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Green Apple

Transcript: Political/legal: Health Scores/Sanitation Licenses and permits requirements Economy Cost of fresh produce First time business owner (family business) Societal Food/Health conscientious consumers Trend for fresh ingredients and fresh food Technology Industrial grade kitchen equipment Internet presence to deploy promotions (increase traffic/sales) Market Analysis & Strategies (STPs) Questionnaire • Initial investment: business purchase • Time commitment and time vested Fixed/Operations Cost: Rent and Utilities (water, electric, wifi) Insurance Restaurant Loans (investment) Marketing expenses Variable: Production Supplies, Raw products/ingredients Staff wages Credit Card Fees Situation Analysis (5Cs) There is a disturbing lack of social media presence, from the absence of a website to the inconsistencies on Facebook and Instagram. We advise to create a strong Integrated Marketing Communications plan based on consistency on Green Apple’s brand. We recommend investing in newspaper and radio ads, printed publicity, promotions, such as coupons and social media check in aps. Based on the products and services provided by Green Apple, we conclude that their main competitors are Siempre Natural and Jason’s Deli. However, after reviewing our data, we are sure that Siempre Natural is by far their biggest threat. Both, Siempre Natural and Jason’s Deli are chain restaurants, which makes it difficult to compete against because of their stronger financial backing and bigger market share. The best course of action to overcome these chains would be for Green Apple to focus on maximizing the benefits of a sole-proprietorship establishment, such as authenticity, flavor, promotion flexibility, menu items, price control, and different employee benefits. Hugo Ramos - Massiel Muñoz MARK 6310.02 – Spring 2016 Dr. Arturo Z. Vasquez-Parraga May 4th, 2016 Thank you for coming in! We hope to see you again soon Green Apple’s main target segment is primarily composed of Hispanic, bilingual, adult professionals with disposable income that surround the establishment on a 5 mile radius proximity and are more likely to dine out for lunch. The individuals on this segment are particularly interested in healthy, fast, and fresh lunch and dinner options. Our research revealed that 31 customer out of 56 drive less than 1 mile for lunch. Segmentation Context Comments! Questions? The targeting efforts include limited discount promotions and online advertisement, such as coupons and social media advertisement. A number of suggestions to increase targeting effectiveness are first of all to come up with a strong Integrated Marketing Communication plan. Which includes, the creation of a website to display menu, products, promotions, and contact information, build a strong social media presence, invest in newspaper and radio ads, participate in community based events in order to gain good faith and word of mouth. Green Apple should offer a carry out menu and provide a Carry-Out Parking Space for the convenience of the customer. Executive Summary Siempre Natural, Jackson Rd - Facebook Likes Data Conclusion Green Apple emphasizes on ready to order meals and fresh assortments of tossed, cold and pasta salads. The restaurant features a Daily Special, which offers the best value and variability within the menu for repeat guests. Collaborators Green Apple Salads and More is a family-owned restaurant. The menu includes made-to order juices and smoothies as well as an assortment of tossed, cold and pasta salads. The fast casual restaurant, focuses on Mexican staple foods (with a little of an American flair) and an emphasis on healthy food alternatives. Green Apple would like to expand its business by having more salad options for its guests, a bigger restaurant with a walk-in fridge, and open addition locations in the Rio Grande Valley. Some of its short-term goals include reaching and maintaining daily sales of $1,000. Currently most of Green Apple’s sales are based on repeat business; although, they have a very loyal customer base this is limiting to their growth as they are not servicing as many new guests. Tactical Plan (4Ps) Targeting 7days, 11:40a-1:40p, 56 participants Place The restaurant features a Daily Special, which offers the best value and variability by grouping an entrée, soup and drink at a reduced price. Company Executive Summary Product Positioning We conclude that in order to achieve higher profits, gain a bigger market share, and establish a strong brand, they must first prioritize their identity as a company. Green Apple must create and follow a strong service core in order to maximize profits and secure customer loyalty. Having integrated marketing communications is key to their future success. Time and Money Green Apple - Facebook Likes Data Total MEP Knowledge........................priceless Green Apple staff mentioned and compared itself to Corner Bakery. However, based on our observations, locations size, menu selection and entire

