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Yellow and Orange

Transcript: Monochrome Yellow Artist: Jeff Koons Year: 2008 Type: Sculpture obviously wanted the piece to stand out which it why he made it so large and in a highly visible color. It attracts a younger audience People want to play and interact with it Monochrome Yellow Artist: Katherine Arft Year: 2013 Type: Painting Orange can mean burning of the ego Color succeeds in stripping the self portrait down Is also warm and inviting, probably to draw people in and observe closely Different kinds of orange: Marigold - orange flower Safflower - crimson pink Mastic - a lemon-colored resin that is so chewy Mastic jelly - Mellow golden quality Madder - Most richest orange reds from a small bush with a pink root Ikrausim Room of One Color Ballon Dog (Orange) Balloon Dog (Orange) Falling II Falling II Native Americans: learning and kinship It is a warm and energetic color Monks wear orange because it symbolizes cleansing themselves of their ego Color of the second or sacral chakra Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow Color of the Dutch Royal Family Has a high visibility Very effective for promoting food products and toys color of the third or solar plexus chakra. Most commonly purchased neutral infant color. Indicated warning to animals. In China yellow is a masculine color. In India yellow is reserved for merchants. In a lot of cultures yellow is used to symbolize power and high status. double standard between bright and dull yellows. Orange Artist: Kiwon Park Year: 2011 Type: Installation Movement of the sculpture gives it energy The gradient shows that orange takes from yellow and red The light also gives the sculpture energy and evokes happiness History & Symbolism The Jews were the first people to originate the color This color signifies the varnishes within string instruments The instrument-making tradition was founded by Giovanni Leonardo da Martinengo in 1499 Gamboge -cames from Cambodia in a similar way of producing syrup. - takes one year for one bucket. - the Vietnam war took place in a lot of the places where gamboge was being collected. - Still landmines present in these fields making collecting it extremely dangerous. Room of One Color Orange Artist: Nick Ervinck Year: 2009 Type 3D Printed The sculpture itself has a powerful and important feel to it Probably used yellow for its connotation in many cultures with power and high status solar plexus chakra is yellow and represents personal power Artist: Capucine Bourcart Year: 2012 Type: Archival Pigment Print Uses the contrast between bright and dull yellows Shows the happiness and unease yellow can evoke The actual images favor the dull yellows in getting a viewer to feel uneasy Yellow Self-Portrait as Plaything Indian Yellow Believed to come from a small Indian town- Monghyr. Produced by feeding cows mango and then collecting their urine. Orange Yellow and Orange Realgar - mineral that creates the color Orange - can be found where Peacocks make their nest three years in a row to keep off snakes. Saffron - most expensive and colorful spice in the world. -Irans annual production- 28 billion flowers. -pedals could wrap around the earth 20 times. Artist: Olafur Eliasson Year: 1997 Type: Installation Uses bright yellow to elicit a response Instead of getting happy, joyful vibes, you get cautionary ones The connotation between yellow lights and caution are most likely the cause Self-Portrait as Plaything Ikrausim Yellow

East Orange and South Orange

Transcript: The Community Environment East Orange Diverse Population, Higher levels of Education, and Progressive Programs ***New Jersey Department of Education.” NJ Sandy Transparency, My Observations "“a high degree of racial and class isolation created by segregation…[produce] a social context where these conditions are not only common but the norm” (178) My Observations Societal Evolution, in comparison to East Orange South Orange East Orange and South Orange Inequality by Design Rethinking Employment Discriminationand Its Remedies > Nine fast food chain restaurants, five mini-markets, two banks, one medical facility, and several locally owned small businesses By Justin Fang In and Out Groups ~ In her research, is the “automatic cognitive process” that entails “potentially discriminatory effects” like that of stereotyping (381) ~ Divisiveness between South Orange and East Orange --> i.e. Seton Hall University >> Ecole Toussaint Louverture Public Elementary School located on Central Avenue in East Orange Businesses, Education, and Racial Segregation Central Avenue in East Orange Disregard Economic Development Distribution of Land and Resources Places of Employment Social Stratification Limited Population*** Interactions Negative Perceptions of Black Neighborhoods ~ Economically disadvantaged B. Operator of a local convenient store. Customer demographics, purchasing power, and relationships. Noted the obvious East Orange police presence A. Lives in East Orange. Father. Typically frequents fast-food chains, shoe store, and barbershop. The Interviews "We are predisposed toward behavioral interpretations that conform to our stereotypes, blind to stereotype-inconsistent interpretations, and cognitively better able to find stereotype-consistent than -inconsistent evidence" (381). Two Interviewees A. African-American male, late 20's B. African-American female, early 40's Philosophy of South Orange “The amount of schooling young Americans receive heavily determines the job they get and the income they make” (Fischer 21). Fischer describes this condition to explain “local employment opportunities [constraining] how well people can do economically” as well as how limited young students are in their social capabilities (21). >>> 87.4% of the predominantly black students attending the elementary school comes from an economically disadvantaged background; moreover, Ecole Toussaint Louverture ranked 10th among 12 ranked elementary schools in the East Orange School District*** ***East Orange, NJ.” Data USA, American Apartheid South Orange Village Center "24 hours of Live Music"

