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Green Leaves

Transcript: Recommendation Buffer SproutSocial Disadvantages: Using PPC (Pay-per-click)method Searching on a keyword that is related to their business offering Large traffic base of the search engine You only pay for results. No visit, no fee Start with any budget Solutions Involves breaking a market into segments and then narrowing in on a customers behavioral through cookies or click its. Then matching their preferences to the companies product Overall improving customer and companies experiences Vast expansion within four years What is Green Leaves? Target Marketing Green Leaves needs to become more visible to their consumers and begin to expand into more online sales channels while maintaining their company values. Green Leaves Green Leaves is on the path towards a sustainable and profitable future Search Engine Optimization Simple/timely to implement Adds personalization Increase promotion and sales of products Increase overall customer experiences Problem Statement Sustainable and community-based values Advantages: Creating a strategy to ensure potential consumers are able to find them on major search engines (Answering questions like "how are our current customers finding us and how are potential customers finding us? What is our current ranking in search engines?") “Internet users who search for information on the Web through these search engines, only 40 % get to the second results page and only 10 % get to the third.” (Gil-Pechuán et al. 2014). Constantly updating website content in order to rise and maintain their spot in the search engines - SEO is not a perfect science and is constantly changing and updating itself, so websites need to as well Using social media outlets as a way to increase SEO ranking by linking to their website to get more traffic - proven to be more effective than pay-per-click Natural care product company Conclusion Paid Advertising Group 6 Targeted Marketing (Website Cookies) Increase Social Media Presence Customers can view as an invasion of privacy Cookies do not work on some mobile devices

Green Leaves Dental

Transcript: "quality new patients" Search Engine Marketing Dr. Navdeep Virk Spokane, Washington 'mentions' of business online 'NAP' consistency Google wants to confirm your business is who it thinks it is complex network of business data providers weighting, priority to 'quality' citation sites manual submission to hundreds of directories management of old/incorrect citations identify competitors' citations Green Leaves Dental campaign set-up training session ongoing feedback, listen to calls together regular dialogue - mutual feedback helps campaign Reviews Traditional Advertising Front-Desk Training Online LOCAL SEO align yourself with Google's goals make site accessible Citations/Directories Ideal Experience one clear goal- get patient to contact the office main message / offer strong call to action phone number / contact form prominent well-written, 'human' copy (experienced dental copywriters) send traffic directly to procedure's landing page landing page optimization 'responsive' - work on all devices/screen-sizes USA Dental Market "wouldn't think twice. call them and have them do their magic" Dr. Farokh Jiveh Palm Beach, Florida 20yrs in advertising/marketing leading agencies McCann Erickson, Young & Rubicam Local everywhere Dr. Kalpesh Patel Sacramento, California pivotal in local search claim, verify and de-dupe (remove spelling/name variants) category management, accurate business info, photos, videos Google+ is Google's Facebook- posts, importance of fresh content "return on investment was outstanding" New patients for growth-oriented dental practices. Intelligent digital marketing that works. Online Marketing For Dentists. Fanatical About Results managed 150+ dentist campaigns understand how dental practices work know how to sell dental procedures at forefront of latest Google developments Writing Ads 15+yrs managing successful online campaigns On-Page SEO Above and beyond Google+ Local dental searches in general, and for you specifically Google's increasing focus on local bricks-and-mortar businesses need Local SEO, not standard SEO very complicated mix of ranking factors be seen in search, mobile, maps... no. & quality of reviews, authority of review sites, diversity of reviewers importance of generating reviews after treatment review generation system- business cards, unique review landing page, promotion/prize Google's crack-down on fake and over-solicited reviews unique Google account, unique IP address it's your reputation at stake monthly strategy and analysis meetings fully transparent, accountable Adwords data- budget weighting by procedure call / email data Return on Investment (ROI) analysis (simple export from practice management software) Keywords 81% of smartphone users in the UK search for local businesses online (Google) of these 87% have taken action, 43% visited the business and 22% have made a purchase 77% of all mobile searches have local intent (xAD) local search increases by 27% year-over-year (Compete) more than 40% of desktop search in the UK has local intent (Yahoo) backbone to campaign Ad Rank keyword analysis, profitability assessment importance of negative keywords (e.g. implants, braces) the 'long tail' experience of running 150+ dental adwords campaigns for over 5 yrs "one of the best investments I ever made" Call Tracking & Recording Dr. Alan Rauchberg Parsippany, New Jersey growth-oriented well-run happy patients believe in marketing accurate campaign performance monitoring without tracking, ROI impossible to calculate 'missed call' notifications, prioritise call-backs, improve chances of sales conversion keyword level tracking - improve cost efficiency of Adwords campaign do you know how your front desk is performing? Websites that Convert Dr. Yon Elejabarrieta Miami, Florida Reporting & Analysis PAY PER CLICK The Numbers Google algorithm changes, traditional SEO link-building almost redundant now about good content strategy / content marketing no point gaming/manipulating system ethical white-hat over black-hat yet still value in high quality, authoritative links- .edu, .gov, .org "I refer all my dentist friends to them" Foundations: A Great Practice your website needs to be 'configured' for high search engine rankings accessible by search engine crawlers/bots unique, valuable content excellent user experience - navigation, page layout etc. keyword targeted built to be shared socially multi-device ready authorship, meta-data, schema align yourself with Google's goals make site useful Basics, by experts 95 characters- the new billboards / TV commercials art of writing compelling, effective ad copy "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" campaign strategy- cheapest? most experienced? biggest office in area? monitor competition test, test, test good ads = higher CTR = lower CPC only experienced copywriters Off-Page SEO generate immediate results phones start ringing as soon as campaign starts flexibility - bespoke advertising for your desired procedures

