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Harmony Usability Powerpoint Presentation Template

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Usability Presentation

Transcript: Ideation and Sketching Questions? Professor Information Artifact Model Design Informing Models Dashboard Support Recruitment Weekend Events Physical Model Mobile App Support WAAD Evaluation and Challenges Contextual Inquiry Graduate Coordinator VT Faculty Current VT Students (international and domestic) Students who attended recruting weekend Current VT students who are prospective graduate students Group "Mock Recruiting Weekend" meeting VT ISE Social Evaluation Current Recruiting Weekend Documentation ISE Recruiting System Design Social Model Usage Models Contextual Analysis Double click to crop it if necessary Designers Mental Model Hierarchal Task Inventory Interviews You can have great ideas, but you need to make sure people involved are willing to take the time to take advantage of the features Wireframes need to be done in a group setting to ensure consistency Accessibility to potential users Open Forum – how to monitor (if you make it open, how to monitor. If you have to be approved to be added, limits users), how to ensure questions are answered Clear navigation Contradicting requirements from different sets of users Analysis Ecological Perspective Work Environment Models Storyboards Emotional Perspective System Concept Statement Prototype Work Flow Diagram Task Interaction Model Thanks Team 6! Challenges Work Roles Lessons Learned Onboarding Page Design Requirements User Models Requirements and Models Current System Essential Use Case Task Interaction Model Interactive Perspective

Usability Presentation

Transcript: Thank you Created presentation Made sense of usability tests Added feedback to instruction manual October 23 Worked on proposal, usability tests and discussed our specific roles in the project General description of job Tutor/Mentor Coordination Student Athlete Coordination Month by month breakdown of tasks Kept track of meeting minutes Updated wiki page What does the Academic Coordinator do? October Louise Torgerson - Academic Coordinator Alicia Hatcher - Graduate Assistant Beth Maher - Graduate Assistant The Total Person Program exists to assist student athletes take full advantage of their collegiate experience by providing academic support services such as, Mentoring Tutoring 150 Mentors and tutors offer academic support specifically designed for each student athlete These services were originally intended for at-risk students, but have grown to accommodate all student due to the success of the program Mentors and Tutors are recruited and hired at the end of each semester To ensure consistency and quality of the program, mentors and tutors are evaluated and the feedback is used at yearly staff retreats English 2030 - Professional Writing To create a manual which helps delineate the role of an academic coordinator at MU Athletics The manual should be Simple to use Straightforward Deliver results November Academic Coordinator Instruction Manual Sheldon Academic Center MU Athletics November 1 Added revised usability tests Worked on creating a timeline Oversees the the tutors and mentors of the Total Person Program Assists student athletes to coordinate their absences due to sporting events Design academic plans for student athletes and monitor their progress Acts as representative of MU Athletics to Student Athletes Results Timeline October 18 AlphaTigers meet again Discussed different concepts and came up with a timeline, in addition to instruction manual The Goal November 13 Lauren met with Louise to discuss instruction manual and timeline Created outline of instruction manual, finished introduction Contacted Louise's staff for more information on academic coordinator tasks Questions posed covered the following aspects of the manual: Comprehensiveness Tone Factual Accuracy Clarity Ease of use/Accessibility Test description October 24 Signed consent form from Louise Consolidated proposal into one google document December 5 Finished usability tests and processed information Created in-class presentation Worked on final touches of the instruction manual Created GroupMe to communicate Used Google document to edit manual Met as a group every Wednesday to discuss progress of manual Test subjects November 8 Brainstormed ideas on how to to format instruction manual Decided on detailing monthly tasks. Total Person Program October 9 AlphaTigers born Created wiki Anisa's first contact document forwarded to Dr. Joe Scogin, Associate Athletics Director for Academic Services Lauren get in touch with Louise Torgerson, Academic Coordinator Interpersonal communication skills Professional business communication skills Analyzing audience and tailoring information and tone based on audience Technical communication Time management Being more aggressive with subjects Contact person to Louise Coordinated meetings Group AlphaTigers October 16 Anisa and Lauren meet with Louise and pitch idea, met with favorable response The test subjects were presented with a questionnaire consisting of 4 Quantitative questions and 6 Qualitative questions Usability Test November 29 Discussed feedback from Louise and incorporated her comments in the manual Worked on formatting of the document Instruction Manual Designed to be a convenient way to use the manual Helps give a general overview of coordinator tasks Annie Lotko Anisa Pruitt Taha Hameduddin Lauren Ottinger Project Challenges Timeline Lessons Learned December The Final Product What we would have done differently? Has know how of Sheldon Academic Center Consolidated relevant information for manual Busy schedule of Louise Torgerson - Academic Coordinator Information is scarce and very subjective Exhaustive job description Including informal duties Time constraints of other staff members Time constraints of group members November 14 Divided monthly tasks among four group members Incorporated schedule from Mizzou Athletics website Our Process November 28 Incorporated changes from peer review Formatted document to make it more appealing and accessible Met with Louise for usability test Selected two other participants for usability test

