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Transcript: Photo based on: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr We all have choices, right? My choice was to accompany a cosmetologist in her salon, workplace, home and, most important, her comfort zone. Before I chose to come to the salon I was unsure about working in this field in the near future, but now I am certain, the salon is where I belong. My stay here was great! I was able to learn different things from different people, like styling techniques, State Board tips, and life lessons. As a cosmetologist, I know i will be able to express myself, my thoughts, and my personality within hair. No matter when cosmetologists sought training, whether directly from high school or after the completion of a four year college, they developed an interest in hair and personal image at an early age. Other findings reveal that cosmetologists are highly motivated by creativity, flexibility, and the opportunity to work with people. Cosmetologists derive great satisfaction in making customers look and feel good. There are many differences between work and school. I thought school was hard but as soon as you experience the real world, school is a whole different place. I now look at school as the best years I will probably have, so now I am making the most of it. However, the way you are treated at work is much better than at school. You are respected more and treated the same as an adult. This made me feel important and as if I made a difference to the salon, which I was told I did. Addicted 2 Attention My work was mainly based on serving the clients with refreshments, washing the towels, folding the towels, assisting the stylists, etc. After chatting with the stylist in the hair salon, I realized that most of them are as young as me! I was very surprised as they were already working in the society when they were only about 20 years old .Actually I admired them a lot as they are capable in looking after themselves and also looking after me! I learned different skills in communicating with different kind of people as different kind of people have different characteristics. Without them we'd all be bald. You either need, know one or perhaps are one. What am I talking about you ask? Hair artists. Only a few of us can envision a design on the head of someone and successfully accomplish it. Only a few of us could possibly do it on our own heads. It's a talent no matter what, a talent that is sometimes ignored and at times not thought too highly of. I call hairstylists hair artists because they share their art of creation and imitation for many people on a daily-basis. Experiences! The Addiction

Hair Salon

Transcript: Z O E The Creative Zone Juana West & Maria Shelton Juana West & Maria Shelton THE CREATIVE ZONE THE CREATIVE ZONE #1 The Creative Zone is where you can have anything done to your hair. We do hair for any and every type of event. Some examples are quinceaneras, sweet 16, weddings, and many more. Introduction Shampoo 1- Gal (10) Conditioner 1- Gal (10) Hair Dye (20) Hair Dryer (10) Barber Shop Chairs (8) Single Styling Vanity (8) Straightener (8) Curling Iron (8) Supplies Prices Cost For things Shampoo 1- Gal | Amount : 10 | Cost Total : $129.50/per 2 month Conditioner 1- Gal | Amount : 10 | Cost Total : $159.60/per 2 month Hair Dye | Amount : 20 | Cost Total : $219.80 Hair Dryer | Amount : 10 | Cost Total : $190.56 Barber Shop Chairs | Amount : 10 | Cost Total : $807.92 Single Styling Vanity | Amount : 10 | Cost Total : $1,192.00 Straightener | Amount : 10 | Cost Total : $223.28 Curling Iron | Amount : 10 | Cost Total : $95.92 Total Cost Of All Items Together : $3019.58 N Cost for Employees Pay This is how much 1 employees make in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months. The reason the pay is low is because they'll a certain percentage of what the person they did payed. The percent is and as well as the tips they earn. $500.00 $1,500.00 $3,000.00 $4,500.00 1 month 3 months 6 months 9 months A very good hair salon Staff are very good Reports about some staff making costumers cry Supercuts Good service Great at cutting hair Discriminates against autistic kid Renew You 2 Great service The best hair quality Never disrespect any costumers Will have a great time Our Business 3 Business License and Rent Details and Total The Essentials : $249.00 By Laws : $99.00 Subtotal : $348.00 State Fees : $128.50 Total : $476.50 Rent : Location : 18 West Commerce Street Cost/month : $2,642 Unlock Big Secrets How to be Successful! It's Simple: STOP Failing! Get into the Creative Zone Today Electric Bill : $640/month Mortgage Bill : $1,022/month Gas Bill : $117/month Loan : $36,000 When we were both 8 our parents started our saving account with putting in 100 per month till we were 18 then we started saving at about 16 and kept saving till we were 25. Compound Interest : $41,000/year Insurance: The Hartford Bills (per month) THANK YOU!!

