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Guns Control For The Background Presentation

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Guns Control

Transcript: Point 3. Civilians Allowance to Have a Gun Guns Control Done By: Roger & Ahmad -It is too dangerous. Point 4. Selling Guns Illegally - It may cause terrible accidents. 2. Safety in U.S. Do you like to use guns? why or why not? Gun Control = Crime Control 70% Dislike According to Article “Gun control: exploring the issues” the author (Krouse, 2012) mentioned that Proponents of more gun control quickly advocate that guns are the reason there are more killings. 4. Selling Guns Illegally Point 2. Safety in U.S. - To protect my family & country. According to “huffington post”, Half Of Americans Support Stricter Gun Laws following 2012's mass shooting at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school. Introduction Thank you According to the Congressional Research Document, "Gun Control legalization," The Owner of the gun background should be checked. Once a gun owner passes the background check, the owner must be held accountable and responsible for proper use and care of the weapon. According to "", "In 2009, gun violence claimed one of its approximately 30,000 yearly victims in this country." Point 1. More Strict laws Conclusion - Shooting as a sports. 3. Civilians Allowance to Have a Gun 1. More Strict laws Open Question According to The audio “Shutting down black markets for guns”, Obama Mentioned in his speech “Democrats and Republicans in the Senate are working on a bill that would ban anyone from selling a gun to somebody legally prohibited from owning one”. 30% Like

Guns control presentation

Transcript: Gun control Project of: Belkis Hernandez, 5/24/18-Thursday PATRICK F.HEALY MIDDLE SCHOOL. Gun laws Gun laws 1. This laws regulate the manufacture,trade possesion,transfer,record keeping,transport and destruction of firearms,drugs and tabacco. 2. Gun crime and crime of laws has increaced and people death has been all over the world cause of guns 3. Many people and kids has died because of the guns crime and transfer of drugs and tabacco. Introduction Executive summary Problem / Opportunity Solution Projected Result Guns transfer,death and tabacco, drugs,gun control,gun crime consequences.. The govermnet got to put the laws more secure and strong for everyone follow the rules. Everyone will be following the rules and understanding the laws and the gun control goverment.. The strategy is that most people and criminals have problems in their house or work or maybe their work is broke and they got fired and dont have money,having problems with their family,wife,husband that is why they become criminals and start to kill people and hurt them like a revenge to thoes people,that is the reason why then they get a possesion of guns,drugs etc. Strategy Evidence Evidence 1 Problems at home My first evidence is that some kids become criminals because they got bullied at school and there dad kill or hurt their mom and they become thinking of revenge and want to hurt the family or person that maybe kill there mom or dad or both and hit them because they dont like for them to hit or kill there mom and dad. Evidence 2 Problems at work My 2nd evidence is that i look on a book and read about guns and gun laws etc and like i said on 1rst evidence kids can be criminals by a lot of problems that they have at home or school and they think that the only way for them and they family for not to be sad,mad,scared is for them to kill people and for them to have revenge. Evidence 3 Problems at school My 3rd evidence is that Some criminals become killers and criminals when they see or there family or dad member tell them and show them how to shoot and how to kill people and hurt them and be a great expert at killing and making crimes and hurting people. Level of crimes and gun control. Goverment control Objectives Objectives 1. Write about the use of guns control. 2. Causes because of the gun crime. 3. People death because of the gun control crimes. Next steps Next steps The people that have been in jail now even if they go to jail they dont care cause they are gonna keep doing it even in jail like having hide phone and guns and dangerous things under their bed or pillow some of criminals rip some part of a bed or wall to make it their private place to hide drugs,knife,guns,drugs. Pricing for guns Offer 1 Offer 2 $1,000 $3,000 Fire guns Guns Rifles gun Shot guns Use for guns Gun control Goverment rights Human death This is all the pricing for guns that people waste only to kill people and to make a big and new,worse crime. Some people can lie to you and say that they are you're friend and they can maybe be lying to you they can maybe be hating you and acting like they like you and they will never try to hurt you and make you be there friend and for you to trust him/her then one day they can do a revenge on you or hurt or kill dont trust anyone even your friend except your mom and dad and sisters/brothers. Enemies can be close to you. Next steps

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