Usability Presentation

Transcript: Recommendations Give the portfolio a more traditional design with multiple pages Make design choices that are user-centered...not because you like them! Conclusion Accessible only by clicking directly on "Portfolio" About Brief intro to each test Overview of individual test results and recommendations/changes Overall conclusion of testing could not tell the sketch was of an online portfolio, instead thought it was "an online profile or blog" and "needed more organization" Formal Usability Test Purpose: Results Move resume location! content on one page 2 Writing Delete "Portfolio" page but keep button Out of 3 participants... To test navigation of online portfolio instead... Usability testing let me know what elements/aspects users enjoy.... Task: Locate portfolio author's resume Resume "infuriatingly difficult!" To report the most useful findings in usability test 2 and 3 Results and which aspects were a major flaw in terms of usability The Good and the Bad 1 Changes identified the sketch as an online portfolio/ "professional website of some sort", adding it was "professional and career oriented" Presentation Overview "resume should be the star!" Agenda: Usability Presentation Main Focus: Recommendations/Changes To test design of sketch Future Testing Informal Napkin Test "doesn't make sense!" Both usability tests were extremely helpful in aiding in the creation of a successful online portfolio 1 could tell that the portfolio was supposed to be all on one page Main Focus: Continue to make revisions and beneficial changes to online portfolio based on recommendations Make design choices for the USER, not myself

Harmony Presentation

Transcript: Harmony By María Carrascal ¿What is Harmony? In basic words, harmony uses emphasis, color, shape, form, value, space, texture to combine similar or related elements. Harmony Examples Examples different tones of blue are used to show the water and the fish. This, sows harmony because the same pallet is used for distinct shapes. negative space is used, two exact shapes in different color are located in the same position (therefore, they are parallel) Unity unity- separate parts working together oneness, stability, organized, easy, work together Unity Examples Examples The same shape is shown in different locations with different colors. In this image, there is the same size of the women in all four. Also, the hands are all equally positioned. The skin color of one women, indicates the negative space, and the focal point are the woman. Variety "Harmony and variety play tug-of-war in a composition. Too much harmony is boring while too much variety is aimless and incomprehensible." When an artist places different visual elements next to one another: - straight lines next to curvy lines - organic shapes among geometric shapes - bright colors next to dull colors diversity, mixture, change, variation, complexity, interesting Variation Examples Examples The image of the trees shows the same shape of tree shown in distinct colors. In image two, the same food is shown but, again, in different tones of red. Examples Lastly, let's analyze two pictures, explain if it includes harmony, unity and/or variety, and their advantages and disadvantages Examples Examples advantages- same pattern, same pallet, different shapes, texture, oneness disadvantages- no variation, no complexitynor diversity advantages- organized, oneness, different colors, texture, little variation, stability disadvantages- boring, same shape

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