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Green Award Certificate Powerpoint Background Template

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Transcript: 10. 'm just a buffalo soldier in the heart of America 11. Stolen from Africa, brought to America 12. Said he was fighting on arrival, fighting for survival Said he was a buffalo soldier, win the war for America 13. Dreadie, woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 14. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy 15. Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 16. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy 17. Buffalo soldier troddin' through the land, wo-ho-ooh Said he wanna ran and then you wanna hand 18. Troddin' through the land, yea-hea, yea-ea 19. Said he was a buffalo soldier, win the war for America 20. Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta 21. Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 22. Driven from the mainland to the heart of the Caribbean 23. Singing, woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 24. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy 25. Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy 26. Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy When they arrived in America they were fighting for survival African Americans were brought from Africa to server in a war metaphor Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 22. Driven from the mainland to the heart of the Caribbean heart of america They sailed on a boat 27. Troddin' through San Juan in the arms of America Troddin' through Jamaica, a buffalo soldier Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta 28. Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy Woy yoy yoy, woy yoy-yoy yoy Woy yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy-yoy yoy Bob Marley Buffalo Soldier 11. Stolen from Africa, brought to America heart of the caribbean Metaphor Repitition 21. Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 1. Buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta There was a buffalo soldier in the heart of 2. America Stolen from Africa, brought to America Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 3. I mean it when I analyze the stench To me it makes a lot of sense 4. How the dreadlock rasta was the buffalo soldier 5. And he was taken from Africa, brought to America Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival 6. Said he was a buffalo soldier, dreadlock rasta Buffalo soldier in the heart of America 7. If you know your history 8. Then you would know where you're coming from 9. Then you wouldn't have to ask me Who the 'eck do I think I am By: Ruben Arutunian

Green Certificate: Congruence

Transcript: Congruence in Leadership To have your actions agree with your authentic and transparent intentions, values, and priorities that results with change. Choose one of the answers and modify your action if you feel it is needed What would you do? What would you do? 1.You wait to see if the item triggers the alarm 2.You chase after the customer to scan the item 3.You approach your manager and explain what happened 4.You forget about it and consider it an early Christmas gift for the customer 1.You ignore the gossip and pretend you did not hear anything 2.You join in and pipe up about what you had heard 3.You go directly to the president of the club 4.You confront the treasurer and request that they come forward 1.You talk to the teacher to take another look at your test. 2.You brag to your fellow classmates 3.You keep quiet and hope no one notices Situation 3 Situation 1 Look back at how you ranked the values in slide 2. In 1-2 sentences, explain how the response you chose relate to those values You are preparing for a midterm exam. You hear that the answers are being passed around by your peers. It seems that everyone in the class is utilizing the stolen answers. Look back at how you ranked the values in slide 2. In 1-2 sentences, explain how the response you chose relate to those values Choose one of the answers and modify your action if you feel it is needed Values & Reflection Values & Reflection What would you do? Knowing the Self Look back at how you ranked the values in slide 2. In 1-2 sentences, explain how the response you chose relate to those values Look back at how you ranked the values in slide 2. In 1-2 sentences, explain how the response you chose relate to those values Situation 3 You are an officer in a service club and a fundraiser event is coming up. You overhear some members gossiping about how the treasurer is embezzling fundraiser money for themselves Values & Reflection You are out at a party with your friends. At this time everyone has had a few drinks. The party is dying down and people are getting kicked out. Your drunken friend insists that they drive your drunken self and friend’s home. To be aware and conscious of your priorities, values, morals, and principles which you are committed to. They guide your everyday decisions which helps you live in a way that is true to yourself. The most important things get the most time & energy Keeping promises and admitting mistakes believe in capabilities & potentials Challenge self to do the right thing even when it is inconvenient Being aware of personal values and philosophies Authentic Leadership: The Ideal Definition You are in a group discussion about abortion. Everyone in the group seems to agree on their viewpoint except for you. From the list of values below, rank them in order of importance to you. In order to truly know yourself, keep in mind the following: Values & Reflection Authentic Leadership Situation 1 Choose one of the answers and modify your action if you feel it is needed What would you do? You are in a restaurant and you overhear your waiter refer to the broken Pepsi machine as gay. Situation 3 You are dog sitting your neighbor’s dog for some extra cash. Your neighbor does not have cell service and will not be back in town for a few days. You notice the dog ate some dark chocolate and you are aware that chocolate is very harmful to dogs. Choose one of the answers and modify your action if you feel it is needed Choose one of the answers and modify your action if you feel it is needed Choose one of the answers and modify your action if you feel it is needed 1.You pretend you did not see the chocolate wrappers and you move on with your day 2.You go to the vet and pay for the appointment yourself. When your neighbor comes back you insist on being reimbursed. 3.You choose not to go to the vet because you refuse to pay for the bill 4.You consider going to the vet a good deed and pay for it out of your own pocket. You decide not to tell your neighbor about the bill Values & Reflection What would you do? You took a really hard test which you did not study for. You receive the test back and you got a 100%. You look through the test and realize that you did not get marked off for some wrong answers. Situation 2 Knowing the Self: Definition To find the inner strength to act in congruence with your core values even when it is inconvenient. Values & Reflection To take the initiative to exercise the values and principles that has the most importance to you. Rank your values! Choose one of the answers and modify your action if you feel it is needed Look back at how you ranked the values in slide 2. In 1-2 sentences, explain how the response you chose relate to those values Look back at how you ranked the values in slide 2. In 1-2 sentences, explain how the response you chose relate to those values The bill for your family’s health insurance is coming up and you realize that you do not have enough money to pay for it. Definition Congruence

