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Transcript: HALL OF FAME ! ! ! BY MILKIAS, LUKE, DEANNA Imperialism IMPERIALISM POLTICAL, ECONOMIC, AND MILITARY CONTORL OF STRONG NATIONS ( BRITAN, RUSSIA, JAPAN, UNITED STATES..) OVER WEAKER TERRIOTRIES ( CUBA, PUERTO RICO..). "BIG STICK" DIPLOMACY USED BY ROOSEVELT SPEAK SOFTELY, AND CARRY BIG STICK! NAVAL POWER WOODROW WILSON ANTI IMPERIALIST WINNER IN THREE PARTY PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION BIG DURING SPANSIH AMERICAN WAR U.S. Naval fleet that travelled around the world to show power to other countries and reenforce trading policies Travelled from December 16, 1907 to February 22, 1909 Consisted of 16 new battleships of the Atlantic Fleet Stopped at ports all over the world I am the king 7.Great White Fleet (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr EMILIO AGUINALDO 9.Cubans Rebel JOSEPH PULITZER 5. Joseph Pulitzer BROUGHT IMPERIALISM TO JAPAN MAKING IT INTO A. . . WORLD POWER! !! ! ! ! YELLOW PRESS CUBAN REBELLION AGAINST THE SPANISH CONFLICT USED TO JUSTIFY AN INCREASE IN U. S. INFULENCE IN CUBA GAVE U.S. CITIZENS MORE SYMPATHY TO THE CASUSE OF THE SPANISH AMERICAN WAR. Born September 2, 1838 Died November 11 1917 Resisted American Imperialism in Hawaii and failed Last Queen of Hawaii Expanded US imperialism power CUBANS REBEL GREAT WHITE FLEET BOTH RAN LARGE NEWSPAPER COMPANIES CRITICAL BATTLE IN THE SPANISH AMERICAN WAR ROOSEVELT ROUGH RIDERS INVOLVED ALSO (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr 2. Queen Liliuokalani Russia 6. San Juan Hill 3. Emilio Aguinaldo Yellow Press PRO IMPERIALISM Lead the "Insurrection" resistance movement in the Philippines. Rebeled against Amer- -ican imperialism. Great hair. WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST LEAD THE "INSURRECTION" RESISTANCE MOVEMENT IN THE PHILIPPINES REBELED AGAINST AMERIC- -ICAN IMPERIALISM GREAT HAIR 10.Theodore Roosevelt Arguably the best President the US every had 4.William Randolph Hearst Cuban rebellion against the Spanish. Conflict used to justify an increase in U.S. influence in Cuba. Gave U.S. citizens more sympathy to the cause of the Spanish-American war. 1. PARRY ARIVAL IN JAPAN Japan brought Imperialism to Japan, making it into a World Power 8.Imperialism U.S. NAVAL FLEET THAT TRAVELLED AROUND THE WORLD TO SHOW POWER TO OTHER COUN- -TRIES AND REINFORCE TRADING POLICES TRAVELLED FROM DECEMBER 16,1907 TO FEBRUARY 22,1909 CONSISTED OF 16 NEW BATTLESHIPS OF THE ATLANTIC FLEET STOPPED AT PORTS ALL OVER THE WORLD Pro imperialism. Both ran large newspaper co- -mpanies. Big during Cuba situation. Critical battle in the Spanish American War Roosevelt Rough Riders involed also WINNER!

Hall of Fame

Transcript: “As is your sort of mind, So is your sort of search; you’ll find What you desire.” -Robert Browning Hall of Fame If you expect to find ideas in the thoughts and words of others, you will believe you can, and you will. 1. Select people, living or dead, real or fictional, who appeal to you for one reason or another. 2. When you have a challenge, select an adviser and choose a favorite quotation. 3. Write down your thoughts, regardless of the appropriateness to the challenge. 4. Choose the thought or combination of thoughts that holds the most promise. Then restate the challenge. 1. Select the three to five business movers and shakers, living or dead, whom you admire most. 2. Get photographs of your Board to constantly remind you of the talent at your disposal. 3. Research your heroes. 4. Take notes on your favorite passages, perhaps about obstacles and how they overcame them. Pay particular attention to the creative techniques they employed. 5. When you have a challenge, consult the members of your board and imagine how they would solve it. “Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about Learning To Dance In The Rain.” ~ Vivian Greene “And therefore only the enlightened sovereign and the worthy general who are able to use the most intelligent people as agents are certain to achieve great things.” -SUN TZU Challenge: How can I get Finals week over with already? Board of Directors Blueprint Restated Challenge: What is the most interesting way to study for finals ? One characteristic of the great minds is they go on asking confounding questions with the same intensity throughout their lives. One example is Leonardo da Vinci. In da Vinci’s case, his loyalty, devotion, and passion were directed to the pure quest for truth and beauty. Blueprint

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