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Haiti Flag Powerpoint Template

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Haiti powerpoint

Transcript: Christ the Rock's Involvement in Haiti Pastor Lavaud- relationship-church Self Sustaining Projects Well Driller Water Project Goat Project Medical Care/Dental Care Relationships Lavaud's other projects: garden peanut radio station printing business food distribution- Convoy of Hope Important Diseases Malaria Dengue Typhoid Malnutrition Parasitic infections Malaria Prevention Chloroquine 500 mg weekly- begin the week prior to trip and for 4 weeks after (alternative Dosycycline) side effects: GI side effects, neurologic) 30% DEET- Higher no better (3-4 hours) Lemon Eucalyptus oil- equivalent Permethrin clothes Bed Nets!! Protection at dusk The January 2010 earthquake extensively damaged buildings, roads, and other infrastructure, and conditions in Haiti remain hazardous. Since October 2010, a cholera outbreak has spread across the country, and CDC has issued an outbreak notice regarding cholera. In consideration of the high rates of violent crime, the cholera outbreak, other safety risks, and limited access to medical care, the US Department of State has issued a travel warning recommending against nonessential travel to Haiti. Other CDC guidance related to Haiti can be found at Haiti Earthquake and Travel. Food & Housing Little Known Facts: Don't flush the toilet paper Food in the compound generally safe (Food guidelines for 3rd world countries) DON'T waste the water/bottle/soda HAND WASHING!!!! Cultural Information- HAITI Christians DON'T dance or drink outside of home (bars, disco's) Impolite to point with index finger Red bandanas not recommended (witch doctors) Christians DON'T smoke Christians DON'T get tattoos or wear ankle bracelets Americans are excused from most things but we try to culturally correct DON'T take pictures that are obvious of market ladies or from the back of the truck DON'T throw out candy from the truck SAFETY (Remember we are not in the USA) Travel in pairs, or better yet, in groups Take a trusted interpreter with you (Some interpreters are not as well known) Let us know if you are going somewhere Keep your valuables contained- especially in Port Au Prince References (Immunizations) (Instructional Videos) (Health care organization in Central Haiti- Paul Farmer) (The global orphan project) (Non-profit donations, matching funds non church related) Recommended Reading Mountains Beyond Mountains By Tracy Kidder HAITI- After the Earthquake By Paul Farmer Payment Policy Each team member must agree to take full responsibility of trip cost. Initial payment of $100 to save your spot on the team. Payable asap Total $600 down 90 days from trip departure so we can secure airfare Payment of the complete expenses 2 weeks prior to departure Estimated expenses are as follows: Airfare: $600 Room and board $25/day ($200) Other lodging (to/from airport) $50-100 Local transportation/fuel: $200 Misc. expenses(tips/interpreters): $100 Initial $100 non refundable will go to team costs if participant can not make trip Once tickets are purchased this portion also can not be refunded but ticket can be transferred to a later date for an additional cost. Chikungunya

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