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Greek Mythology Athens Powerpoint Template For Kids

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Greek Athens

Transcript: Cultural Technological Greek Athens Owned there own land. Native born men could be citizens entitled to the full protection. People could change classes if they made more money. Slaves had no power in the greek community. Slaves made up one-third of the total population in some citystates. By: Zacherie Altimus, Jerry Arzola Athens is located in the country of Greece. It is surrounded by a large countryside. In the midde of town two hills with monuments of Age of Pericles, Lycabettus with the picturesque chapel of Ai Giorgis. Along the coast of the Mediterranean sea. The average high in the middle of July is about 93F. Social Religious 1556 - 1506 BC Cecrops I (50 years—Death) Cimon was born into Athenian nobility in 510 BC. He was a member of the Philaidae clan. Hagnon held military command for Athens on several occasions, in the Samian War of 440 BC. Political They had the same religion, same basic culture, and same language. Athenian democracy developed in the Greek city-state of Athens First known democracies. The greatest and longest lasting democratic leader was Pericles Only adult male Athenian citizens who had completed their military training as ephebes had the right to vote in Athens. Streets wre paved with limestone blocks, griders cut in square blocks, and on one side a small gutter for the drainage of rain water. A shower room for female athletes with plumbed in water is depicted on an Athenian vase. Important Indivuals Geographical The Ancient Greeks were the first Europeans to read and write with an Alphabet, which eventually led to all modern European languages. Fabrics were intensely colored and usually decorated with intricate designs. Homes were designed to keep people cool in the hot summers and cool in the cold winters. Men and woman would keep in different parts of the house. God's act like humans and not as much as gods. They dont have there own set of myths when it comes to there religion. Religion is mostly like monothestic like judaiam and islam. Supreme Greek god was Zeus Zeus had defeated his father cronus and over ruled his father making him supreme.

Greek Mythology Powerpoint

Transcript: Arachne Artistry Artistry The historical background is that that is where we get the name for the spider arachnid. Historical Background Philosophy Philosophy The theme present in this story is power. The power that Athena had to turn her into a spider and the power Arachne had of weaving. Themes A symbol present in this story is the web, the web to weave and the web that she would have to make as a spider. Symbols The moral present in this story is not to brag or boast because there are always consequences that come with it. Moral Messages Connection Points ConnectionPoints The Greek values presented in this story is the fact that the gods were powerful and they were supposed to be looked up at rather than down. Greek Values The Greek Mythology presented in this story is the fact that gods had a lot of power just like Athena was able to turn Arachne into a spider. Greek Mythology This relates to modern culture because just like in today's world when people boast they are punished. Modern Culture The Story The Story There once was a skillful weaver by the name of Arachne Exposition Boasting about her skill Athena was enraged. Rising Action Athena weaved scenes where the humans were punished by gods while Arachne weaved scenes where the gods were punished by humans. Climax Athena threw Hecate’s potion onto Arachne which transformed her into a spider and condemned her to weave for eternity. Falling Action Athena got her revenge and Arachne got what she deserved for boasting. Resolution

