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Happy Birthday Mom Powerpoint Template

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Happy Birthday, Mom! :)

Transcript: This represents that your friends love you. This represents that your grandchildren love you This represents that your parents loved you more than you know. If you remember this day, you will know why this represents that I love you. And always will. And here we are today. I have the best mother in the world and you have a very caring daughter to keep you well and sane through all the troubles life throws at us. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I am so grateful for having a mother as amazing as you. I do believe that God wanted us to be together. That's why Dad found me. And I ended up with you. I wouldn't want anybody else for a mother. Ever. You are so understanding and so easy to talk to. You have a good sense of humor and you are oddly fun to be with sometimes. :) Sometimes, kinda awkward. But that's okay. I'll be able to put up with it forever. I don't normally get mad at you or anything. It makes me so happy that we have such a good mother-daughter relationship. It just makes me so happy to know how much you care about me. I know you think I go in my room to get away from you. But really, I just think my bed is way warmer and comfier than the couch. I love being with you. You are always there to support me and I could probably keep writing this for days. As you tell, it's getting pretty long. Or at least it looks it to me right now. Well anyways, Mom, I love you. Never forget that. 2001-2012~Then, you finally got away from the continuous pain and raised me up with a more healthy environment. You watched over me and loved me like your own. 1996~First, you took me in. 1996-2001~Then you took care of me and raised me up. Even with all the struggles you were going through.


Transcript: HAPPY_BIRTHDAY_MOM The funniest moment with my mom was this picture right here. HAPPY BIRTHA DAY MOM The times I have with you mom are the best times ever. My mom always have me smiling or laughing. I always tell her "Without you in my life,my world and life would be flipped upside down and turned sideways. My mom has helped me with multiple obstacles in life, and I am thankful to have her in my life . Another funny moment we had together RIGHT HERE Mom 41 years ago you were put on this earth.Then 27 years passed and we were blessed with each other.Sometimes I sit back and imagine what would happen if I ever lost you . When I think about that all I can think of is pain,loneliness,abandoned,and lost.With out you mom my life,my life would be one "heck" of a TV show . Produced by Tyler Perry (very dramatic).So I thank you for being apart of my life and once again , I would not be able to live breathe or function without you .You are the sugar to my cookie, Shea to my butter, and Shine to my Lip Gloss. So thank you for being a part of my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scariest moment with my mom was THIS When we were on our way to Baltimore and we had a blow out. We got through everything and was still able to just shake our heads and keep it moving . I will never forget that day with you .We have had some crazy times together but this one right here was just beyond crazy.Then when you tell the story of how scared my face was. Now what in the world were we doing here.We was all swollen and plumped up off that pork.Then we had the nerve to finish but go sit in the parking lot and take a nap. SMH the times we have together is worth having . From: To: After we had came out of that Apple Bee's ...My mom was so tore up and full , she put that car chair back and was knocked out . Then I don't know what gave her the idea that we could get home all of a sudden. That's what I love about my mom she is always ready to do something any time .

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