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Transcript: Ortega, Adriana Pacheco,Jazmín GREEN GLOBE HISTORY HISTORY Committed to the environment Technological innovation Quality professionals Green Globe Sustainability and Environmental Projects is a company founded by three professionals with experience and experts in the different areas of the environment, engineering, law, urbanism and new technologies. Was awarded in the contest 'Hacemos Málaga 2015'. We also have a network of collaborators who work together with us, complementing our work, such as environmental engineers, jurists, architects, geologists, etc. ABOUT US? ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS It offers its services throughout the national territory, in Latin America and collaboration in continental and intercontinental projects. It has a team and a network of associated professionals, offering quality work at the best price. Ensure and control conditions in the environment of projects, plans and programs. They carry out environmental impact studies. EVALUATION AND STUDY OF ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT 1.PROJECTS We carry out restoration and repopulation projects. These are activities that have an impact on the environment. always to the most economic and efficient measures. REPUBLICATION AND RESTORATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT 2.PROJECTS The obligation to improve the correct functioning of the activity ENVIRONMENTAL SURVEILLANCE PLANS 3.PROJECTS New constructions, rehabilitation of buildings, conditioning of facilities, etc. Using less polluting and more innovative technologies in the sector. RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY 4.PROJECTS

Green Globe

Transcript: Conserving Resources Consumable Goods Energy Consumption Water Consumption Reducing Pollution Wastewater Recycling Harmful Substances Other Pollutants Wildlife in Captivity Do good by always doing better. - situated on Eagle Beach in Aruba, - one of the top beaches in the world, - stylish, newly renovated rooms, - efforts to achieve: higher customer, employee satisfaction, unique product improvements, sustainability, to provide a memorable vacation experience. USING THE GREEN GLOBES CERTIFICATION PROCESS ENSURES: • Energy conservation • Lowered water consumption • Responsible use of materials • Efficient use of Project Team time a luxurious five-star property, located in the heart of Dubai, solar panel which are used for heating hot water, 2014 - electricity usage reduced by 4,3%, water usage decreased by 11,3%. Sustainability Training (2 days) – €1450 About Green Globe Services offered from Paris / France: the first airport to achieve Green Globe certification - Leeds Bradford International Airport the first educational establishment to achieve Green Globe certification - Les Roche Hotel Management School in Switzerland Community Development Local Employment Support Local Entrepreneurs Respect Local Communities Employee Protection Implement a Sustainability Management System Legal Compliance Employee Training Customer Satisfaction Promotional Materials Interpretation Communications Strategy Health and Safety Certification levels Standard criteria Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa Resources: the global certification for sustainable tourism for companies and organizations with positive contributions to people and planet Criteria The House a resort with 34 suites, situated on the west coast of Barbados in The Caribbean, a recycling program is in place, a solar hot water system provides 90% of the property´s hot water, inverter technology, parking lot light are controlled by photocells, towels, linen are donated to charity, old printers, toners are sent to a recycling facility. managing business to the highest level of sustainability managing the use of energy,water, reducing the use, promoting reuse and recycling of materials GG promote diversity, while respecting local cultures members always act in accordance with local law Industry categories: • Attraction • Business • Congress Center • Cruise Ships (River & Ocean) • Golf Course • Hotel & Resort • Meeting & Events • Organization • Restaurant • Spa, Health Center • Transportation • Travel Industry Code of Behavior Historical Artifacts Protection of Sites Incorporation of Culture Members (Turkey) roots back to the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992, consumption of non-renewable resources was leading to environmental degradation, for tourism organizations interested in measuring enviro impact. Jumeirah Creekside Hotel International standards Change towards a better tomorrow. Green Globe Certified Member - more than 50% of the criteria’s related indicators are achieved. Green Globe Gold Member - members that are certified for 5 consecutive years. Green Globe Platinum Member - members that are certified for 10 consecutive years certification, training, education, marketing services - in 83 countries worldwide - participating at all the world’s leading travel and tourism conferences. History Dominika Korbova A. Sustainable Management B. Social/Economic C. Cultural Heritage D. Environmental a score of 90 %, Platinum certificate, energy and water usage is monitored, significant reduction in energy consumption, an effective wastewater management plan, grey water is captured in an underground tank, waste and garbage converted into a gas, organic waste used as compost, kitchen oil is exported for recycling. • Club Med Bodrum Palmiye • Club Med Kemer • Club Med Palmiye • Mövenpick Hotel Ankara • Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul • Mövenpick Hotel Izmir • Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah 1994 - a Green Globe membership program was established, By 1995, Green Globe membership had risen to 350 in 74 countries, an important role at World Travel Market, helped to organize the exhibition’s first Environmental Awareness Day, 2002 - Green Globe Accreditation Green Globe Services • Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria • Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism Criteria • Baseline Criteria of the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas • Agenda 21 • ISO 9001 / 14001 / 19011 InterContinental based on internationally accepted criteria, active in harmonizing with other sustainability certification programs around the world, includes 44 core criteria supported by over 380 indicators, indicators vary by: - type of certification, - geographical area, - local factors. 100% energy efficient lighting, motion sensors, 100% non-smoking property, replacing EXIT signs with LED lighting, installing new air conditioning system. • Climate Change/Global Warming • Waste Management


