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Growth Chart

Transcript: Teaching My Problem I was always a shy kid and had trouble making friends when I didn't know anybody. This is what it was like for me going into middle school and so meeting Arielle and Madi on the first day was a blessing. At the time I didn't know the impact they would have on my life but, without them I would be a shell of a person. I wouldn't be able to fill a lack because I would have nothing inside for anything to attach to. I have always like kids but never really got a chance to work with them before I started teaching Little Wing. It was this that helped me decide what I wanted to do when I grow up. I've wanted to be a docter for a long time but couldn't make up my mind on what kind. Little Wing helped fill an uncertain gap in my future. I now know I want to be a pediatrician. The Littleton Spring House Band I joined School of Rock the summer before my freshman year. I joined it simply so that I could play music outside of school. The longer I went there however, the more I realized that it was filling up a gap inside of me I didn't know that I had. I became more involved and now there is a joke in the house band that I practically live there. Arielle and me in middle school Joining SOR Making new friends Growth Chart seriously how did he make this interesting? Biology This is a weird one. Believe me. I know... My sophomore science class that I got a B in filled a gap in my life. I knew I wanted to be a doctor because I want to help people but I didn't know if I actually liked medicine. Then I took this class with Mr. Paynter. All he did as lecture at us all period. I loved it. I never expected to love learning about a cell works and every little thing about it.I couldn't get enough. He ignited a passion for biology I didn't know I had! My Second Show Ever! My problem is I don't know what else I lack. I feel like I have something that needs to be filled but I can't figure out what I need. I'm not really worried though. I've always been like this. I didn't know that my friends would cause that big of an impact on my life until they did. I didn't know music was going to fill my every crack and gap until I was addicted. I didn't know that biology and working with kids were two passions I had until they were slayed out in front of me as options. I will know what I lack when it is gone and until then I'm happy with the fulfillment I have.

Growth chart

Transcript: Abortion is against the foundation of our country Declaration of Independence and unalienable rights Contraceptives Abstinence Contraceptives Adoption Pregnancy -Since then, more than 60,000,000 babies have been murdered inside the womb. Those babies could have lived to be important leaders such as Malcolm X or Eleanor Roosevelt. -Contraceptives do work but not always so just remember abstinence is the only full proof plan. -It is quite simple, if you know you cannot follow through with a pregnancy then stop doing the action that creates one. Adoption Rape & Incest Harm to the mother Special Cases of Unwanted Pregnancies -Instead of taking the baby's life away from him/her you could chose to put the baby up for adoption. -People on the other side of this argument challenge this option by claiming that orphans have a "low quality of life." To those who put forth the supposition I challenge you with a question , Would you rather grow up as an orphan or not grow up at all? And remember the two leaders I mentioned at the start of this speech? Eleanor and Malcolm X? They were both strong leaders that grew up orphans. -On January 22, 1973 the supreme court ruled in favor of the legalization of abortion in the Roe V. Wade Case. Abstinence Brief History of Abortion -Many times the parents who are considering the adoption are worried about being a "bad" parent. Luckily for them there are many classes they can take on such a task as parenting. Pregnancy Why the Roe V. Wade Case Ruling Should be Overturned -As of now abortion is legal up to 20 weeks I am Pro 4 choices


Transcript: BY : AIYED ALANEZI ID : 361111192 ADVISOR : MANSOUR ALSAGHIER THE GROWTH CHART SUMMARY Sources Objectives The Growth or “road-to-health” CHART is a visible display of the child's physical growth and development. GROWTH CHART THANK YOU Growth charts are used to compare your child's height, weight, and head size against children of the same age Introduction 1 - The Growth or “road-to-health” CHART is a visible display of the child's physical growth and development. 2 - Its Use in monitor normal growth and development: - Growth monitoring. - Diagnostic tool. - Planning and policy making. - Educational tool. - Evaluation. - Tool for teaching. park’s book of community medicine chapter: MCH services Ministry of Health ( ) Its Use in monitor normal growth and development 1- growth monitoring 2- diagnostic tool: for identifying "high risk" children. For example malnutrition can be detected long before signs and symptoms of it become apparent. 3- planning and policy making: by grading malnutrition. 4- educational tool: he mother can be educated in the care of her own child 5- evaluation: it provides a good method to evaluate the effectiveness of measures and the impact of a program for improving child growth and development. 6- tool for teaching: it can also be used for teaching, for example, the importance of adequate feeding Growth charts were developed from information gained by measuring thousands of children. What is the Growth Chart ? GROWTH CHART Time for Questions - Describe the concept of growth chart. - explain its use in monitor normal growth and development of community. These charts may provide an early warning that your child has a medical problem

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