Pygmalion Background Powerpoint

Transcript: Eliza's accent was rather peculiar and immediately gave away her humble background and upbringing. She spoke "Cockney" dialect of the English language, a dialect which was associated with the suburbs of east London, the East End. Around the time when "Pygmalion" was published the East End of London grew to be associated with poverty and destitute. My fair lady phonetics Author Shaw was a very prolific writer, writing over 50 plays in addition to articles, reviews, essays, and pamphlets. His popularity rose in the early 1900s and he started to become a famous, well-respected playwright. In 1925, he was recognized for his work with the Nobel Prize in Literature and he died 25 years later, at the age of 94. The character of Higgins is said to have been inspired by Henry Sweet (1845–1912), a great phonetician whose works, including his History of English Sounds, Ango-Saxon Reader, and the History of Language, are still staples of the study of Old English and the philology of English. Summary About the title Pygmalion Background Powerpoint Historical Background Cockney accent Shaw wrote Pygmalion in 1912, but he took its name from something way, way older: an Ancient Greek myth. The most famous of its many versions can be found in the Roman poet Ovid's Metamorphoses. He left behind him a truly massive corpus of work including about 60 plays, 5 novels, 3 volumes of music criticism, 4 volumes of dance and theatrical criticism, and heaps of social commentary, political theory, and voluminous correspondence. By, Jose Rios Conclusion in this beloved musical, pompous phonetics professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) is so sure of his abilities that he takes it upon himself to transform a Cockney working-class girl into someone who can pass for a cultured member of high society. His subject turns out to be the lovely Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn), who agrees to speech lessons to improve her job prospects. Higgins and Eliza clash, then form an unlikely bond -- one that is threatened by an aristocratic suitor (Jeremy Brett). Characters. Eliza Doolittle is the main character in the story. She is first introduced as an unpolished, foul-mouthed flower girl but is transformed into a beautiful woman. Professor Higgins is a linguist who believes he can transform Eliza Doolittle into a duchess in six months. Pygmalion who could find nothing good in women, and, as a result, he resolved to live out his life unmarried. Company Logo

