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Halloween Presentation

Transcript: By Leo, Gladwin, Nene, Matthew, Sevilla, and Ryan. Everybody loves and celebrates halloween. 52% of kids said that halloween is their favourite festival. Lots of people like halloween, but not much people know about the stories behind halloween. This led to another famous culture that I'm sure that everybody knows. Trick or treat! You might want to ask, who came up with the idea of Trick or Treating? It originated from Britain and Ireland and slowly spread around the United States of America. It is now a common event to do in Halloween. So, in conclusion, halloween is indeed a very special festival and everybody likes it. Hope that this festival gets better and better! Thank you! :) So to scare the spirits away, people decided to impersonate themselves as supernatural figures like ghosts and skeletons. As this culture spreads out, the purpose of costumes started to vanish, so people made themselves cartoon characters which are more casual. Every year on Halloween people decorate the front doors of their houses with banners and pumpkins. The Pumpkins are usually hand cut faces on the pumpkins with candles inside. Some people enjoy Halloween so much that they decorate their windows and their walls so it looks like a haunted house. Traditionally people do all these things to scare away the bad spirits but mainly for fun these days. In some compounds around Hong Kong on Halloween they do house decorating competition to see which house is best decorated. They believe that on october 31st, the worlds of the dead and the living would overlap so the dead would come to the living world and cause diseases. Live On halloween, families eat special meals together. Big ones. And this is not just any old special feast. People eat things like eyeballs, hands, skulls, brains, and all kinds of strange stuff (of course, they're edible). People also eat candy apples. Halloween was named after a celtic festival called "Samhian" (strange name, that is) in the Gaelic culture. Halloween This actually looks delicious! What do kids do at night on halloween? They trick or treat. Trick or treat is when kids dress in scary figures at night time on halloween and go out asking adults to give them candy by saying: "Trick or treat!" And... of course, the adults give them candy. Then they take the candy back home and share it with other people. Dead

Halloween Presentation

Transcript: The most popular theory to the origin of Halloween is the belief that it started In Ireland during the mid to late B.C. era, as the Pagan Celtic celebration known as the ancient festival of Samhain, a Celtic word meaning “summers end”. This day would mark the end of the farming season for the ancient Celtic farmers and it was believed on this day that malevolent spirits would rise from the grave to walk among the living. Druid priests would try and use this day to communicate with spirits in hopes of foretelling if their village would survive the coming winter, and the commoners would abandon their homes, start fires, and wear “costumes” to ward off roaming ghosts. During the 8th century A.D. in a speculated attempt to deter the Celts from there pagan practice, Pope Gregory the III declared November 1st as, “All hallows day” a day to honor all saints known and unknown. This celebration was accepted by Europeans and due to the fact it took place the day after Samhain, eventually Samhain began to be referred to as “all hallows eve” "Modern tradition" In early America, the puritan settlers of our country had no interest in celebrating the “heathen” European tradition known as Halloween. The celebration did not become an American practice until the 18th century when Irish immigrants came to America fleeing the potato famine, and brought the tradition with them. Today Halloween is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world, celebrated by many countries. Many of these countries have their own beliefs and traditions about the holiday that vary from the original Celtic traditions. In China people celebrate by placing food and water before pictures of their deceased relatives, in hopes that it would help them reach the heavens if they had not already. The Japanese call their harvest celebration the Oban festival. During this time they harvest delicacies and decorate lanterns which they float down the rivers, however in japan some people celebrate the holiday in July, while others celebrate it in August. "All hallows day" "International traditions" Halloween Tradition Halloween "The Festival of Samhain"

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