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Happy Valentines Day Template Powerpoint

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Happy Valentines Day!

Transcript: 10 Things That Make Me Crazzzzy About You! Some Numbers To Think About... So many emotions!!! (And Sometimes Loose Motions!) HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BABY!!! Sorry... no more gifts to give :( This is the best I could do today. :( LOVE YOU SHIBU! no matter what moods, emotions, thoughts, expressions... One thing is for sure... WE ARE THE PERFECT COUPLE!!!! HAPPY MEMORIES! Times When You Were Busy With WORK!!!! :-X No. of days known - 659 No. of days of being a couple - 399 No. of days after proposal - 122 No. of msgs on my new phone - 3534 No. of professional emails - 1049 No. of personal emails - 321 How much I love you - INFINITE!!! Times when we couldnt stop laughing! Times When You Were GAYYYY! Times When You Were Posing Under Pressure! (not literally) 1. The way you say 'phodunga', 'jugaad', 'kheench lenge' etc. etc :) 2. The excitement on ur face while wearing new clothes, shoes, anything new ... like a small like school kid! 3. Taking care of me and making me eat with your hands when i get scared of fishies 4. Denim black.... makes you smell super sexy! 5. Shouting at me when ur right... or bossing around in office 6. The way you sit on the table or with ur feet on the chair 7. Msging me when ur in a meeting and in front of the client 8. The surprise that you gave me! The biggest and best surprise of my life!!! That day is just unbeatable... OUR day ! 9. 'L' Size tshirts... ummm... or maybe 'M' size! 10. Not just ten things.. Every single thing about you Mr. Shibu Shivanandan..!!!!! A crazy, psycho, funny boy…. A moody girl who would annoy Decided to be together all their life Last few months (hopefully) ... before they become man and wife :) The girl just wants to thank him always For being with her through her bad phase Wants him to know she promises to stand by him forever Wants him to to count on her whenever She love him more that anyone can… In her life he's the most important man Will make sure the smile on his face always shines Times When We acted like PHOOLS! Times When You Wanted to Kill Me! 14th Feb, 2012 Times When You Were PSYCHO! She wishes him a Happy Valentines! Times When We Were Mallu!

Happy Valentines Day

Transcript: From Yours Truly As Valentine's Day approaches you must be on your toes and on the alert for a certain little winged guy in a diaper. He flies around shooting love laden arrows into unsuspecting passersby and he is out there just waiting for his opportunity to strike you. " Think I Know A Couple Who Has Been A Victim Of Cupid" Lets See Exactly Who They Are !! They Met Around A Few Years Back Im Guessin'..... They Look So...... "Happy" Just in case you were starting to feel all romantic, mushy, gushy and all that other lovey kind of Valentine day's stuff here is a little sobering thought to ponder. A little known fact about Cupid is that he not only carries gold headed arrows to make people fall in love, but he also carries a set of lead headed arrows and these latter arrows can inspire the emotion of hatred in those who are struck by their magical tips. So uhh... Speaking of getting hit by arrows, your mister-mister is going to surprise you later on tonight but remember...... Awww!!! Look At This Wonderful Family Especially These two.... (Follow The arrows of Cupid) "This symbolizes your old man after 20 more years Kinda funny right" Now Doesn't This Look Sort of.... Appealing.Well too bad Your "Mister-Mister" Has a Surprise for you on this Valentine's Day Ohkay Let's get detailed! By surprise I mean, You are going to be under attack by your cupid.... This means you have 30 mins. to Prepare yourself for a shocking ambush of what I'd like to call "Cupid's Arrows" To Further explain your upcoming ambush, you have to find a loaded Nerf gun In your closet that Cupid has left for you to, let's say "Defend" yourself And Like I said already, you have "30 mins to get ready (Preparation is a Must!!!" So On That Note...... Don't Ask No Questions!!! & Happy Valentine's Day "Prepare Yourself" Thanks for Watching your Valentine's day Presentation Published by Isaiha F.

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