Green Leaves

Transcript: m-retailing provides more opportunities for e-retailers 2/3 smartphone users shop on their phones Apple Pay, Starbucks app, in-app purchases $6 billion in revenue 2011, $19 billion 2014, estimated $31 billion 2016 m-commerce will make up 50% of digital commerce attracts new customers- expand market share Increasing Organic Clicks Good for small businesses Custom domain name Advanced customization Unlimited premium themes including ones that are mobile optimized Advanced SEO Our focus is on latter two: Mobile Optimization & SEO WordPress Business Website: benefits of mobile Optimization conclusion Mobile trends Time and Budget process of choosing targeted keyword phrases related to site & ensuring site places well when those keyword phrases are used to search web SOLUTION Problem Group 12-monica thepsouvanh, halle milne, stanley xu, shirley mao, renee gibbons implementation WordPress Revamped Website Search Engine Optimization Mobile Optimization Ensure future sustainable growth Relevant Research Mobile Optimization: outdated website decreased traffic to website falling on Google ranking How can Green Leaves improve business through digital operations while maintaining values of community and sustainability? Green Leaves About Green Leaves Keyword research Content Optimization Content Strategy Plan Create Manage Link Building Strategy Algorithm based (200+ factors) Sites analyzed by Google's web crawler Important features: Usage of keywords Site Structure Site Speed Inbound/Outbound links Quality of links Search Engine Optimization: stronger brand more clicks better ranking Plan: determine the objective of the website decide on necessary content Develop: hire a web developer to help create the website create an online presence through social media Evaluate: monitor interactions of the website through Google Analytics on a monthly basis gather feedback and determine any future changes Improved user experience Increased time on site Improved SEO ranking process of ensuring that visitors who access your site from mobile devices have an experience optimized for the device Web Development Budget - $20,000 Web Developer - $5,000 WordPress Site - $32.42 per month Keyword Bid - $10-$15 Social Media - $0 Relevant Research E-Commerce to M-Commerce Natural care products company established in 1993 Partnership between owners Jenny & Burt Originally a stand at craft-fairs Company values community & sustainability Products line offers: soaps moisturizers lip balm shampoo/conditioner Estimated Costs implementation of seo most traffic comes from organic clicks exclusion from first page results in 90% less organic clicks solution: improve site quality and increase brand awareness 1% increase in brand equity= 0.185% increase organic clicks seo & google rankings benefits of seo Increased Traffic ROI: trackable & quantifiable results Cost effectiveness Increased site usability Brand awareness WordPress business site offers customizable responsive website templates Responsive Templates: respond to device they are being viewed on Steps To Success Search Engine Optimization Mobile Optimization

