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Happy 50th Birthday Powerpoint Template

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Happy 50th Birthday!!

Transcript: 13.08.18 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! one It's been 50 years of fun and games for you and here are messages of all the love you have garnered in this time! Priti Knowing you for more than half my life has been an adventure. It is a journey which was not planned or even ever imagined. We were destined to be together and what a journey it had been. With nothing in common you have made my life wonderful. I was skeptical of moving away from my family, but the way you made it easy was commendable. You are not only a wonderful husband but also the son everyone is enviable of, a father who is a best friend, philosopher and the best guide anyone can get. We do have our highs and lows, but on this occasion of your 50th birthday I wish you a new beginning and achieve everything you have dreamt of, don’t think 50 years have gone by but think as you have many more to live. Live your passions dreams and now live for yourself. Happy Birthday! -Priti Avni Dear Papa, 50 years is no small feat. It is a lot of time. Time is that no one could have ever utilized better than you. You got a PhD, worked in all sorts of fields, gained much respect and recognition, and touched the lives of many around you. You bring a light, a charisma to any room you are in. The commitment you demonstrate towards your work and your family is commendable. I can’t believe you have reached this half-century mark. You are my icon. My idol and I think for some part of me, you are immortal and untouchable. My most trusted advisor and cutest papa, puppy, popoye, dad and pops, I just want to say I love you. I hope there are another 50 to come and you live them without inhibitions and to your heart’s content. You deserve nothing but the best! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lots of Love, Avni Avdhi Happy Birthday Dad! You're 50, it's a half century and you're old now, but the thing is for me you've never actually gotten older. Sure, your knees hurt and your hair has thinned but that's all padded by how much you have accomplished over your lifetime. Not only have you always been there for us but you have done so well for yourself, your accomplishments are beyond compare. You have always been there for all of us and I hope these things never change. All I want to say is that I love you from the bottom of my heart and hope you have a great time ahead. Lots of love Avdhi two But wait, so many more people love you! Satish and Sangeeta Bhalgat Shree Hi Family man !!! Happy 50th Birthday !!! 5’ 10” is only one of the ways you are bigger than many. Your other qualities like following make you still bigger (larger, magnanimous) than many. • Your LOVE for Family • Your contribution for all families • Your duties towards your parents and children • Your selfless attitude towards all humans • Yes, Your Highest qualification, PhD ​​ • Your Professional career escalation • Above all, your bonding with your acquaintances My best wishes the most Caring and Loving Brother, Son, Parent and Fellow Human GOD BLESS YOU – Jai Jinendra !!! Satish Kantilal Bhalgat A very happy golden birthday to M - Moored to his values A- Attached to his family H- Hooked to his duties E- Engaged to his work S - Synchronised to each generation H- Humbled in his demeanour May your journey from golden to diamond and ahead be fruitful and joyful, satisfying, and uplifting, enriching you all the way God bless you Sangeeta Shailesh and Varsha Bhalgat Dear Mahesh, Satish, Shailesh, Sangeeta and Varsha have already joined the 50’s club. Welcome to our great club. Happy Birthday! The world is a better place for having had you in it for the last 50 years, thanks for all you do for our family! Enjoy life as it comes. You’ve earned it. Shailesh and Varsha Bai three This is from all your little (and not so little anymore) monkeys! Sanket and Sanchit Dearest Kaka, Many many jubiliant returns of today's wonderful day.. May Happiness and contentment fill your being in every possible way! Your selflessness and love for family is truly inspiring! You never miss out on any of your duties inspite of all the work perspiring! It's been 50 years of working hard and living for others! This golden jubillee signifies the success you have earned in all endeavours! A dynamic COO ,A caring uncle,a protective Father for sure you have been... But being a loving husband and an always available son is your true win! It takes a heart of gold to come back to India for serving your parents.. That has always been your main agenda in life and all other aspects are supplements! It's amazing to see that you have a purpose in life and striving hard to achieve it.. May this purpose deepen and take you closer to your self and may you achieve pure Bliss with it! Anways,whatever the words, in front of your care and interest u take ,seem very few.. All in all,here are best wishes for the second segment of your life from your favorite nephew!! Happy birthday! -Sanket To a wonderful human being and ever loving Kaka... To the one who is an example to all the Bhalgats...

Happy 50th Birthday

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