- Orange and Black

Transcript: The History of Halloween Cambodia - P'chum Ben 1) Why is honoring of ancestors and death so prevalant across different cultures and contexts? 2) Why does the timing of the festivals coincide with the last harvest of the year? 3)Why is the offering of food such a common connection with these festivals? 4)Why is dressing up in one's finest clothes or in costume a common theme of these festivals? 5) All three festivals has the essential foundation of family. Why is family such an intrinsic part of these festivals? Do you celebrate Halloween in China? What is the tradition for this holiday? When is it celebrated? Is it a popular holiday among the people? Halloween Across the Globe Keywords JAPAN - the Obon or the Festival of the lanterns Halloween Across the Globe 1. Japan - the Obon or the festival of the lanterns 2. Cambodia - the P'chum Ben at the Pagoda 3. Mexico - El dia del muerto or Day of the Dead How do they all relate? The origin of Halloween can be found in the ancient Celtic festival of the dead, Samhain (pronounced SOW-in). Celebrated October 31st as the day when the normally strict boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead became mutable, and the ghosts of those who had passed away came back to earth. The Church attempted to subsume the festival under the celebration of martyrs and saints held on November 1st, All Saints Day. Mexico - Dia de los Muertos - Orange and Black - Costumes - Jack-o-lanterns - Spooky - Ghosts - Celtics - Samhein - Harvest season - All-saints day Read about your assigned country and how they celebrate. Answer questions: Who, what, when, where, how - give detail and description. Present to the rest of the class. Video Comprehension Answers Key Words


Transcript: ORANGE ORANGE Monitor Printers Plotters LCD Projection Panels SPEAKERS Modems Network Cards Touch Screen Headsets Facsimile ( FAX ) Audio Cards Design Price Specifications Security Customer Satisfactory In the most recent surveys conducted by both PCWorld and PCMag, readers chose Apple computers over every single brand of PC available. Macs scored high marks in categories like reliability, service experience and even phone hold time. The only category in which Mac scored low was percentage of laptops needing repairs. It didn't seem to matter, though, as Mac also topped the category, "likelihood of recommending." Firewire A FireWire cable is used for many applications involving audio and video. The purpose of a FireWire cable is similar to a USB cable, but since FireWire has the capability of faster transfer rates, it has become the preferred method when large files are present. Lightning Unveiled at the press conference announcing the iPhone 5 and 2012 iPod lineup, the proprietary Lightning connector replaces the 30-pin connector found on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod since 2003. Like the 30-pin connector, the Lightning connector is used for charging the device as well as syncing content and data and audio and video output.It's 80 percent smaller yet sturdier, and it's reversible, so you don't have to worry about which side is the top or bottom when you connect. PC depends on the consumer's needs and specifications that are they need. There are very cheap PC's that has the same specification as of the MAC. There are a lot of very cheap PC's that are also realiable as of the MAC. Video Capture Hardware PC Both Input-Output Devices Gamepad OUTPUT The specification that Macs offer can depend on what brand of PC line you are comparing to. MACs have faster processor but tend to skimp on slightly when it comes to Ram. MACs offers a standard selection of such features, including a SuperDrive (reads and writes CDs and DVDs), audio in and audio out, USB, FireWire (data transfer), Thunderbolt (video output), Ethernet, and a magnetized power port. Microphone Trackballs Universal Serial Bus (USB) MIDI Keyboard Connectivity is the ability to connect systems or application programs. The Mac has a unique design and very durable case. A translucent and candy-colored shell but as the generation go by the Mac has built a very suitable and modern design. Keyboard Electronic Whiteboard PC's don't come from a single manufacturer. There are hundreds of PC's on the market. You might find some design to be not on your favor, you can look to a different manufacturer to consider other options. Joystick Digital camera Cameras Internet Protocol (IP) Scanner These connectors allows us to easily connect printers, mice, scanners, mobile devices, and other computer accessories. Webcams majority of the world's computers run Microsoft Windows, most attacks focus on PCs. Malware like Trojans, which trick users into installing them by pretending to be something desirable, like antivirus programs, and botnets are now common threats to PCs Touchpads MAC Graphic Tablets PC has mostly the same specification as of MAC but most of the PC's that has the same specification as of MAC has a less and medium-quality parts. PCs offer comparable features, plus a few more, like Blu-ray players, TV tuners, touch screens and HDMI ports. Barcode Reader Pen Inputs The Mac has a costly price because of the high-end computers and more costly components. Ethernet Mouse ( pointing device ) Wireless LAN MAC vs PC INPUT DEVICES Connectivity Bluetooth Mac owner who runs no security software is vastly less likely to be the victim of a successful attack. Zombie machine designed to distribute spam or advertise fraud rarely harm Mac

