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Green Color Template Powerpoint

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Color Green

Transcript: Green Color About the Color Green Green is the color between blue and yellow on the visible spectrum About the Color Green Green mostly symbolizes prosperity, agriculture, fertility Human's eyes are sensible to green, thus it's used in NVG Psychological Psychological Positive Green helps alleviate anxiety, depression, and nervousness. Positive Green also brings with it a sense of hope, health, adventure, and renewal Negative Green, like any color also has negative traits. Too much green or being surrounded by the wrong shade of green can bring up the feelings of boredom, lack of life Negative Many poisons are shown as color green Culture In Western cultures green represents luck, nature, freshness Culture In arabic and Persian and Arabic culture green is the color of Islam The color was relatively high in its resistance to chemical and physical changes Religion Egyptian mythology Osiris, lord of the dead and rebirth. His green skin symbolizes rebirth Religion Greek mythology Demeter is the goddess of the harvest . She was also goddess of sacred law and the cycle of life and death Buddhism Green is the color of balance and harmony Christianity Green is obtained by mixing Yellow (trials) with Blue (Word of God). Therefore, the biblical meaning of color Green is immortality Islam Green is considered to be the color of Islam, In the Quran, it is associated with paradise, Business Business Renewable energy, nature friendly, safe environment Green in opposite of red, which means safety

Color green

Transcript: History Extraction of the color green Pigmenting: coloring with pigments Basics Acetone Organic compound-Solvent It's highly polar Denatured alcohol Breaks the cells into parts to separate the pigments It's better than water-It splits the aqueous impurity from the pigments in the leave, because chlorophyl is soluble acetone It is alkaline so it doesn't produce pheophytins in the process 2 ways to extract the pigment alum (aluminum ammonium sulfate) bibliography "Making Natural Dyes from Plants." Crafts Pioneerthinkingcom RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Sept. 2013. <>. "Dye and Mordant." Dye and Mordant. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Sept. 2013. <>. "Natural Pigments." - Azurite, Red Earth Pigment. Karlorjet, n.d. Web. 23 Sept. 2013. <> Eastman, Michael. "Extraction of Natural Pigments -- Materials World Modules -- Department of Chemistry." Extraction of Natural Pigments -- Materials World Modules -- Department of Chemistry. Univesity of Texas, n.d. Web. 23 Sept. 2013. < of Natural Pigments/Extraction of Natural Pigments.htm>. afterward filter all non-soluble plant material In ancient Egypt green was the color of rebirth and life Green considered as the same color as blue, only separated to describe the color of the sea or trees Plants used for extraction Color green with mortar and pestle crush the plant and then add your solvent (acetone) By extraction This a a technique to separate one compound from a mixture we want to make chlorophyl into powder so that afterward we can make it more or less concentrated depending in what tone we want the color Additive color Camouflage Lasers-most clear and brightest - Artemisia species provide a range of greens from baby’s breath to nettle green. - Artichokes - Tea Tree – (flowers) green/black - Spinach (leaves) - Sorrel (roots) – dark green - Foxglove - (flowers) apple green - Lilac - (flowers) – green - Camellia - (pink, red petals) – green - Snapdragon - (flowers) – green - Black-Eyed Susans - Grass (yellow green) - Pigsweed (entire plant) yellow green - Red Pine (needles) green - Nettle - Broom – (stem) green - Larkspur - green – alum - Chamomile (leaves) – green Political movements Environmental campaigns How its done Method two (no need of acetone) What we are doing In science boil what you fileted and then you will be left with the chlorophyl and the water will be evaportated Vivacity nature life spring fresh youth jealousy love sexuality faeries dragons monsters devils poison safety Meanings How we are doing it Color fixative or mordant Middle Ages by : Juan Camilo Burckhardt, Mateo Valdéz, Jaime Soto 4 parts cold water to 1 part vinegar (not really proven, we can experiment with it) Ancient World 20th and 19th century A pigment is a substance that gives off a color Pigments reflect light depending on the wavelength selective absorption. The color of merchants and bankers filter the mixture you have so that you are only left with the liquid with the pigments Blend the plant We are extracting the chlorophyll (pigment) wait till the acetone evaporate to get your pigment powder Nature and romantic movements Complementary colors Method one 18th and 19th century a mordant helps the dye to bind with the fabric fibers

