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Transcript: Come As You Are: Grunge is a mixture of alternative rock, punk and heavy metal. Grunge music was introduced to us in the early 1980's through out the 1990's. ~Kurt Cobain ~Dave Grohl ~Krist Novoselic ~Pat Smear ~Chad Channing *Hammerbox Nirvana brought out the dark and sad side of teens of their time, this affected the American culture by influencing the drugs and depression of the people. It was for those teens and those other people who felt out of place and alone for the most part and of course your drug addicts. Their music was emotional for many people and that's when they all started liking this kind of music and still seems to have an impact of American society today. Fashions: When grunge music came about, it came with the fashion part also. * Converse * Flannel Shirts * Straight leg jeans/ ripped jeans * Big Sunglasses * jackets * Necklaces * Gloves without the fingers Smells like Teen Spirit: By: Mackinzie McGaha *Mother Love Bone The genre of grunge music is destructive to many people due to it's depressing music and lyrics talking about weapons and killing. The kids of this generation would be likely to kill themselves to this kind of music, as to explain a band member of Nirvana who killed himself. This music is truly depressing and sad to many people who sit and actually focus and listen to the lyrics of these band's songs. BANDS: Songs: The End :) Thanks for your time and cooperation. NIRVANA *The U-Men Band Members: *Nirvana Top 10: Smells like teen spirit, Come as you are, Heart Shaped box, Lithium, The man who sold the world, In Bloom, Rape me, All Apologies, You know your right, Breed. > Bleach > Blew > Hormoaning > In Utero > Nevermind *Pearl Jam Grunge *Skin Yard Albums: Main Band:


Transcript: 1. Name 2 Grunge artists and 2 Grunge bands. 2. Describe the fashion of grunge 3. Name the time signature of 'In Bloom' by Nirvana. 4. List 3 intruments in the song, 'In Bloom' 5. In which decade did Grunge music reach mainstream popularity? 6. Where was Grunge 'made'? Texture -Polyphonic-Many sounds -Voluminous, thick sounding texture -Melodic Layer-Vocals and Lead Guitar -Harmonic Layer-Backup Vocals and Bass Guitar -Rhythmic Layer-Drum Kit Timbre/Tone Colour -Instruments -Lead Guitar -Bass Guitar -Vocals -Drum Kit -Backup Vocals -Vocals is strained, gutteral and shouting/screaming-like, in chorus’ but then soft, dark and gloomy in the verses -Lead guitar is also distorted, electronic and chaotic in chorus, though steadily mellow in verses Kurt Cobain Dynamics and Expressive Techniques -Verse-Mezzo Piano -Chorus-Forte -Cresendo leading to chorus -Distorted, nebulous-sounding instruments -Climax to final chous -Whispering, droning verse to strained, almost shouting chorus Eddie Vedder Nirvana -Form of alternative rock -Accumulated mainstream popularity in the mid 1990's -Seattle band vocalist, Mark Arm used it to describe a fellow bands' single. -Claimed that the term had been used in Australia -Grunge was not a genre, but more a description of a Seattle based sound -Punk/metal hybrid. Sound Neil Young -Popularised by the Seattle record label Sub Pop -Successful in the 1990's because of the release of the likes of Nirvana's Nevermind and Pearl Jam's Ten. Test Your Grunge Knowledge Structure -Intro 8 Bars -Second Intro 8 Bars -Verse I 16 Bars -Chorus I 32 Bars -Interlude 8 Bars -Verse II 16 Bars -Chorus II 32 Bars -Interlude 8 Bars -Guitar Solo 16 Bars -Chorus III 32 Bars -Outro 8 Bars Grunge bands began to part their ways gradually, until the late 1990's. when they had almost completely been eradicated. However, the influence of Grunge affects many modern day bands and soloists. -Inspired by hardcore punk, heavy metal and indie rock -Comprises of distorted and chaotic electric guitars, contrasting dynamics and angst-like lyrics -Unkempt and lack typical concert etiquette. Grunge Chris Cornell -High energy and concise performances -Avoided the detail and expense -Excluded light arrays, visual effects, stage acting -Grunge artists wore typical outdoor clothing such as flannel shirts . Artists weren’t focused completely or concerned on the fashion or the sense of style. Mark Arm -Popular in the early 1990's-far more diverse than that of the 1980's -Energetic, Relatable to-teenage angst -'Look' was simply achievable -Nirvana and Pearl Jam led the movement -Most popular form of hard rock at the time Pitch -Major key -Vocal shouts lead up to chorus, from verse -Melody is carried out by Lead Singer’s vocals and his electric guitar -Harmony is occasional from drummer’s harmonic vocals and bass guitar Performance Duration -Quadruple Time- 4 beats in a bar -Syncopation -Steady, Regular, Strong Beat -Repetitious rhythmic patterns -Allegretto-moderately fast Background Alice in Chains Popularity


Transcript: The End Grunge changed the way people dressed. Everyone wore baggy clothes; They especially wore lots of flannel, ripped jeans and boots or sneakers. Soundgarden -Guitar -Vocals -Drums -Bass (*amplfier) What Is It? Fashion Smells Like Teen Spirit-1991 Nirvana Heart-Shaped Box-1993 Alice In Chains -Formed in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987 by Kurt Cobain & Krist Novoselic. -Gained a lot of success from the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from the album 'Nevermind' -Signed to DGC Records in 1990 -Their album Nevermind was selling 400,000 copies a week, and even took Michael Jackson's Number 1 spot on the Billboard charts. -Throughout Cobains life, he suffered from chronic bronchitis, a chronic stomach condition, and bipolar disorder; which is why he turned to drugs to numb the pain. -Cobain overdosed on heroin many times, and attempted suicide many times as well. -Kurt was found dead on April 8th, 1994. He locked hisself inside his home and shot himself in the head... He had lots of heroin and valium in his body. Rearview Mirror-1993 Man in the Box-1990 -Started in Seattle in 1984. -First Grunge Band to sign to a Major Label (A&M Records) -Sold 10.5 million records in the US & 22.5 million worldwide Lyrics for many grunge songs discussed depression, angst, and unhappyness When grunge began, the cold war was still going on. Most teens and young adults were unhapppy with the world at this time, and didn't know if they would live because of the war. -Formed in Seattle in 1990. -Sold 60 million records worldwide -Won Best Recording Package at this years Grammys. Nirvana -Subgenre of Alternative Rock, that began in the mid 1980's. -Began In Washington (Mainly Seattle) Pearl Jam Instruments Grunge Outshined- 1991 -Formed in Seattle in 1987 -Released 5 albums, & sold over 20 million albums -In 1992 the band's second album, Dirt, was critically acclaimed and was certified quadruple platinum - The band took a break in 1996 because of the lead singers substance abuse, that he battled for a decade. He had been dead for 2 weeks before he was found. He died from a mixture of heroin and cocaine.

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