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Griffith University Powerpoint Template

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University Powerpoint

Transcript: University Powerpoint Deion Howell 3/31/11 period 7 Table of content Title page.................................. page 1 table of contents....................... page 2 list of colleges/universities...... page 3 Rollins College.......................... page 4 picture of Rollins....................... page 5 information about Rollins 6 admission form for Rollins........ page 7 extra........................................... page 8 The college I chose to do for this project is listed below followed by a little information about the college. Rollins College is a liberal arts institution and the oldest recognized college in Florida. it is located at Winter Park, Florida 32789-4499 Orange county I chose this college because it is one of the oldest colleges in Florida Bordering Lake Virginia, Rollins occupies a lush, 70-acre campus in a quaint community near Orlando and is characterized by its traditional Spanish-Mediterranean architecture. The campus is about a 20-minute drive from downtown Orlando and at least 30 minutes by car from Orlando International Airport. Admission to Rollins is highly selective. Many factors are considered in the admission process, including each candidate’s academic record, talents, interests, and potential to contribute to the Rollins and local community. Common Application On-Line Application ($40.00 application fee) Common Application Paper Application ($40.00 application fee). A representation of your strengths, talents, or interests—anything that helps us better understand who you are and your potential to contribute to the Rollins community. Your representation is limited only by your imagination and creativity. Examples of submissions from past applicants include the following: YouTube videos, DVDs or slide shows of their athletic or artistic talents; power points or scrapbooks of their backgrounds, interests or accomplishments; music or poetry they composed. It is very important that your representation is prepared specifically for your Rollins admission application and is not something you used for another purpose. Please note that your representation will not be returned. Scholarships Applicants who expect to be considered for Cornell Scholarships (full tuition), Deans’ Scholarships (up to $20,000 per year) or Donald Cram Scholarships (for natural sciences majors) should submit a completed application by January 5 for priority consideration. Applicants who expect to be considered for Centennial or Presidential Scholarships (ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per year) should submit a completed application by February 15. Early Admission If you are an extraordinary high school student, you may be considered for admission at the conclusion of your junior year, provided all other admission requirements are satisfied. Early Admission candidates should apply through the Regular Decision cycle. This is the inside of one of the theaters at Rollins College. The Annie-Russell Theater. Rollins College mascot is Tommy Tar. the dean of the department of art and art history is Debra K. Wellman. They also have beach festivals. The End

Griffith Observatory Powerpoint

Transcript: Seasons Griffith Observatory Power Point The horizon is one of our most basic astronomical units. Sunrise/Sunset points migrate to the north/south along the horizon. California Indians would always monitor the seasons by observing different sunrise position. Their solstice cerimonies would recognize the sun's power over the different seasons. The Foucault Pendulum was the first direct proof that Earth rotates on its axis. The Pendulum is about a 240 pound metal ball that hangs from a 40 foot steel wire. There is a magnet above the ceiling that keeps it in motion without influencing the direction of its swing. The pendulum knocks over a tiny black peg almost every 7 minutes to show how the Earth is always in motion. In LA the pendulum's direction of swing rotates through a full circle in about 42 hours. Therefore the dial is divided in 42 hourly divisions. Main sequence stars are that fuse with hydrogen atoms to create helium atoms in their cores. Almost 90% of the stars in the universe are main sequence stars. Main Sequence stars can range from about one tenth of the mass of the sun to 200 times as massive as our sun. Sun and Stars Path Main Sequence Stars Every single day, the sun, planets,moon, and stars seem to rise in the east and set in the west. The earth spins on its axis from west to east every 24 hours (one day). To us humans it appears as if everything in the sky is moving from east to west. California Indian Horizon Calendar Telescopes are used to view many things however, they are mainly used to view celestial objects. For example, the Sun, the moon, stars, planets, etc. The telescopes at the observatory are open in the evening when skies are clear. THE END!! Foucault Pendulum Telescopes The Earth has four different seasons. They are; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. The reason for seasons s because Earth is tipped on its axis and the two poles point to the same directions in space all year. Winter is occurs on the hemisphere that is tilted away from the sun. And Summer is the opposite and is the hemisphere that is tilted towards the sun.

Griffith University Careers Service

Transcript: The 10 Secrets of Success Learn the power of four little words.... # How can I help? Find your fit Know and transfer your skills Don't think you've got any transferable skills? Think again! Or digitally scandalous! Make your applications stand out to the right people! Did this letter work?... Ten Secrets of Success in Graduate Employment Have a target.... Know what you're aiming for! Don't be digitally homeless! Find out more... Find out more... How can you achieve this? Find out more... Resources for e-networking Find out more... Resources for identifying employability skills and career exploration What makes a great application? Resources for workplace interviewing What happens when a job is created? Persistence is the key to success! Resources for researching employers: Presented by Sharon Hensby and Lauren Caramella Careers & Employment Service Resources for building resumes Find out more... Find out more... Do you feel ready? Interviews are won before you enter the room TAKE ACTION! COMMON CONCERNS Find out more... Be opportunistic and open minded..... What? How/where? Resources for job interviews Just a waiter? Resources for job applications and selection criteria What are you hoping for? Find out more... So get networking! Know your field enough to become an insider. Opportunities are attached to people Supervised staff Trained new staff Serviced customers Reconciled cash each night Worked for 2 years while studying full-time Just spent 3 years developing research skills? Use them! Be a STAR! Situation Task Action Result SEEK 15% of available jobs 100% competition Resources for networking and job searching Join your field before you work in it What skills did this student have? Are they relevant to a career in business? Research for job applications Build a killer resume! Online job search seminar

powerpoint template

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