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Happy 40th Birthday Powerpoint Template

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Happy 40th Birthday!

Transcript: But I couldn't compete with the poetry of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's sonnet (nor with the cuteness of those darn bunnies). So I tried to find some romantic quotations about our love that I could share with you instead. So you're 40 now, big deal. I'll be 37 in January. , 2015 According to the Quran, a person is only fully grown when they reach 40. the atomic number of zirconium by asking aloud, "How do I love thee?" and answering, "I love you more than..." How absurd and delicious it is to be in love with somebody younger than yourself. Everybody should try it. -Barbara Pym And some applied much more specifically to you: I thought a personally made birthday card would be something special to give to my love on a special birthday. Much Better! It was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. -Judy Garland 40 designates a major US route and an interstate highway. So, Happy Birthday, Pig! Really beautiful... until I started thinking of funny retorts, like, "Your kiss certainly tried to reach my soul, but your tongue couldn't make it past my throat!" Is your new size XL, in Roman numerals? the direct dial code for international calls to Romania 40 is defined as a natural number following 39 and preceding 41. Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other. -Euripides Some were ancient, but still quite relevant: "Forty" is the only number in English in which the letters appear in alphabetical order. Some were just really beautifully put: I also thought that I could make it very romanticky... I love you more than this! It took WD-40 fourty attempts to perfect their Water Displacement formula. Loving is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction. -Antoine de Saint-Exupery the number of weeks for an average term pregnancy Wait, your birthday isn't about our love! It's about your age! Then I would say, "Let me count the ways," and I would list 40 things. Number one was going to be this dude. Some were French, but still very deep: Negative forty, or "forty below", is the only temperature at which Fahrenheit and Celsius scales corresond (-40F =-40C). Wait a minute... that's a bit too fru fru for my love! It is a semi-perfect number (because the sum of some subsets of it's divisors--like 1, 4, 5, 10 and 20--equals 40). Love, Your William

Happy 40th Birthday Hermione

Transcript: Thanks for the update and advice Boyd. I am sorry that they are taking longer than expected! Still as you say, non have cracked or broken. Hi Sandra, Yes, I was cutting on them all this past week. I have the Iolite, Ruby, Nephrite, Emerald and Hematite done. All I have left is the Opal and the moonstone. I should get those done in a few days. Then I have to drill all the holes; that will take about a day. Then Shoot photos and send them off to you. I should have this all done by this coming week. They are coming out good. Yes I did receive the deposit via Paypal. Thank you for that. Thanks again! Boyd Fox So I have been trying to get a good photo of the emerald beads out in the sun. The problem is it has been raining here for about 2 months strait. But today I was able to get a photo for you. If you could check it out and let me know what you think that would be great. I can get some deeper green emerald rough from a buddy of mine that lives here in town. So if these don't look right to you we will push on. I just want to make sure you happy with them when you get them. Thanks again! Boyd Fox With all our love, Ma and Pa 1 Apr 2015 Hi Sandra, Well I have them all cut. I will be drilling the holes these weekend at my house. I have to babysit them while they get drilled or bad things happen.;( So I should have them all done Monday barring anything bad and I'll send you a pic when I can get a string through them. Thanks again! Boyd Fox To whom it may concern, Please quote to facet and drill the following 8- 10 mm beads: 1 x Hermatite 2 x Emeralds 1 x Ruby 1 x Moontone or malacite 1 x Iolite 1 x Opal 1 x Nephrite The stones need to be natural, but not high quality. I want to string these on a gold chain, so the holes need to be regular to allow the chain to thread through. the stones therefore may need to be 10mm Please quote for the stones and to cut them Please note they must be faceted. Sincerely, Sandra Stott Yes, I was planning on sending you the other emerald beads anyway. I think earrings are a great idea! I'll get started on cutting the new emerald beads tomorrow. I am getting really good at that design now! I'll send you a video of them when they are done. That should be the first part of next week. I'll do the math and get you that total shortly. Thanks again! Boyd Fox Hi Boyd, Thank you for the update. I am thrilled that you are getting natural stones and there is a chance I can see them before you cut them. Does that mean that you can provide verification of the stones? Let me know your details and I will send you the money when you start to cut the stones. **** AUD? Just confirming the stones will be 10mm? Any luck regarding the clasp? Thank you again for touching base with me so regularly. I will possibly call on the weekend. Sandra Dear Boyd, It was wonderful to see the beads and to hear your voice!! Thank you for the video. I thought you had cut the beads beautifully; just as I had expected. The opal and moonstones were particularly beautiful. I like the way you caught reflections of each stone. I was a little mystified by the colour of the emeralds. I had expected them to be green. Some investigation tells me the colour may be Goshenite. Can you enlighten me on this? How difficult would it be to get green emeralds and what would be the extra cost in doing so? I was thrilled with what you have done and feel a little embarrassed asking about the green emeralds. Warm wishes, Sandra Hi Boyd, Me again. Thanks for the reply about the clasp. I am looking for a plain white gold or platinum clasp that has a diamond in it and maybe diamonds around it as well. . If you chance upon such an item I will be so pleased. Mind you I will be torn between the exact thing I want and the price!! Many thanks for sending your helper to have a look! Warm wishes, Sandra Hi again Sandra, There is no issue getting these to Australia, it will take about 2-3 weeks to get down there once I am done cutting the beads. That chain will work fine with the wholes I will be drilling into the beads. I have found all the material other than my rough ruby. So I can take a pic of the rough for you and send that without the ruby included or if you can wait a bit longer I should find it soon or just go and get some more. Also once you sign off on the color of the rough I would need %50 down to start cutting. This is a industry standard when custom cutting material. Then the balance is due once you receive the beads in Australia. Please let me know and I'll keep looking for the rough ruby. Thanks again! Boyd Fox Oh yeah, You can call me anytime. I deal with people from all around the world and am up all the time talking with people. So anytime that works for you works for me as well 303-902.9141 Dear Anne, I am forwarding Boyd's video of the beads. I love them but must admit I expected the emeralds to be green! What is your opinion? Sandra 27 Mar 2015 H Hi Boyd, What a timely end... it coincides with my retirement, which is on 30th June!!

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