Orange and Green

Transcript: Connor Ritchey Protestants and Catholics in Ireland Problem For centuries, the land of Northern Ireland has been in a conflict of social class between Protestant unionist and Catholic nationalist. Though the conflict was said to have ended at the Belfast agreement of 1998, violence has still been occurring between the two factions. How it Began When the English took control of Northern Ireland, three of the four provinces were colonized by Scottish and English Protestants. Ulster, a province of Ireland, is a Catholic area which set it apart from the other Protestant regions. This set in motion a 300 year and counting conflict between the two factions. History 1690- Battle of Boyne- William the Orange(Protestant) defeats James the 2nd(Catholic) and took over Ireland. 1703- Protestants own 90% of land and English Nobles taxed Catholic peasants. 1695- 1728- The Penal Laws- series of laws passed against Catholics. 1801- Act of Union- abolished Irish parliament and united Ireland and Great Britain. 1800s- Unrest in Ireland due to the current arrangement...things escalate. 1900s- Ireland has constant feuds with England leading up to them cutting ties with the English. The IRA(Provisional Irish Republican Army ) began in 1969 and they wished to rid Northern Ireland of United Kingdom. The Potato Famine The time period of the Potato famine was between 1846 through 1852. This blight killed 1.5 million people and reduced population between 20% and 25%. The Untied Kingdom was to blame as they took most of the other crops and sold them for prophet. The Untied kingdom was so scared to give them money for food because they thought that Ireland would use it to rise up in rebellion. -This event led to even more tension with in the United kingdom. The 1900s During this time period, the words Protestant and Catholic were being used as covers to show who's side you were on. If you are a Protestant, you want to be part of the United Kingdoms, and if you are a Catholic, you want home rule in Ireland. This political feud led to civil violence and death from both the British army, and the Irish citizens. The death count due to the incident is currently at 3,524 deaths in all. But no event is more noticeable than Bloody Sunday. Bloody Sunday This was a incident that happened on January 30, 1972. Twenty six unarmed protesters that were for home rule of Ireland were shot by British guards when they came toward a barricade they were positioned on. Fourteen men, seven of them being teenagers, died in the incident. This incident eventually led to the Belfast Agreement which freed many political prisoners, gave Northern Ireland their basic human rights, and reduced the security in the area. But after wards, the IRA became a terrorist organization and refused to stop their hatred for the United Kingdom. The IRA Even after the Belfast agreement in 1998, the IRA continued to cause trouble by refusing to disarm them selves. This brought the whole peace process from Belfast to a screeching halt. Britain eventually suspended Home Rule of Ireland because of this and caused the Catholics and Protestants fall into a stalemate. In the years to come Catholics, Protestants and the IRA used violence on one another. In 2007 the IRA campaign was said to have stopped, but they have not disarmed themselves. I believe that violence will continue unless action is taken on the IRA because the IRA continues to cause a chain reaction on Northern Ireland. Solution The solution to issues in Ireland has two possibilities that come to mind, both of them toward the IRA. The first is to remind the IRA of what their first goal was to do and that they have achieved it. After that, continue to go on a patient road toward peace. The other option would be to wage war with them. Both are long roads, but both can be used. My opinion In Ireland, and with all religious conflicts around the world, your religious views should not be used as a cover for your politics. Religion is about loving God and praising him, not using him to discriminate against others. Be a person Catholic or Protestant they both love God and simply worship in different ways. Class question What do you do when someone has different religious views than you? Bible verse John 22: 34-35 "A new commandment I give you Love one another as I have loved you so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another." work cited

Prezi Strategy Recommendation

Transcript: Animate YouTube What are the supporting points? Conclusion Storyboard These determine the flow of the prezi. symbols and shapes lines arrows background music voice-over Template Should Add to the Story Outline the story More... Be Creative This light gray circle is the frame for a title box and text box import existing PowerPoint presentations cannot edit "slide" once imported flow of the PPT can serve as storyboard What are Frames? Container Multimedia Layout start a blank prezi choose background color (or image) choose frames import content similar to importing a PowerPoint presentation to do: place "pages" or viewer in a frame for better control Design should help to deliver the story, not distract from it. under: Insert>Layout Add a single frame Import PDF, Video.. Mapping the story/layout outside of Prezi will save you loads of time! Customize... remember motion sickness use these options sparingly for effect don't overdo it lay out the story outside of Prezi be as detailed as you can be images, videos, color, etc. What are the main points? Templates are editable ~Storyboard~ Insert Frames minimal animation options use voiceover for individual frames Zoom and Tilt From PowerPoint Prezi - Instead of PowerPoint Reinvent the Wheel? they come with a pre-existing path (flow pattern) edit parts of the path clear path and start over delete frames... Feeling Creative? break out of the PPT mold use multimedia use your voice Let's get started! Template or not under: Insert>Layout Add a frame cluster background image color theme To Template or Not to Template... Think... process brainstorming gallery many categories Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures These provide depth and context. All you need is a URL

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