Hair Salon

Transcript: Segement- Demographics: Age- 14-20 Gender- Girls Education- In High School and just starting College Occupation- Students and people with their first job Geographics: Local residents in the Thornton/ Westminster area Psychographics: Girls that want fresh cute cuts and care about their hair Traffic Routes High Quality As our demand for teenage hair cuts, coloring , and styling increases the supply will decrease. Our business is a hair salon that is all about customer service We cut, color, and style teenage girls hair to make them feel beautiful We also offer makeovers for special events such as, prom, homecoming, photoshoots, etc. We can do anything to your imagination While your waiting for your turn to get your hair cut, you can order from our Starbucks menu Also, we will have free Wi-Fi so your can access your phone while getting your hair cut One other thing we offer is computers while you let your hair color set, so you can go on social media, watch netflix, etc. Come Get a Hair Cut at Cafe Cuts Product, Price, Place, Promotion Any Questions? This is the lobby were people wait to be treated Product- Haircuts, hair color, styling, make-overs, and coffee!!! Price- We range from $20-$300, depending on what you want Place- We will be placed in Thorton Colorado on York St. near a neighborhood Promotion- To get cutsomers in to our business we will send out coupons and flyers Advertisment- To advertise for our business we will use online advertising and create soical media pages that people can like and follow us on to get updates We will also use print advertising and get a page in teenage magazines so girls will want to come visit our salon Public Relations- Cafe Cuts will sponsor local womans shelters and give them hair cleanings, hair cuts, and makeovers Promotional Mix Continued Labor- we will need a contractor to help build our business which will cost around We also need about 6 qualified employees to work in the salon Capital-We will need a loan of $700,000- $1,000,000 from the bank Natural- we will need a blank lot of land to build our business on Entrepreneurship- Katelyn and I are the entrepreneur's Sassy Sissors STP Taliesin Salon Personal Selling- Direct Marketing Cafe Cuts Cafe Cuts STP Targeting STP High Price Where our lot is If you bring this coupon in to our salon you can get your hair cut 30%off Positioning Cafe Cuts Economic Resources Segement Fantastic Sams Our building will be located 14034 York St. Thornton Colorado about 4,000 cars will pass our building It is easy to get to from 136th Avenue Since it is so easy many people will stop by and check out our salon We aren't near any of our competition either Personal Selling- We will give them a flyer to remind them of our store Sales Promotion- In order to keep the girls' business, we will give them a small travel-size bottle of our shampoo for free (first time only!) Direct Marketing- We will collect the girls' phone numbers and their names to personally call them and ask how their service was Promotional Mix This is the Starbucks cafe that will be available in the lobby of our salon Geographics- We will target girls that live near our business (in the thorton area) Demographics- Our target market is girls from the ages 14 to early 20's Psychographics- The girls that come to our business will all care about their hair and apperance This is our salon part of our building (we will have tables that pull out with the computers on it) Low Quality What Were All About Low Price Advertisement- Public Relations What were going to use to get our business started 4 P's