Background template

Transcript: 1 - Besnoy, K. (2012). 'Culturally Diverse Gifted', http: // 2 - Davidson Institute. (2006). State mandates for gifted programs as of 2006. Retrieved May 19, 2013 from http: // 3- Davis, G. A., & Rimm, S. B. (2003). Education of the gifted and talented. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. 4 - Ford, D. Y, & Grantham, T C. (2003). Providing access for culturally diverse gifted students: From deficit to dynamic thinking. Theory Into Practice, 42, 217-225. 5 - Ford, D. Y., Grantham, T. C., & Whiting, G. W. (2008). Culturally and linguistically diverse students in gifted education: Recruitment and retention issues. Exceptional Children, 74(3), 289-306. 6 - VanTassel-Baska, J., Lange, R.E., & Crammond, B. (2010). International Giftedness. http: // 7 - WISE Qatar, (2012). 'Gifted Students', http: // Linguistic - Using English-based assessments can lead to erroneous conclusions. Cultural - Traditional customs and gender roles differ between groups. Economic - The effects of poverty lead to a focus on survival more than education. Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Gifted Education: Recruitment & Retention Issues Do we hold negative, stereotypical, or counterproductive views as defined by Ford and Grantham? WE ARE TEACHERS And We Help To Shape The Students’ Futures! FORGET about IQ- Alternative Assessments 5 Asian American students are NOT! Provide enrichment activities to students who are perceived "not ready" for gifted programs. 5 These students deserve a chance to shine and should be provided with support and opportunities to demonstrate their giftedness. "We suggest that deficit thinking and the use of traditional tests (especially IQ tests) and lack of teacher referral of CLD students for gifted education screening and placement are the primary contributing factors to underrepresentation." Bias 5 C) the burden rests with (or within) the student (e.g., he/she is cognitively inferior or "culturally deprived") Testing & Assessment Issues "The bright and the hungry ... are crucial to our success" Strengths Themes References Terminology 4 Make adjustments to your lessons with special attention to vocabulary acquisition. 1. Background/Bias stop students from being identified 2. Standardized test scores stop referrals 3. Lack of training in cultural diversity as well as gifted education 4. Lack of communication with cultural diverse parents whether intentional or unintentional 5. Policies & procedures that are both indefensible and have a negative impact on CLD students 6. Static definitions & theories of gifted that give little consideration to cultural differences Culturally diverse students are those that may come from different regions and races, social backgrounds, and may also be economically disadvantaged. English may even be their second language. Retention 2, 3 IQ or intelligence quotient is a general assessment of your ability to think and reason. Your IQ score is actually an indication of how you compare in this ability with the majority of people in your age group. A rating of 100, for example, means that, as compared to the majority of other people in your age group, you have a normal rate of intelligence. Most psychologists consider those falling in the range of 95-105 as having a normal or average IQ. Since it is difficult to pinpoint with absolute accuracy, your actual IQ may vary 5 points either way from your test score. In addition, there are many factors that may affect your scoring. If you are tired, ill or distracted, your score may be affected. Finally, there are many abilities which are not measured by IQ testing. For example, IQ does not measure musical talent, manual dexterity, or a variety of other abilities. However, IQ testing does give you an important indication of your ability to think, reason and solve problems. This is critical to your success in life. The IQ Test is comprised of 15 questions. Be sure to view your results at the end of this test. Do not begin until you are instructed to do so. You will have 3 minutes. Good luck! Reasons for Poor Test Performance of CLD students: Raven's Progressive Matrices 5 Become aware of teacher bias. Why do educators serve less Hispanic, Black, and Aboriginal students than White? (A) the burden rests within the test (e.g., test bias); 6 Limitations IQ Test Instructions This is the main reason educators should become more aware of their students who may be underserved and underrepresented. "As of 2002, Asian American students represented 4.42% of students in U.S. schools but 7.64% of those in gifted education" - No clear suggestions as to how to retain students in Gifted education. – Also does not compare states among one another. Ideally: Naglieri Non-Verbal Ability Test & Raven's Progressive Matrices Assess students from the perspective of individual learning styles. Currently: The first step is