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Transcript: Strategic Finance Research Presentation Theoretical and practical aspects of business valuation based on DCF-method (Bilych А.V., 2013) DCF Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) models uses a variety of methods to valuate a company which includes Free Cash Flow to Firm (FCFF) and Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE) DCF method is valued because it shows expected profits and possibilities of growth DCF is considered complex and a valuable tool because it needs data about the company’s financial and operational situation as well as investments The points to note when forecasting FCF in the long term are: Duration to consider Strategic implications of the business growth Size of the company Company’s life cycle and its growth rate Competitive advantage of the firm and the market share The article also shows two other ways to calculate company value – adjusted present value (APV) model and dividend discount (DD) model However, they are not widely used because of their complexity and explicit information required Methodology Methodology DCF uses the principals of Net Present Value (NPV) theory and value of the investments considering the time value of money It is helpful to understand how the cash flows will change in long term Accept only positive NPV projects Enterprise value = FCFF + [One +WACC ratio] The author recommends that DCF method is a convenient tool to evaluate the company because of the ease to find information Results Results The cost of capital and financial risk from investors’ perspective (Doval E., 2018) Cost of Capital This article was chosen to understand the elements of cost of capital from the perspective of a potential investor Cost of capital plays an important role for financing projects in the company because it would be less riskier to invest in public listed companies To understand if the potential investment will give the minimum required return Methodology Methodology Appropriate correlation between equity and debt is necessary as the capital structure impacts the cost of capital and hence, the smaller the cost of debt the smaller will be the cost of capital. Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) is an appropriate method since they are made of different structure but the articles warns to not trust the result of WACC blindly because of the historical figures Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is the best method for cost of equity The ratio of interest and principal is used for cost of debt Results There are many uses of cost of capital: To understand the firm’s risk when borrowing money To calculate present value of future cash flows To assess the yield for stockholders’ return To evaluate the company’s market value However, WACC can vary based on the chosen elements and timeline Results Corporate cash holdings and acquisitions (Lie, E. and Liu, Y., 2018) Acquisitions Investors return is minimized when cash is chosen as part of the payment but excess cash can be bad if used for other investments If a company has too much cash, then it could signal that the cash will be used for sub-par projects If the firm that is acquiring has large cash holdings, then it can expect smaller announcement returns In the article it states that it holds true even if the deal itself is made via stocks not cash Methodology Methodology A firm is allowed to over invest with insufficient cash reserves if the acquisition is financed with stocks. The article also points out that financing a merger with stocks will on an average have a negative stock return for the buyer It suggests that the investors choose to deal with stock even is sufficient cash is available for the deal 3 groups were divided based on 2785 acquisitions: Paid in cash Paid in stock Mix Results Results There is no negative correlation between announcement returns when there is cash or mixed payment but announcement returns will be negative if the firm has considerable cash holding when the payment was made in cash The results suggest that the the announcement returns tends to be negative if the company holds more cash However, larger cash holdings will improve operational performance disproving the theory that having higher cash holdings will more likely lead to worse acquisitions References Group Bilych, А.V., 2013. Theoretical and practical aspects of business valuation based on DCF-method (discounted cash flow). Економіка АПК, (8), pp.78-84. Doval, E., 2018. The Cost Of Capital And Financial Risk From Investors’ perspective. Review of General Management, 27(1). Lie, E. and Liu, Y., 2018. Corporate cash holdings and acquisitions. Financial Management, 47(1), pp.159-173. Group Members EF5169 Group Members Urmi Sitholiwal Yien Shin Tan Nada Alzahrani Meghana Rameshrao Una Mironova Hamza Razzaque Ran Duan

