and first half semester courses (by 5 p.m.) Sept. 29, Friday Last day to drop first half semester courses; Last day to declare first half semester courses Pass/Fail (by 5 p.m.) Oct. 13, Friday Fall break begins after last class; first half semester courses end. Oct. 18, Wednesday Fall break ends 8 a.m.; second half semester courses begin. Oct. 19, Thursday Last day to drop full semester courses (by 5 p.m.). Oct. 31, Tuesday Last day to add second half semester courses (by 5 p.m.). Deadlines Deadlines for Application *First Year Early Decision I: November 15 *First Year Early Decision II: January 5 *First Year Regular Decision: January 5 Biology Chemistry Computer Science Engineering Mathematics Physics Chemistry and Biology Mathematical and Computational Biology Computer Science and Mathematics Off-campus Major (OCM) Individual Program of Studies (IPS) School Life Majors Academic Programs Academic Programs BS + Masters of Science in Information SystemsProgram (Claremont Graduate University) 3-2 Program in Economics and Engineering (Claremont McKenna College) BS + Masters of Business Program (Claremont Graduate University) 3-2 Program in Engineering (Scripps College) Tuition *Tuition $54,347 *Room (dorm, double occupancy) $9,554 *Board (16 meals/week plan) $8,038 *Student Body Fee* $289 $$$$ There are nine residence halls on campus, each classified as either an “inner dorm” or an “outer dorm.” Most of the dorms have unique legacy suites, many of which are responsible for playing dorm music. *Atwood- Partying *Case- Relaxed *Drinkward *East- Gaming *Linde- Loud, outging Housing Housing *North- Athletic *Sontag- Retirement *South- Quiet *West- Loud, Outgoing Residence Halls Residence Halls Residence Halls 16 meals/week plus $16/week $8,038.00 $4,019.00 14 meals/week plus $14/week $7,320.00 $3,660.00 12 meals/week plus $12/week $6,602.00 $3,301.00 8 meals/week plus $8/week $4,941.00 $2,470.50 Meal plan Food Meal plans and “Board Plus” can be used at any of The Claremont Colleges dining halls and snack bar facilities that accept the dining card. “Board Plus” are spent like a pre-paid credit card and cannot be traded for cash. All students in residence are required to be on the meal plan. Meal Plan Meal Plan Meal Plan Student Life Student LIfe Harvey Mudd nutures a close-kniy, creative, fun loving community that is passionate about learning Total undergraduate enrollment of 829, with a gender distribution of 54% male and 46% female Athletics Harvey Mudd College, Claremont McKenna College and Scripps College are associated in a joint program of intercollegiate athletics, intramural and recreational activities, physical education and club sports known as Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (CMS) Athletics. ATHLETICS Sports/Facilities Sports Football field Gymnasium (aerobic fitness room; weight room with both free weights and a Nautilus system) Soccer field Lacrosse field Nine-lane, 400-meter track Baseball field Softball field Aquatics center with a competition pool for swimming, diving and water polo Twelve lit Plexipave tennis courts Volleyball courts Numerous intramural and recreational fields *Harvey Mudd is one of the premier engineering,