Green Award

Transcript: Garland UK Green Award The Challenge The Challenge Garland UK are embracing the reduction in the use of plastics by Creating and demonstrating a roadmap on a 'Greener, 'Sustainable Future' The Now Garland UK are working hard to reduce all streams of waste, especially plastic! But How? The War On Plastic Team Team Throughout our campaign to be greener and more sustainable, we are educating our team on various environmental and sustainable topics Training Training Training topics include toolbox talks and team discussions on; Environmental Awareness Waste Management Reclcyling Sustainability A team of Champions working towards achieving our Sustainability pledge to be Carbon net zero by 2032 Sustainability Team Charlotte Fenwick Nikki Burton Alex Priddle Andrew Dickens Courtney Philogene Emilie Spence Processes Processes Garland UK have been improving process to help tackle plastic Reducing plastic Reducing Garland UK have installed filtered water dispensers to encourage people to bring in there cups and refillable bottles and stop buying single use plastic bottled water. To add to this, all dispenscer bottles are returner=d to source to be refilled. Garland UK have also been working with supply chains to ensure plastic packaging is minimised and that all packaging is made from recyled material. 70/30 mixed recyled plastic packaging from all suppliers stats - avg office em[loyee will dring 10 bottles 1l bottles a week by providing a refillable station we reduce the 95% less Reusing & Repurposing Reusing Garland Branded water bottles and travel cups available for the team to encourage not to use single plastic. Garland UK have donated old computer/IT equipment to a local school. Head of the School says “We are incredibly grateful for the generosity that you have shown donating the laptops to Avonmouth C of E Primary School. These will enable so many more pupils to access both their online classroom and more importantly the live sessions so that they are able to communicate with their friends and teachers. We would like to thank you all very much for supporting our community in this way.”​ Recycling Garland UK have embraced their responsibility on the recycling and segragation of waste in offices and kitchens. On top of recycling, our Warehouse team have been busy bailing our plastic and cardboard which is sent to a specilised recycling plant to be repurposed Recyling Waste and Environmental Audits Audits Weekly audits are being done to check on waste segragation. These waste audits ensures all waste is recyled and less general waste is produced Results Results Garland UK has seen an increase in weight/volume/collections of recyled waste over the past quater. Comparison 2021-2022 Ink cartridges are sent to a green company to be refilled and repurposed - NB to send evidence Recycle table Money recieved from the bailed plastic and cardboard The Team are actively being more concious of disposing of waste Sustainability Garland UK's vision The Sustainable Future Roadmap to Sustainability Road Map Garland UK's 4 Pillars Garland UK have prioritised 4 areas within the scope of our Sustainability Commitment The 4 Pillars Our commitment Carbon Garland will be a Net-Zero carbon business by 2032. To achieve our aims are; To publish our Carbon Reduction Plan, our carbon footprint and plans to reduce emmissions by 2024 To become carbon neutral by 2025, gaining PAS 2060 Carbon Neutrality certification To achieve Science Based Targets validation by 2027 and net-zero carbon by 2032 Our Commitment Resource Efficiency Garland UK will achieve zero avoidable waste to landfill by 2027 and zero waste to landfill by 2030. To achieve this our aims are; To ensure all materials are sustainably resourced To promote the inclusion of the existing roof system where it can be reused Incorporate circular economy principles and waste hierachy in all specificsations we fullfil zero waste to landfill by 2030 Our Commitment Working with our clients and suppliers Garland UK will create a Social Value Framework, which will maximise, measure and report on the positive social value outcomes for the communities in which we operate. To achieve this we will; Identify and support organisations and groups of people requiring support and employment, including; small to medium enterprises (SMEs), voluntary, community & social enterprises (VCSEs), diverse-owned businesses, local people, unemployed and ex-offenders Support our client’s ambitions and targets to improve social value outcomes, in reference to Procurement Policy Note 06/20 for social value Support and engage with educational institutions offering career advice, work experience, and STEM engagement days or similar Social Value Our Commitment We will ensure that all employees are trained on the mandatory sustainability topics relevant to their role. All members of our team will complete continual learning on relevant sustainability topics and be empowered to develop new innovative solutions that

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