Hair Salon

Transcript: wall decor Our reception centre and waiting area includes comfortable seating, modern desks and tables, and complimentary designs. It has a dicussion table for custumers to talk to employees in regards to what they want, a reception desk to sign in/ book an appointment, couches and chairs, and a complimentary coffee bar and magazine and hair books collection. tanning bed We included a seperate colour bar away from the rest of the rooms to avoid spilling dyes on customers or anything else. It will have a wide variety with almost every colour. If a customer suggests a colour we don't have, Snip Dogg's must order it. Each customer will be in their own cutting station when being worked on. The stations will all have mirrors to show exactly what is being done to their hair. As well as straigteners, blow dryers, curlers and all tools you could imagine. Also there will be books and comfy seats to enjoy your stay and chose new hairdos that suit you. Manicure room The bathroom in the salon is kept casual with the modern colours black and white, and hints of zebra print or other odd colours. This includes all the bathroom basics and is simple. Colour Bar In the salon, it includes 5 tanning rooms beside each other. These are seperated by walls and include tropical shades of blue and green to relax the clients while tanning. The rooms include a mirror, desk, towels, and other designs. selection of shampoo and conditioner reception desk couches Reception centre/Waiting area Doors Snip Dogg Hair Salon Interior one washing station Washing Stations Tanning Rooms Snip Dogg Hair Salon In the back of the store there is an employees only room to keep our workers satisfied too. When they're on their breaks there is a wonderful kitchen available, a bathroom, and of course a social area and an office desk in case there is some management to be taken care of. It's a fun place to be to encourage worker's to keep up the hard work and they will get rewarded with new things like TV's or couches. Cutting Centre Bathroom The manicure room is a small area decored with zebra printed walls, a nice tround table and violet chairs. This room is comfortable and pleasent. Throughout Snip Dog Hair Salon, we decided to use main shades of black and white within it, and the odd tones of vibrant colours. We used these colours to make it modern looking and professional. Black symbolizes beauty and white symbolizes happiness and peace. Throughout the salon are also many mirrors to create the impression of the salon being bigger. At Snip Dogg's we want the customers to be comfotable yet impressed with the design. At the washing stations, the chair will be all padded and adjustable to have them lean back however they want. At the same time, the stations are purple to go with the interior black and white design throughout the salon. Also beside each station will be a wide selection of different types of shampoos and coditioners for customers to chose what they desire. Employee's Room coffee bar

Hair Salon

Transcript: Tuka's Hair salon Hair 25 $ 20$ You can find us at Camillton avenue, 23, in Cornwall, ON Or you can contact us by calling 613-440-7557 613-099-5656 or sending us an e-mail! Updos We apply a base coat. At Tuka's we treat you with the experience of more than 5 years in this job, but also with the kindness of a friend. Book you appointment now! Prices We offer you the best quality in a variety of beauty care: Manicures Hand massages Braids and updos Washing and blow-drying hair Curling and straightening hair All of this always with environmentally friendly products! Because we care about you, but also about the environment. Manicure / French manicure Braids We put the first coat of colour. Catalogue and prices Curling Student price We work on any type of nails, cleaning them and treating them. We also offer a wide variety of designs and colours. Come with your student ID and you can get a 20 % discount! Gel Manicure We also try to work with brands that don't do animal testing. Many beauty products are first tested on animals in the labs these brands work at. These poor animals are tortured and many times die in extremely painful conditions after these processes. We are totally against it! PRICES Nails Prices 35$ Why being environmentally friendly? Do you want to know more? That's how we work on your nails! As we said, we offer many different types of designs. Fish-tail braid French braid Inverted braid Corn rows (half head) Come to our salon and you won't be disappointed! about us Straightening PRICES Curling hair Washing + Curling hair All updos are What do we have to offer? PRICES 20 $ 25 $ We also offer a variety of updos, all of them at a reasonable price. We also work on hair, not just washing and blow-drying but also doing any kind of braid or updo. Then we do the details, and after letting it dry for a while, we apply the top coat and let dry. Using eco friendly product benefits not only the environment but also your hair, which is what we care about the most. Many hair care products contain chemicals and artificial ingredients that can do damage to your hair over time. At Tuka's we compromise to treat you with organic, eco-friendly products that use natural ingredients and healthy botanicals. 35 $ 40 $ Wash + Straightening Where to find us 15$ 10$ 15$ 25$ We treat these nails so that they look like this! Straightening...

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