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Gymnastics Template Powerpoint

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Transcript: There are four events in gymnastics, floor, bars, beam, and vault. Gymnastics is an individual sport but with a team score. Scores reflect how hard and how perfect the routine is. There are many different elements each event requires. Floor and beam must have a tumble series, a gymacro, and a leap series. Each even has different tricks that can be preformed on only that event or on other ones. For example, a full toe turn can be done on beam and floor, but a giant can only be done on the bars. Floor Beam Bars Vault A back handspring is the most important trick to a gymnast. It can be used in 3 out of the 4 events, including floor, vault, and beam. How to do a back handspring correctly! A handstand is a key trick to every gymnast because it is used in multiple moves. A few moves a handstand is required for are, back handspring, giant, round-off, and pirouette. A kip is the third key trick that every gymnast should know how to do. A kip is done on the bars. You have to have a lot of arm and abs strength to do a kip! You will not get a kip in a day. It takes lots of training to learn how to do a kip! You're a gymnast, you got this! Don't tap those toes! Work on bringing those toes to the bar! Don't give up! You could use a round-off on floor,vault and on beam. On floor round-offs normally connect to back handsprings, on vault they are used for a trick called a half on; which can have a twist coming off and on beam they can connect to a back tuck as a dismount also counting for your tumbling series. Twisting off of bars Watch Nastia's jumps! Twists and Turns It is important to know how to turn in jumps, to create a more difficulty level in your routines. Turning jumps are worth more on beam and floor. Gymnastics To add a twist to a tumble series will make your trick harder and worth more points! You can use a twist on vault, bars, beam, and of course floor. It is important to learn how to twist, but only if you are ready! About Gymnastics A Handstand Remember to Practice, Practice, Practice! You can practice a handstand in anywhere as long as you have enough room and don't run into anything. If you have trouble try practicing against a wall or closet door. Ask your parents if its okay first though! Kip Back Handspring The Cues to a Handstand: 1. Start with arms straight above the head. 2. Place hand on the ground, while you are kicking off the ground with your dominate foot. 3. When your hands are on the ground, to keep your balance, keep your arms, back side, and legs tight. Squeeze those muscles! 4. When coming out of a handstand, split legs, once your feet have touched the ground bring waist up. As a gymnast it is important to be able to turn a simple jump or to twist a tumbling series. 5 Key Tricks Every Gymnast Needs Round-off


Transcript: now artistic gymnastics Sources Rhythmic gymnastics before Thank you for watching my presentation. Megumi Nomura History of Gymnastics In the olden days gymnasts use to wear black simple dresses with tight trousers when performing. To practice gymnasts wore a dress with trousers connected on it. Then the costume became like swimming suits. Now it`s like a swimming suit with lot's of decorations. now now Megumi Nomura before information The History of Olympic Gymnastics Part 1 gymnastics Costumes and equipment clip This is another type of gymnastic which only women could do. rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon For this sport the costume, rules and the equipment had changed. images gymnastic introduction Gymnastics begin in ancient Greece in 2700 BCE. Then the Romans brought things in and developed it. After people from Russia did it and brought gymnastics in to Europe. history of gymnastics This is the basic one which lot's of people is usually with bars, balance beam, vault and floor exercise. This sport didn't really change a lot especial.lly the equipments. The things that have changed is the costumes. before they used to have simple costumes. There are mainly 2 types of gymnastics. one is artistic gymnastics and the other one is rhythmic gymnastics. For both of these gymnastics you need to be graceful, athleticism, and strength. Artistic gymnastic is the famous one which you can do any kind of gymnastics. before End of the maize

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