Color powerpoint

Transcript: Color Terms Mode – amount of color data that can be stored in a given file format Pixel – (dot) represents a color or shade RGB Mode RGB – Red, Green, Blue Represented by mixing various proportions and intensities of RGB colored light Additive colors – used for computer monitors Colors may vary from monitor to monitor CMYK Mode CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black Based on colors being partially absorbed as the ink hits the paper and being partially reflected back to your eyes Subtractive color CMYK – used in four color process printing Grayscale Mode Color Picker – lets you choose a color from a color spectrum or lets you numerically define a custom color Swatches palette – visual display of colors you can choose from Filters – PS commands that can significantly alter an image’s appearance Terms Foreground color – black by default Used to paint, fill, and apply a border to a selection Background color – white by default Used to make gradient fills (gradual blends of multiple colors Fill in areas of an image that have been erase Color Picker – lets you choose a color from a color spectrum or lets you numerically define a custom color Swatches palette – visual display of colors you can choose from Filters – PS commands that can significantly alter an image’s appearance What does your favorite color mean? RED Stimulates heartbeat and breathing Love and Warmth Symbolizes anger and aggression Outgoing/Passionate Personalities YELLOW Cheerful First Color to Grab Attention Optimistic Causes some to lose tempers BLUE Peaceful Tranquil/Calming Depressing Symbolizes Loyalty Increases Productivity PURPLE Royalty Sophistication Wealth Shyness Femininity GREEN Symbolizes Nature Calming Refreshing Masculinity Wealth ORANGE Full of Energy Enthusiastic Demands Attention BLACK Power Elegance Mystery Mourning Unhappiness WHITE Innocence Purity Simplicity Cleanliness Youth Painters in the late 19th century began to focus on colors in their artwork. They were known as the Impressionists. Later, in the early 20th century, the Expressionists evolved. They used color mostly to express emotions in their work. Claude Monet was one of the most popular Impressionist painters. Notice how the painting does not look real, but the layering of bright colors gives the impression of the church, water, and sky. This was painted by Post-Impressionist, Vincent van Gogh. He was in an asylum when he painted Starry Night. Notice how much blue he used in the painting. Do you think the color symbolizes anything? Edvard Munch’s “Scream”Expressionism Understanding Color Color is a wavelength of light Hue (chroma) – Name of color Intensity – Quality of brightness or Purity of color Saturated Color – Very intense Primary Colors – Red, Yellow Blue 3 colors in the spectrum of light that cannot be produced by a mixture of pigments Secondary – Combination of any two Primary colors (Orange, Green, Purple) Intermediate (Tertiary) – Combination of Primary and Secondary (Primary named first) Color Schemes Neutral – Don’t reflect any single wavelength of light, but create lightness and darkness Neutralized colors are “greyed” down or reduced in intensity Some are “semi-neutral”, showing more of a hue Analogous – Closely related colors on color wheel Complementary – Two colors directly opposite each other on the color wheel Split-Complementary – Color plus the two colors to the right and left of complement Triadic – Three equidistant colors on color wheel Warm Colors – Colors that include mostly reds or yellows Cool Colors – Colors that include mostly blues and greens Monochromatic – One color with its differing values Tints – A color plus white Shade – A color plus black RGB – Red, Green, Blue RGB – Red, Green, Blue Represented by mixing various proportions and intensities of RGB colored light Additive colors – used for computer monitors Colors may vary from monitor to monitor Represented by mixing various proportions and intensities of RGB colored light Additive colors – used for computer monitors Colors may vary from monitor to monitor

Color Green

Transcript: Color Green The color green means money, hope, life, the future and exploration "- A fresh, green breast of the new world" (The Great Gatsby/180) The color green symbolizes hope for the future and it can forshadow somthing bright and somthing exciting to happen. We can see green as being hopeful and as being the future, as being freshness and new the color green also repersents the green light that Gatsby spots from across the water on Daisy's house and it shows us that there is hope still in the future for Daisy and Gatsby the color green repersents nature, and all the beautiful trees and plants. nature is gorgeous and when you stop and realize it, it repersents a part of each of us in a way. Daisy needs to realize that even though her life is unhappy, and she wants Gatsby, she needs to realize what nature brings us and to follow her heart. "I thought of Gatsby's wonder when he first picked out the green light at the end of Daisy's dock..." (The Great Gatsby/180) Work Cited