Transcript: Popularity Credibility STRENGTHS BREEAM: The onset of Green Globes was BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology), developed in the 80’s to establish criteria for sustainable buildings. Based on the Canadian publication, Green Globes for Existing Buildings and Green Globes for New Buildings Canada were developed in 2000. GBI’s impact: The GBI developed the ANSI/GBI 01-2010: Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings to direct the development of Green Globes products. LEED alternative: The Green Building Initiative acquired U.S. rights in 2004 to the Green Globe building assessment and certification and adjusted it to the U.S. market. This was to provide an alternative to the strict LEED building rating system. In its early days, Green Globes was used for projects with limited budgets, seeing as the system could be completed without consultants to manage certification process; this made it much more affordable than LEED. Large windows and certain walls take advantage of natural light; triple-glazed glass Multi-purpose space HISTORY WEAKNESS Project: Brescia University College, Student Residence and Student Life Pavillion Location: London, Ontario Completion: 2013, Cornerstone Architecture in collaboration with Perkins+Will Certification: 5 Green Globes | Over 85% average in rating system spread over 7 categories; excelled in categories of emissions and indoor environment, weakness in materials & resources Highlights of the project: low flow fixtures, passive design elements, condensing boilers, high efficiency chillers, natural lighting, lighting controls, indoor air monitors and adaptable design features Noteable feature: Variant Refrigerant Flow - sustainable HVAC system CERTIFIED PROJECT VARIABLE REFRIGERANT FLOW GREEN GLOBES Green Globes vs. LEED Green Globes is designed to allow building owners and managers select which sustainability features best fit their building and occupants. The system recognizes projects that meet at least 35% of the 1,000 available points. Their custom-tailored approach helps clients to produce the most sustainable outcomes based on their building’s type and purpose. There are three modules in Green Globes: New Construction/Significant Renovations Commercial Interiors (i.e. Office Fit-ups) Existing Buildings (offices, multi-residential, retail, health care, light industrial) Interior of food services in Mercato OVERVIEW THE MERCATO Residence indicated in blue, student life pavilion in green Green Globes uses a streamlined on-line approach The Green Globes system uses an online questionnaire-based approach. Once the questionnaire has been completed, a report is automatically generated, which provides ratings, a list of achievements as well as recommendations. No need for binders or templates. Flexible Designed for use on building projects of any size, the Green Globes system is suitable for large and small buildings including offices, multi-family structures and institutional buildings such as schools, universities and libraries. Applies to new and existing buildings. From new construction, to fit-ups, retrofits and management and operations of existing buildings - the Green Globes suite of tools can help ensure that environmental goals are achieved continuously throughout a building’s life. Report updates made easy Online inputs can be changed for up to a year with an option to extend. This keeps the assessment up-to-date as the building parameters change through the project delivery stages. Secure Data that you provide online is confidential and is accessible to you and you alone. Verified data may be collected anonymously and used for statistical and benchmarking purposes, but no information that could identify your building or company is collected or used for this analysis. Supports Integrated Design Green Globes facilitates multi-disciplinary collaboration from the earliest stages of a project onward, and introduces the elements of sustainability in a logical sequence from goal setting to construction documents and building operations OVERALL OPINION Ease of Use Environmental gain Scoring Technique The Green Globes system is a building environmental design and management tool. It delivers online assessments, rating systems and guidance for green building design, operation and management. The system is characterized by being interactive, flexible and affordable, and while providing market recognition of a building’s environmental attributes through third-party verification. Green Globes prides itself with its ease of use. It is structured as a self-assessment to be done in-house using a project manager and the design team. This eliminates the cost of consultation services that have to be done for other green building and certification systems. The self-assessment is questionnaire-based, easy to navigate, uses plain language and comes with pop-up tips and a digital manual. It offers interactive guidance to help facilitate


Transcript: Survey a community As we have chosen Wat Dusitaram as our community target goal. We went to survey the community in order to know deeper about the target. Wat Dusitaram was located in Bangkok Noi Area. The Community congestion announced the establishment of a community since BE 2535. Interview Local people Problems Drug issues Lack of trash management Lack of books Target Group Process Part In conclusion Sending Books to a Receiver interviewee : Ms .Suda Prasertdee Q:Would you agree if we bring donated books to give to kids in your community ? A: Absolutely I would! Q:What do you think about this project ? A: That’s brillent! It would be very appriciated for both for children and their parents. Children need to have a lot of knowledge, it’s good for them. I, for example, can hardly read. Q:Do you have any suggestion ? A: I have no further suggestion. Anyway, I would like to thank you students a lot for seeing the importance of education children need. You know, nothing lasts as long as education. Thank you. Vice director of Wat Dusitaram school ( Ms. Thongsuk Ketphan ) we thought that we can do some project that can help the community. Setting up a project Introduction ( Mister Subin Limprasert ) Books Donation Project Promoting a campaign Asking for books Categorizing book types Activities GREEN GLOBE present Stimulating Kids Persuading Parents BOOK for KIDS :) The community’s committee and the former community’s leader Interviewee : Ms .Orawan Thongdeelert Q: Could you please describe us about your community condition ? A: Our community is a small community, there are so many temples as well as schools, the biggest one is right there in front of us, Watdusit School. Q: Are there any problems in your community ? A: Of cause. Q:What are the problems? A: Frankly, drug problems are still ongoing but least than ever before because of the polices and military. There are other casual problems a lot of communities face such as trash problems, thievery, etc. The community’s leader Summarizing a result After the seminar,our group had an opportunity to discuss about the problem Children today grow up tomorrow and they will be community power to develop community better From the seminar that held on October 19,2015 at Bangkok Noi District office ,we’ve learned about background of Bangkoknoi community ,tourist attractions even crimes and corruption and also the overall standard living of people around the area ( Ms.Nattarada Puangchan ) We have found that education is the key to improve learning for the young generation Project

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