Green Apple

Transcript: -In 2016, the carbon footprint was 29.5 million metric tons compared to the 38.4 million metric tons a year before. -Significant decline in greenhouse gas emissions: decreased 150,000 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions -More efficient programs led to same amount of energy used for greater amount of supply -Installed 485 megawatts of wind and solar projects in China, significantly decreasing non-renewables such as coal and nat gas Sustainability Goals -Increased significant collaboration and engagement with industries for environmental causes -Creating more jobs from the world's largest private solar array and fuel-cell farm -Now ranked one of the top corporations for the lead for green practices; good public image -Is in the Big 5: Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft Sustainability and Economy Green Practices Green Practices Cont. Apple's goal is to "achieve a net-zero impact on the world's supply of sustainable virgin fiber" What does that mean? It wants to get 100 percent of its paper packaging from renewable sources in which trees are grown and harvested in a sustainable fashion. APES connection: Includes no clear cutting forestry Sustainability Goals Cont. -94% of all corporate campuses and data centers are powered by renewable -Next step is to extend the efforts to its retail stores -In 2011, Apple earned the reputation for being the worst climate offender, but now leading the charge for reducing carbon footprint -Attempts to do a lot of work in factories in China since they still do dump toxic wastes in water supply -Materials in devices must require minimal energy, be as recyclable as possible, and be free of conflict minerals -Intends to use a lot of solar energy in a remote desert Green Apple Goal's Impacts on Environment Apple also stated that their goal is to create a supply chain that will be entirely powered by renewable energy. Currently, they generate 87% of its worldwide facilities by renewable energy. To make it fully 100%, it will require 60 times more power from renewable such as wind, solar, bio gas, geothermal, and hydro power Works Cited

Apple Powerpoint

Transcript: Eddy Cue (Internet Software and Services) Scott Forstall (iOS Software) Jonathan Ive (Industrial Design) Bob Mansfield (Hardware Engineering) Peter Oppenheimer (Chief Financial Officer) Phillip W. Schiller (Worldwide Marketing) Bruce Sewell (General Counsel) Jeff Williams (Operations) Eddy Cue Apple Stock Info - iTunes users are reportedly receiving refunds because of hackers. - Reports of iTunes Store accounts cleaned out by thieves. - iTunes accounts and information are being changed because of hackers. - Tim Cook (New) Phillip W. Schiller $310.50 $496.75 52-Week High: Kevin Lee CEO: Executives/Senior VP: Services Future of APPL stocks Even though Apple has some controversy with iTunes, it is still said that the stock is going to be going up. Peter Oppenheimer - Steve Jobs (died) If you invest in a APPL stock you will most likely have a gain. Jeff Williams Div/Yield: N/A Apple I computers were first sold at the "Homebrew Computer Club" which was sold for $666.66. With it's overly popularity on Apple computer designs, it started to have many sales all around the country. Then later, all around the world. Interesting Fact: Prev. Closing price: New products: Evaluation Apple also made the first consumer digital cameras. The Apple Quicktake was launched in 1994 and was discontinued later in 1997. Apple sells over 1 Million computers per year. How it was found: Products / Services History of the Apple logo iMacs / Macbooks iPhone / iPod Touch Headphones Wireless Mouse / Keyboard 52-Week Low: 476.68 Overall: - iPhone 4s - iPad 2 / iPad3 52-week graph Esablished / Founders: Products THANK YOU iTunes thieves: P/E Ratio rate: Ticker symbol: AAPL The highest and lowest price at which a stock has traded in the past 12 months, or 52 weeks. Free Tutoring for any products you are having a problem with. (Computers, applications, etc) CEO / Executives Jonathan Ive Apple is incorporated with NASDAQ stock About Apple Scott Forstall FIN April 1, 1976 in Cupertino, California Bob Mansfield Steve Job, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne Bruce Sewell 14.04 Current News Apple Research Project

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