Color: Green

Transcript: Dark green: There is a degree of resentment in dark green. Often used by wealthy businessmen, ambitious and always striving for more wealth, dark green signifies greed and selfish desire. Grass green: Grass green is the color of money. It is self-confident and secure, natural and healthy, occurring in abundance in nature. Yellow green: This color green suggests cowardice, conflict and fear. Pale green: As the color of new growth on plants, it indicates immaturity, youthfulness and inexperience. It allows us to see things from a new perspective, to make a fresh start. Color creates an instant subconscious judgment. Every colour and every shade creates associations and has a personality surrounding it. Colours can easily affect people’s mood. Green is associated with nature, health and healing, and the environment, creating a sense of compassion and nurturing for all. It encourages generosity, kindness and sympathy. Color: Green Colours play such an important role in your corporate identity. They could easily portray what sort of business you are running. Variations of the Color Green Green is closely associated with the environment and nature. APLICACIONES DE INFORMÁTICA COMERCIAL Green is also popular amongst technology to portray being more “energy friendly”. Emerald green: This is an inspiring and uplifting color suggesting abundance and wealth in all its forms, from material wellbeing, to emotional wellbeing to creative ideas. 4RV11 Cordova Fanti Rosina Jimenez Peza Diego Armando Mosqueda Cruz Raquel Ontiveros González Alicia Color: Green Instituto Politécnico Nacional Escuela Superior de Comercio y Administración This is the color of balance and harmony. This fresh colours is used a lot in skincare products to give the idea of the natural ingredients used. Green is... Beneficial for anything to do with health and healing. Ideal color to promote natural, safe, organic products. It is also beneficial in the promotion of environmentally friendly products. Suggests something 'new' and fresh. Motivates people to join social groups and satisfies their need to belong. Use green where you need people to see both sides of a situation as it aids in clear thinking and decision making. Darker greens relate to money, wealth and prestige, while lighter greens relate to growth and freshness. Using Green in Business Aqua: Aqua calms the spirit, offering protection and healing for the emotions.

color green

Transcript: COLOR GREEN Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growht, harmony, freshness and fertility. Green has a strong emotional correspondence with safety SCIENTIFIC CHARACTERISTICS Green is a secondary color formed by the union between yellow and blue. It is classified as a cool color, depending on the shade of green. Its complementary color can be magenta or red. GREEN IS GOOD FOR EVERYONE BUT EACH OF US PREFERS DIFFERENT TONALITIES SEASONAL COLOR ANALYSIS On a light skin and blond hair is recommended green oil and sage green. On a dark skin and brown hair is recommended green lawn, emerald or fluo variants. For the people with red hair, green is the perfect color match. Itten circle PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS Green color at a psychological level represents the resistance of change while physiologically it is elastic tension. The mining of it is associated with nature and health and rebirth WHO LIKES GREEN? THE PERSONALITY ASSOCIATED WITH GREEN People who like green are fair and balanced. They are people with clear and decisive ideas. Usually those who prefer green are a person of habitat and with a lot of self-esteem, always want to make a good impression. COLOR OF RELAX Green causes good: in addition to relaxation, for this it is useful for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. it also improves reflection and creativity. It calms us but also gives us energy at the same time. WHAT DOES INSPIRE THE GREEN? VERSACE JUNGLE COLLECTION BRAND/STYLIST The iconic collection Spring/Summer for the use of the green is Versace Jungle, that came out in 2020. The dress of inspiration for the whole collection is the Jungle dress, which is a variant of the dress that came out in 2000. It has a tropical print which will be the characteristic of that collection. Donatella Versace with this dress is internationally recognized. CURIOSITY ECO-SUSTAINABILITY Green is associated to eco-sustainability. Today to solve the problem of pollution many companies are making eco-friendly products, especially in the fashion industry that it is becoming very sensitive on this reality aspect. In fact a lot of brands are converting to this new way of producing such as: Zara, H&M, Philippe Model, Dior... STELLA McCARTENEY The iconic brand eco-sustainability is Stella McCarteney that is also the name of the stylist, the brand was born in 2011. She has started making clothes without animal derivatives because she has always been a vegetarian and then she has continued with the respect of the environment. So she has created the shaggy deer and the eco alter nappa. ID-Eight It was born in 2020 and it is an italian brand that is created by Giuliana Brozillo and Dong Seon Lee. The brand makes sneakers 100% eco-friendly with organic waste: ananas leafts and apple peels. The sneakers are unisex and the design is inspired by the 90s. A very interesting aspect is the packaging because they put inside the boxe with the products flower seeds. Sitography: SITOGRAPHY AND GLOSSARY Glossary: freshness- freschezza rebirth- rinascita balanced- equilibrata seeds- semi apple peels- buccia di mela

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