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Great Wall of China

Transcript: This is a picture of the Great Wall of China. The length of the Great Wall of China, is over 6400 km (4000 miles).The height is 5 to 8 meters (16 to 26 feet). The thickness is 4.6 to 9.1 m (15 to 30 ft) at the base and 2.7 to 3.7 m (9 to 12 ft) at the top. Another activity to do at the Great Wall is paragliding. People usually paraglide at Simatai, a section of the Great Wall. It gives tourists a chance to jump off the edge and paraglide 1,000 feet into the valley below. The Mutianyu section of the Great Wall is close to Beijing. The Mutianyu section looks just like it did centuries ago. At the Mutianyu section there more than 20 watchtowers along the 1 1/2-mile stretch of wall, with three watchtowers connected by a tunnel that runs along the inside. There are overhead cable car rides that are more scenic. The Mutianyu pass is open to visitors all year and is easily accessed by car or bus from Mutianyu village at the foot of the Great Wall One thing to do at the Great Wall is to hike. Hiking is very popular at the Great Wall. There are hiking tours which can range from being hours, or even overnight. There are several companies that offer these guided tours that include food, transportation and accommodations for those staying overnight. All of trails around the wall is because of the terraced rice paddy farms that have been implemented in Chinese farming for centuries. Another fun activity to do at the Great Wall is the Great Wall Marathon. It is 26.2 miles long. It is very difficult and has over 5,000 steps. The history of this amazing wall goes back to the Chunqiu period (722- 481 B.C.) and to the Warring states period (453- 221 B.C.). It was built by the Qin Shi Huangdi, the first emperor of China during the Qin Dynasty. The Great Wall was first built in the 7th century B.C. In 221 B.C., the first emperor of Qin Dynasty combined the walls of the three states in the north and formed the first "Wan Li Chang Cheng". The Great Wall of China was originally built as separated walls by different states before the unification of China to protect their land from invasions. After the Qin Dynasty was the most powerful and took over most of the lands, Emperor Qin Shi Huang connected some of the walls and built the first Great Wall of China between 220–206 BC, and, it was called “10,000 li Wall.” The wall was to prevent any invasion attempts and attacks by the northern nomadic tribes and dynasties. Genghis Khan was able to penetrate the wall and able to conquer northern China. After the Mongol Empire, China was once again back to the leadership of their countrymen; this time, the Ming Dynasty was the most powerful. During the Ming Dynasty, the concept of the Great Wall was revived once again. The Ming Dynasty revived the Great Wall of China under its 10 year project. They further extended it to the desert where the nomadic tribes used to came from. Unlike the earlier walls, Ming used bricks and stones instead of earth to strengthen it, and was devoted to the reconstruct and repair the walls as Mongols continued their attempts. The history of the walls The History of The Great Wall of China How the Great Wall of China was built

Great Wall of china (China)

Transcript: "Chichen Itza" means "At the mouth of the well of the Itza" A 2003 renovation made the journey to the top much easier Construction began in 1957 36 trap doors in arena allowing for elaborate special effects Johann Ludwig Burckhardt discovered Petra in 1812. 9,000 wild animals were slaughtered at the Colosseum Was sketched by Paul Landowski Was built located by two natural sink holes, that may provide year- long water Chichen Itza ( Mexico) Used 20,000 workers to create The total amount of marbles used for the construction of the Colosseum was estimated at 100,000 cubic meters Construction took nine years Altitude: 2,430 meters above sea level Built By: Shah Jahan 3rd tallest statue of Christ Year of Construction: 1631 More than 2,300 years old Constructed around 312 BCE as the capital of Nabataeans Petra has around 800 carved tombs denoted as "Royal Tombs" 1/3 of the wall has disappeared Was built with a technique called "ashlar" Machu Picchu (Peru) Completed in 1653 Christ the Redeemer (Brazil) Festivals and games could last up to 100 days in the Colosseum Popular languages spoken at Machu Picchu are Quechua and Spanish Temperatures range between 52 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit Petra Jordan Was one of the largest Maya cities & had the most diverse population in Maya population. Great Wall of china (China) Was built by Emperor Vespasian, founder of the Flavian dynasty, for Titus, his successor There is a chapel at the base Often referred to as "Rose City" because of the rose-red colored sandstone hills Length: 8,851 km Second most popular site for visitors in Mexico Colosseum (Itlay) Petra got it's name from a feminine Greek word "petros" which means "rocks" More than 100,000,000 laborers were recruited to construct the wall

great wall of china

Transcript: GREAT WALL OF CHINA How wide is the Great Wall of China? The Great Wall of China width varies by the area of the Great Wall of China you are at. On average, the width is around 15 to 30 feet wide The Great Wall of China is one of the cornerstones of Chinese culture. It has not only ranked on the list of the 7 Wonders of the World but it is the most recognized lankmark in all of China. It is one of the most revered structures in all of the world and is one of the most visited sites in all of China let alone Asia. The Great Wall of China is one of the largest military walls in all of history and served to protect the early Chinese empire from hostile enemies. The Great Wall of China has been around for nearly 2.5 thousand years and still stands today as a wonderul architectural feat. Its great length and strength are still revered today as one of the greatest feats conducted in the ancient world. The Great Wall of China has a rich history. In the times of the feudal lords in ancient China, the Great Wall of China got its first primitive start. The Great Wall of China is not a continuous wall but is a collection of short walls that often follow the crest of hills on the southern edge of the Mongolian plain. The Great Wall of China, known as "long Wall of 10,000 Li" in China, extends about 8,850 kilometers (5,500 miles). the picture i created of the great wall of china FACTS ABOUT THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA How tall is the Great Wall of China? The Great Wall of China has an average height of 25 feet. By. Carlo Sweeney How long is the Great Wall of China? The Great Wall of China is around 6,400 kilometers.

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