Athens, Greek

Transcript: Connection with Warsaw: Arrive at Warsaw at 2:20pm, leave for Athens at 10:40pm Business Assignment Breakfast: Business meeting will start at 6pm in Greece (11am in Toronto), 4 hours long Going around Athens Itinerary I chose this hotel as it is three stars so its not in poor condition, and is still cheap compared to most other hotels Address: Leoforos Marinou Antipa 107, Ilioupoli, Athens, Greece Hotel 5.80 Euros for vegan breakfast meal (8.58 Canadian $) Apollo Hotel located at 10, Achilleos Street Athens Attiki Athens, Greece Address: Akadimias 84, Athens, Greece Arrival time: 2:25 am in Athens Vegetable curry 7 Euros (10.34 Canadian $) Different time zones, for an example when its 6pm in Greece its 11am in Toronto. This could affect trading as we wont always be able to get in contact due to different time zones. We will also have to adjust to the time difference Trade Barriers Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens: Zeus temple ruins located south of the center of Athens, Syntagma Square Rosebud cafe bar Plane Tickets We will be getting around places in Athens through public transit like the tram (streetcar), and by the metro (subway) Bus ticket cost 0.50 euro (0.74 Canadian Dollar), Daily ticket cost is 3 euro (4.44 Canadian Dollar) 3 star Hotel, cost $113 Canadian (76.42 in Euro) per night Plaka: Shopping, music, art, churches located in an old historical part of Athens. northeast slope of Acropolis, between Syntagma and Monastiraki square. Lunch: Mama Tierra This airline is cheap as it is a connection flight, and it still has good service Address: 40, Skoufa Str (at Omirou), Athens, Greece Places/Things to do Currency difference, Canadian dollar is worth less in Greece. So paying for transportation and tax means we lose money Fits up to 20 people MEAL TIMES & PLACES Business meeting located in Apollo hotel conference room, 'Le Neptune' cost 73 Euros (107.83 Canadian $) Connection flight, Plane will be stopping at Warsaw Dinner: Trivoli Vegan Kafeneio Vegan burger 5 euros (7.39 Canadian $), and spring rolls 4,50 Euros (6.65 Canadian $) Departure time: Pearson airport 11:55 pm Euros: 3,033 Euros spent Canadian: 4480 Dollars spent Plane ticket from Toronto to Athens and back to Toronto with Lot Polish Airline, cost $3,483 Canadian per person (2367 Euros) Total Costs: Yes, I would recommend doing business with Greece as Canada and Greece have a good trade-relationship that's both active and positive Canada and Greece also have many of the same foreign policy objectives (rules/goals within international business) Around 243,000 Canadians come from a Greek background, so that helps connect Canada and Greece as people will support Greek business Some Canadian companies have locations or partnerships located within Greece, such as Mccain or Coffee Time Acropolis of Athens: 5th-century B.C. hilltop temple monument, free on certain days Comes with beamer and projection screen, beverages (unlimited), writing blocs, wifi, e.t.c.

Greek Mythology Powerpoint

Transcript: Odysseus' journey home was really hard because Poseidon punished him for bragging by putting many obstacles to his home. He did make a lot of contributions though, his most famous contribution to the Trojan War was the Trojan Horse, which allowed Greek forces to slip into the walls of Troy and end the 10 year long war. Pandora’s symbol would be her box. That box that held all the misery of the world. Pandora didn’t really have a power. The only power she had was releasing misery to all mankind, which she did. Life Of Homer Pegasus (part 1) Bibliography Instead of having a symbol, Pegasus was actually kind of a symbol himself. Like a symbol of medusas death. If he did have symbol however it would probably be his wings. Pegasus' power was that he could fly. Homer was an ancient greek poet. He wrote the famous poem, The Odyssey, between 800 and 700 B.C. Homer lived in a Greek-speaking city on the eastern shore of the Aegean Sea or on the island of Khios. Homer was also blind but besides that, scholars really didnt know a thing about him. The Trojan War (part 1) Pandora doesn't have a specific relationship to any other gods, but they did all have a hand in making her. Each god put something special into her. She did have a husband named Epimetheus. Greek Mythology PowerPoint The Trojan War (part 2) The Trojan War (part 3) Pandora was created by the gods and goddesses to be the first woman. Pandora had curly light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin was pale as snow. Odysseus was the king of Ithaca who fought the Greece against the city of Troy in the Trojan War.Odysseus lived in Ithaca before he lived in the island of Ogygia, where Odysseus has been the prisoner of the sea nymph Calypso for seven years. Pegasus was the offspring of medusa and Poseidon. He was born when medusa died. Pegasus sprang full-grown either from her head or neck or from the blood from her neck. Cavendish, Marshall. Gods, Goddesses, and Mythology. New York: Marshall Cavendish Corporation. 2005. Print. Felson, Nancy. "Pegasus." World Book Student. World Book, 2013. Web. 12 Dec. 2013. Shelmerdine, Cynthia W. "Homer." World Book Student. World Book, 2013. Web. 9 Dec. 2013. Shelmerdine, Cynthia W. "Odyssey." World Book Student. World Book, 2013. Web. 11 Dec. 2013. There is no real proof the the Trojan war actually happened. It could be true, or it could all be a myth just like the rest of greek mythology. Most people think its a myth because it falls under the greek mythology category. I guess we'll never really know though. Pandora (part 3) Pegasus (part 2) Pandora (part 2) Pandora (part 1)

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