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group powerpoint

Transcript: 1983 Americans are written 130 million prescriptions for drugs containing hydrocodone. 1893 2006 Acetaminophen is introduced to the U.S., under the name Tylenol. It’s prescription-only, in a child’s liquid dose. The adult version arrives six years later. 1920 The German pharmaceutical company Knoll synthesizes hydrocodone, an opiate painkiller chemically similar to codeine. 1978 1971 A researcher for the U.S. Bureau of Social Hygiene reports that although hydrocodone is an excellent painkiller and cough suppressant, users build up a tolerance very slowly, inducing them to become addicted. Vicodin Knoll introduces Vicodin, five milligrams of hydrocodone with 500 milligrams of acetaminophen, in the U.S. Pure hydrocodone joins the Schedule II list of narcotics, along with opium and morphine, with passage of the Controlled Substances Act. But in combination with other drugs, it’s considered a less stringently regulated Schedule III drug. 2008 Emergency-room reports involving hydrocodone increase 500 percent since 1990. That same year, the FDA recommends tighter warnings on drugs containing acetaminophen over liver-damage fears. Vicodin Timeline 2002 Generic Vicodin available. 1934 On June 30, a federal advisory panel votes to recommend the FDA ban Vicodin. 2009 1955 Abbott plans to sell a controlled-release version of Vicodin— but fails to gain FDA approval. A few months later, Abbott lays off 200 sales reps who were expected to be marketing the product. First medical use of acetaminophen, derived from a by-product of coal-tar distillation.

Group Powerpoint

Transcript: Camila: Learned to appreciate my freedom Esther: Gained satisfaction by helping others Pooja: Saw how others live Tori: Learned from other people and their experiences Zane: Learned to never do anything illegal. Thanks for viewing class! Many people believe that visiting a prison will scare juveniles when in actuality it makes them feel vulnerable in which they try to retaliate. It is not beneficial. Behaviors Interesting Facts Inside the Juvenile Facility Torn Between the Two Juvenile Facility it is! Group members had to decide whether to do Humanities for habitat or Juvenile Facility The first day the group got together we introduced ourselves. We engaged in small talk which facilitated the group members interest/dislikes. Members of the group exchanged information 1. Email Addresses 2. Cell-phone # 3. Days of availability 1. We generated a Pros and Cons list for both topics to see which was the best option for the group as a whole. Juvenile bald eagles are mixture of brown and white; with a black beak in young birds Voice - Shrill, high pitched, and twittering are common descriptions used for bald eagle vocalizations. Eyesight - An eagle's eye is almost as large as a human's, but its sharpness is at least four times that of a person with perfect vision. Longevity (life expectancy) - It's possible for bald eagles in the wild to live longer than thirty years, but the average lifespan is fifteen to twenty years. Beak - The hook at the tip is used for tearing. Behind the hook, the upper mandible, the edge sharp enough to slice tough skin, over laps the lower, creating a scissors effect. Talons - Talons are important tools for hunting and defense. Eagles kill their prey by penetrating its flesh with their talons. Eagles can open and close their talons at will. Skeleton - It weighs about half a pound (250 to 300 grams), and is only 5 or 6 percent of its total weight. The feathers weigh twice that much. Eagle bones are light, because they are hollow. The beak, talons, and feathers are made of keratin. Respiratory system - Eagles have an external naris on both sides of their beak. After careful observation I noticed that bald eagles would fly around in circles high in the sky and would sometime fly low towards the lake looking for fish. More often than not they would sit in their nest for long periods of time possibly nesting. Juvenile eagles have grayish color feathers. I seen a couple of eagles on tree branches with their mates just looking around. Group members expressed their opinions about each project. Bald Eagle at citing at Grandpas house at Hot Springs Arkansas Elementary School Resume Thank you letters Interviews Finger Painting After weighing out the pros and cons the juvenile facility was convenient for each group member. Group members thought of activities to perform the day at the event. Problems faced when planning activities 1. No sharp objects allowed 2. No camera's 3. Any papers from the outside had to be approved first before allowed in facility.(group members worked on papers in advance to email to make for certain they were approved) Day 2 Brainstorming Veterinary Humanities for habitat Eliminating Prospects By Camila, Esther, Pooja, Tori & Zane Group members generated a list of possible "Acts of Kindness" * Group members would research more to bring to the next meeting. Group Project: Noyes Juvenile Detention Center Day 1 In Group MTV SHOW Homeless shelter Elderly Home The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there were approximately 73.8 million youth under the age of 18 in the United States in 2012. Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Community-Based Mentoring (CBM) Program * Is a program that has been useful in many juvenile's lives because it provides them with the tools such as education, building trust bonds, and essential in life to help them reintegrate into society. What Group Members Gained Traits Serving Food

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