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Hair Dresser

Transcript: Not having the money to pay for school What are the on-the-job duties and responsibilities for this job ? What course should you take in high school? What related experiences do you have to prepare yourself for this career? minimum wage=$10.25 I love doing hair I am not growing up depending on socity I can make my own money It will make me feel good to make someone feel good The only way the trends+future outlook will affect my career is if everyone lost or shave their heads. What will you do to prepare for this job? I took hairdressing class at my old school My aunt is a hair dresser so I watch her do peoples hair I try to do my mom and sister's hair to get better at it Cut Color Style Wash Clean up cut hair Make up (most) Curl Braid Perms School 2: Work conditions? Hairdressers tend to work in hairdressing salons with other hairdressers, in beauty salons or in retail beauty stores with salons attached. Their work environment is frequently very busy and quite noisy. Some hairdressers choose to work solo, either from their own home, or visiting people at their homes. Hairdressers can also be employed to work on location, and film or television sets. Hairdressers should be prepared to work on weekends and evenings. They spend a lot of time dealing with clients and the public. Since it is important for hairdressers to be up to date with new trends and styles, they may also attend extra training and seminars How will trends affect the world of work of the career ? What is the pay scale? By: Rebecca Combdon What personal valves does it satisfy? Learning you are allergic to some of the chemicals in the Solon School 1: I will try to find a place to do Co-Op at I would pay for my education by a prat time job I want to become a hairdresser but you have to go to school for it In high school you should take cosmetology What are the credentials? How will you pay for your education? What challenges could you face ? What courses at high school are recommended? 1-4 =$23,729 5-9 =$24,817 10-14 =$28,106 20+ =$31,154 Get hurt ad not being able to work Algonquin 45 weeks you would have to enjoy doing hair Degree or Certificate to practice cosmetology Cosmetology Hair Dresser Why have you selected this career? How long is the program? Will you take Co-Op? Niagara Collage 1 year you would have to enjoy doing hair Degree or Certificate to practice cosmetology Cosmetology

Hair Dresser

Transcript: Training: Students can expect to learn how to cut, color, and style both men's and women's hair. Education: Cosmetology school Experience: You learn all your experience in cosmetology school. What are some tools that I use in my job? Work Environment Training ,Education and Experience Hair Dresser Tiffany Gaulden Job Description Most hairstylists work from a salon, which is typically clean and well-lit. They may be an employee of the salon, or may rent space and work independently. Job duties: cut hair using clippers, scissors or razors, shampoo, condition and rinse hair, talk to clients about their requirements and dry hair and style it using brushes, combs, straightening irons and other equipment Job skills: Cutting and coloring hair, experience with cutting people's hair, know who to style hair. Salary Range Job Duties and Job Skills What do i do ? Scissors Brushes Hair cutting clips Hair cutting comb Highlighting comb Clippers Curling irons, hair straighteners, crimping irons, hot rollers Hair dryers Hairdressers cut, style, color, straighten and permanently wave hair and provide clients with hair and scalp treatments. The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the average hairstylist earns $26,790 per year, however the information does not account for tips and gratuity so that number may be higher. A stylist's salary can reach up to $50,000 on average. However, it should always be noted that a stylist's salary will depend on his or her experience, location, and level of experience. I style hair for people, color, cut, shampoo, blow dry hair, curl hair and straightin hair things like that. Questions?

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