Green Sticky Leaves

Transcript: The DEA is protecting NIDA's monopoly. They require licensing to research marijuana; however, gives the run around. For instances, Professor Lyle Craker, director of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst's Medicinal Plant Program. Dr. Craker applied for a license from the DEA to establish a facility for FDA-approved research in June 2001. Later that year the DEA claimed the application was lost. a copy was resubmitted then rejected in February 2002 In July 2002, the original application was returned, unprocessed, with the DEA date stamp showing it was received June 2001. Craker resubmitted another signed application on August 20, 2002, which the DEA acknowledged receiving After another year Craker sued the DEA for unreasonable delay - the DEA took action and rejected the app. Again in 2002, Dr. Jon Gettman and others filed a third marijuana rescheduling petition. Marijuana does have medical use, relatively low dependence and abuse liabilities The DEA accepted the petition then stalled for next 8 years then denied the petition The DEA concluded that there were not enough "adequate and well-conducted studies," and thus no "currently accepted medical use." Based on the California Secretary of State, results showed that Yes= 7,979,041 (57.13%) No= 5,987,020 (42.87%) Good or Bad? For the researchers the NIDA approved, the NIDA provided inferior, low potency marijuana with limited cannabinoid profiles. MAPS also stated, that the NIDA highest potency for research is 7% THC while, in states where marijuana is legal the documented potency is between 15-24 percent THC. Yes or No Yes: Adults 21 and over can legally possess, transport, purchase, consume or share up to one ounce(28.5g) of weed and 8g of concentrated weed. Adults 21 and older can grow up to 6 plants per household. Reduces the penalty for many marijuana offenses. More regulations and taxes Antiemetic Reduces nausea and vomiting Anticonvulsant Suppresses seizure activity Antipsychotic Combats psychosis disorders Anti-inflammatory Combats inflammatory disorders Anti-oxidant Combats neurodegenerative disorders Anti-tumoral/Anti- cancer Combats tumor and cancer cells Anxiolytic/Anti- depressant Combats anxiety and depression disorders What is it? Some background info According to, Prop 64 is the “Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act,” also known as "Adult Use of Marijuana Act." Adopted by voters on Nov. 8, 2016 Green Sticky Leaves Writer, Jon Gettman from High Times Magazines published an article saying that when Congress first placed the drug as Schedule 1, scientists discovered how marijuana produces its effects on the body and research sought to explain the harm and danger it can cause. However, after research, it was the complete opposite finding. And scientist confirm that marijuana is a relatively safe drug with tremendous medical potential The DEA took 16 years to issue the final decision on the first marijuana rescheduling. 5 years for the second. 9 years for the third rescheduling. In 2/3 cases it took several lawsuits in order for the agency to actually act Then another 12 years and another lawsuit for the DEA to deny a request for an independent research supply. Prop 64..? Many researchers have proposed to study marijuana to prove that it can be of medical benefits. In 1972, first petition filed by the, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) In 1995, a second effort to petition to reschedule marijuana. Filed by researcher Dr. Jon Gettman and High Times magazine Beginning in 1968, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) held a monopoly on the production of marijuana legally available for FDA-approved research and medical purposes in the U.S In 1974, the monopoly was transferred to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), which had just been create The NIDA monopoly has prevented research on various aspects of the plant and its cannabinoids Schedule I drug must gain approval from the FDA, yet for studies with marijuana, researchers must submit their protocols for an additional review process by NIDA and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that exists for no other drug NIDA’s has monopoly power! results in lengthy delays or refusals in providing research material. What this means financially... As stated in Vice News, the DEA and FDA is basically saying that Marijuana is not medicine. It has no beneficial factors to it High potential for abuse It has been four decades(since 1973) since the DEA has first started to obstruct marijuana rescheduling. What are they looking for? No: Growing, possessing, or using marijuana for nonmedical purposes would be illegal. Medical purposes ONLY! Medical Properties of CBD Effects: What does this mean? Greenish, dried up leaves and flowers of a hemp plant (weed, bud, herb) Commonly used by smoking Can also be used to make drinks and food Different forms: hash, oil, resin, shatter and wax. Two major components

The Green Leaves

Transcript: -Kenya colonized by British 1895, gained independence 1963 -Motivating force for Nyagar looting the thief -Money -Death -The villagers return in the morning to discuss the laws of the white men as well as their own, regarding the thief -Kenya, Luo people Money -Najwa's life was different when she was considered rich than when she was poor -One thief is killed; Nyagar goes back to loot the body Conclusion -Influences from both Christian parents and traditional grandparents Connections with Major Topics in other texts -Nnu Ego's husband has to earn a wage in a less-than-masculine position -The binary of men vs women -Belief in rebirth Grace Ogot -Women vs Men -Cattle thieves in the night -Preserve traditional culture for its own sake -When the men returned from the chase of the thief, “The women must have been awake but they dared not talk to their husbands” (Ogot 643) -Uses the story to exaggerate the disadvantageous position of African women -Unfortunate reliance on men in most of our texts- Najwa on her love interests, Nnu Ego and her father and husband, Diana Hoffmeyer and her brother -Death is one of the driving forces in nearly all of our texts -Named a delegate to the General Assembly of the UN in 1975 What significance do you think there is in the device of the "Green Leaves?" -tradition vs western culture -European and Luo ways of dealing with death- Nyamundhe grieves for her husband, European authorities seek to kill the killer -Author, Grace Ogot: First African woman to be published by the East African Publishing House. -Impact of Colonialism Death A Short Summary -Born May 15th, 1930, Nyanza district of Kenya A Brief Background and Summary Women vs Men The Green Leaves Impact of Colonialism -Nyagar is discovered beneath the Green Leaves, and the village despairs that an evil hand has descended upon it -“Don’t deceive yourself that you have enough wealth. Nobody in the world has enough wealth” (Ogot 644) -European Law vs Luo Law (comparison with Death and the King's Horseman) -Luo vs British culture- death is the end vs death is part of the cycle

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