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Harvard School Of Public Health Powerpoint Template

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RDH School - Public Health

Transcript: State Yes, typically the local level provides services. This is true with Maricopa County and the Office of Oral Health. Local Oral Health Tobacco Program Coordinator: Carolyn Holman Free CE to dental professionals - Tooth decay is the most common disease in children. - Early tooth decay is a predictor of a life-time of oral disease. -54% of children in Arizona have experienced tooth decay. Emerging Threats for Maricopa County: Chronic diseases (Diabetes, Cardiovascular) Obesity New and re-emerging infectious diseases Health Disparities/Access to Healthcare Natural Disasters - Flood Power Outages 2 What is Public Health? It is not… Health care in the public sector Health care at all (usually) (Think in societal terms…) Federal What is Public Health? It is not -Health care in a public sector -Health care at all (usually) (Think in societal terms...) Program Coordinator: Dalila Guerrero Provides dental sealants for school age children. Science of protecting and improving the health of families and communities through Promotion of healthy lifestyles Research for disease Injury prevention Detection and control of infectious diseases -Oral manifestations of tobacco use - The critical role that dental professionals play in helping their patients quit - How to alleviate the debilitating and costly public health problem of tobacco use -Information on free cessation services provided by the Arizona Smokers' Helpline For children under 5 - dental screenings - parent education - fluoride varnish - dental referrals to children Located within select Funded by: 1 What Public Health Means to You Office of Oral Health Oral Health Concerns... Who's in Charge? Protects the health of entire populations -Populations can be as small as a local neighborhood, or as big as an entire country or region of the world. Prevents problems from happening or recurring -Through implementing educational programs, recommending policies, administering services and conducting research. Works to limit health disparities -A large part of public health is promoting healthcare equity, quality and accessibility. Dental Sealant Program Maricopa County ~4 million people >60% of state pop. 1 Local Health Department However… Many partners make up the public health system First Teeth First Program Coordinator: Kim Richards Emily Lehr Supe Yes, but authority is usually given to locals. 1) Children's Oral Health, Center for Disease Control 2)Oral Health Disparities, Arizona Department of Health Services, 2012 Nope, the federal constitution leaves authority to the states (except interstate commerce and grant monies). Bob England, MD, MPH Director Maricopa County Dept. of Public Health Public Health: Maricopa County What is Public Health? Are you Part of the System? Achievements of the 20th century: Vaccinations Improved sanitation Fewer deaths from heart disease and stroke Healthier mothers and babies Reduction in tobacco use 2 What is Public Health? Public Health: Past, Present and Future Emily Lehr, RDH, BS Maricopa County Public Health Supervisor, Office of Oral Health

Harvard/Harvard Law School

Transcript: What is Harvard known for ? Harvard Law school majors are Law and Government,Law and Business,International and Comparative Law,Law,Science,and technology,Law and Society change,Criminal Justice,and Law and History.Harvard law school sports are soccer,softball, squash,tennis, and swimming. Harvard is located at Cambridge, Ma. Harvard's address is 1563 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge. Harvard's phone number is (617)-495-3051 Tuition & Mascot Harvard Law school was founded in July 1817. Harvard Law school is 43 hours from CRMA4 and is 2,989.3 miles from CRMA4. Cost for tuition,room,board, and fees together without financial aid is $59,950.Room and Board or estimated off campus living expense annually is $13,630. Location, Address, & Phone # Attorneys There is a wide variety of clubs, organizations, and other activities Harvard/Harvard Law school offers. Some are Advocates for educations,Advocates for human rights, Asia Law, Catholic Law Students Association, Chamber Music Society, Golf Club, Food Law Society, HLS Investing Club, HLS Running Club, and Women's Law Association. Facts Cost for Room and Board -The percent of men on campus is about 55% and women on campus is about 45%.There is about 52.5% of Caucasians,10.5% of African Americans,8% of Hispanics,10.7% of Asian Americans,0% Native Hawaiian,0.6% of American Indian,and 1.8% of 2 or more races. How much do attorney's make? -Attorney's make an annual salary of $130,880. What city can attorneys live in? -Attorneys can live almost about anywhere. What do people in my career do? -People in my career are people who legally appointed to act as his or her agent in the transaction of business. More importantly is specifically one qualified and licensed to act for plaintiffs and defendants in legal proceedings. Another way to say is that attorneys are people who are empowered to act for another. Harvard Founded & Harvard distance from CRMA4 There have been many famous people who have attended Harvard Law school. Some are President Obama,President Rutherford B.Hayes, David O Tunga, Dan Harrison, and these are some examples out of many more. Harvard Law school Percent of Men & Women at campus & ethnicities The cost for tuition at Harvard is $54,850.The mascot for Harvard is a pilgrim named John Harvard. By:Aaliyah Amezquita Harvard/Harvard Law School John Harvard Harvard law school and CRMA4 distance Organizations, Clubs, & etc. Harvard is known for its Law/Business school and medical school. -Harvard Law school is the oldest continually-operating law school in the United States. -Harvard is also known as Harvard Law or HLS. -HLS is the home to the largest academic law library in the world. Majors & Sports Harvard Law School Video Famous people who attended Harvard Law school

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