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Green Leaf With Drops Powerpoint Template

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Green Leaf

Transcript: Operations Green Flooring Market Demand Innovation and sustainability at the heart of what we do. Green Leaf - Environmental Consultancy Holistic Approach How Car fee Rewards Scheme Shopping Centre Shuttle Service Risks Limited Main Risk = Lack of demand No wages will be taken over the first 6 months. The main initial expense incurred is from marketing. Revenue is generated via consultancy fee and sales commission. Growth slow over 1-2 years with a sharp increase to follow. Cash-flow tight over first 3 years. How Kinetic Energy = Electrical Energy Why Can be modified to provide advertising Corporate image benefits Consumers create renewable energy without inconvenience Footfall statistics Green Connections Financials Green Connections – Sustainable and integrated transport networks Green Flooring – Smart flooring, capturing our energy Green Knowledge – Empowering the community Benefits Consumer – Interactive Experience Companies – Green Leases Shopping Centre - Sustainable buildings are more attractive to both occupiers and investors (Adrian Penfold, Land Security) Future Aims Create a recognised accreditation scheme Offers marketing Adds validity to our business and ideas Develop a design branch to the business • The retail sector in the UK is extremely large - The retail industry: statistics and policy (2015). • The green economy in the UK is large and growing – A green economy (House of Commons, 2012). • Retail is the second largest consumer of energy in the UK, costing the sector £3.3 billion in 2013. (David Atkins, Chief Executive of Hammerson) • Consumers care – How Consumers Shop (CBRE, 2014). • Potential savings • Corporate Social Responsibility Our Concept How Interactive Displays Powered by Pavegen pads Green Knowledge Why Increase awareness Displays will be relatable Why Incentive alongside disincentive Corporate image benefits Car fee is cheaper than city centre parking/Park & Ride A new source of income for Centre Thank you for listening!

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