Harvey Mudd College

Transcript: By: Kristine Chan, Maximiano Castillo, & Jocelyn Montelon College HARVEY MUDD Founded on December 1955. In 1957, technical education was a priority in the United States. Founders wanted to attract nation's brightest child and offer them rigorous scientific and technical education. History History About the College About Harvey Mudd College Is a private residential liberal arts college of sciene, engineering and mathematiics - rank #27 - 13% acceptance rate - SAT score: 2200/2400 - Small Campus size: 38acres=145,200 sq yd - Suburban LOCATION LOCATIONS Harvey Mudd College Long Beach Locations 1 hour away from Long Beach SPECIALITIES Closest Landmarks -Tree Lined Streets -Historic Buildings -Shops -Restaurants -Sidewalk Cafes -Spas -Salons -Entertainment venues -Art Museum -Independent Music -Long Beach Admission Requirements -Chemistry -Physics -Calculus -4 yrs of English -2yrs of foreign language -2/3 years of social science -1 year of history -SAT and Acts Admission Requirements Reccomend to take Honors, AP, or IB courses Majors and Athletics Majors - Biology - Chemistry - Computer Science - Engineering - Mathematics - Physics - Independent Study Program - Off Campus Major - Joint programs in chem. and biology -Mathematical biology Average Class Size Ratio: 8:1 Athlethics Men's Sports: -Baseball -Basketball -Cross Country -Football -Golf -Soccer -Swimming and Diving -Tennis -Track and Field -Water Polo Women's Sports: -Basketball -Cross Sountry -Golf -Lacrosse -Soccer -Softball -Swimming and Diving -Tennis -Track and Field Volleyball -Water Polo Student Review Student Review Valerie Maya What should every freshman at your school know before they start? "So you are ready to go to off to college. Your bags are packed, and you are excited and nervous about your upcoming adventure. It is great to be enthusiastic, but before you leave, take the time to do the things you enjoy and spend time with loved ones. You will soon learn that if you do not live your life fully at each moment, opportunities will pass you by. Make sure that you know how to stay calm and focused, and learn how to take care of yourself. Remember that sleep is a necessity. Your fellow students are also adventurers, as well as future coworkers and confidants. Be friendly and true, but remember that you are your own top priority. You will have many new experiences, some unique to your college. Try to take advantage of them, but remember to keep up with your curriculum. If the curriculum is much harder than you are used to, find help among professors and experienced students. Find an activity you love, a subject area you have passion and some talent for, friends, and a work ethic. When you return home for the holidays, you will be bursting to share your success. Katrina "Harvey Mudd is definitely a challenging school. Sometimes it may be too challenging. However, at the end of the day, the difficulty is what strengthens the bonds between students. The students here make the college worth going to, because they are open and friendly. You learn a lot from your peers and professors are easily accessible. This is definitely the place for nerds to go." "Harvey Mudd is super rigorous - I'm not going to lie. I'm taking almost double the number of classes that other people are for the same number of credits. That said, because of its rigor, it is so much more rewarding. Plus, all the recruiters know this, so they're twice as impressed when we say we're from Harvey Mudd, right? ;) Honestly, the people are super nice, and you'll definitely find your scene no matter what you're into. Plus, since SoCal is full of universities and opportunities, it's such an easy place to reach out to other people and places from." Costs of Attendance Cost Of Attendance Books and Supplies Books and Supplies $800 Room and Baord Room and Board On campus: Room and Boad(single and double): $9,554 (includes housing and meals) $9,209 $7842 Average cost of Attendance on Campus is: $74,428 Off Campus Off Campus Room and Board: $13,944 Average Annual Cost of Attendance: $66,793 Annual Cost of Attendance: $51,449 Living at home Living at home: *Scholarship and grants are gift that can be based on financial need, merit, or both. -Merit-Based to 1st-year studens who has outstanding academic achievement -President's Scholars Program: identifies and encourage outstanding students to be future leaders and first in their families to attend college -Harvey S. Mudd Meit Award: $10,000 scholarship to top students who demonstrates academic achievement and contribute to the College community -Harvey Mudd College offers one $10,000 scholarship, renewable for up to four years, to a student who has participated in a FIRST Competition in high school. Scholarship Scholarship Financial Aid Financial Aid Incoming Freshmen Financial Aid: Any Grant Aid: $32,098 - Federal Grant Aid: $5,678 - State/Local Grant Aid: $9,084 -Institutional Grant Aid: $29,970 Any Loan Aid: $6,966 - Federal Loan Aid: $5,839 - Other

Harvey Mudd college

Transcript: Harvey Mudd college Enrollment= 804 students Student-to-faculty ratio= 8:1 Class size= mostly 2-9 students Classes with fewer than 20 students 58.2% Classes with 20 to 49 students 36.6% Classes with 50 or more students 5.2% Type of School: Private Nonprofit Liberal Arts College In-State No religious affiliation, but there are a few Christian groups like InterVarsity, but they are mostly off-campus groups. About 50 percent of incoming Mudd students identify themselves as atheist/agnostic. We also have a relatively large contingent of Buddhists. No ethnic affiliation Location= 301 Platt Blvd. Claremont, CA Distance= 416 miles away from Mt. Pleasant high School and it would take 6 h 36 mins to get there using a car while by taking an airplane it would only take 1h 10 mins to get there. Setting= Suburban Nearby cities= 44 minutes away from Los Angeles, CA 33 Minutes away from Pasadena, CA (Disneyland) Location and Environment: Size of School: Admissions Requirements: Admissions Tests Required: Required Completion of College Preparatory Program: Required Recommendations: Required Secondary School GPA: Recommended Secondary School Rank: Recommended Secondary School Record: Required TOEFL: Recommended Common Application Accepted: Yes Subject Test= Two SAT II Subject Tests, one of which must be the SAT II Math 2 Subject Test Average SAT score= 2070 - 2320 Average ACT score= 32 - 35 Level of Prestige= 21% Acceptance Rate Ranked #14 National Liberal Arts College Ranked #1 Best Undergraduate Engineering Program

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