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Graduation Project: Presentation

Transcript: Racial profiling is the act of interrogating or observing a person in a suspect manner, based soley on his or her race or ethnicity. Racial profiling should not be accepted as a law enforcement practice because it leads to the undermining of criminal justice, devastating consequences, and the violations of constitutional rights. “The more people are searched, the more innocent people are hassled." According the professors of the University of Pennsylvania, the use of “statistical discrimination” gives the police more of the reason to validate their procedures, rather than calling it racial prejudice. Using the main points of my argument, statistical discrepancies, devastating consequences, and violation of human rights, I have conducted an experiment to prove my theory. State the problem... Black Hispanic Asian Police Officer White Multi-Racial "Racial Profiling is WRONG!" Should racial profiling be used? Does racial profiling make us safer from terrorism? "As a citizen, I'm fine with it. I would be safe." "What Roosevelt did was unconsitutional [Executive Order 9066]. We should rely more on our intelligence to get better a gathering information before we can act on something like that [racial profiling]." "Given the district I work [Hidden Valley], would be completely night and day from say Valentine. Therefore, we would not be able to police the same way as we do for Hidden Valley versus Valentine (and vise versa)." "It's just as different group of people we deal with, day in and day out." "Again, each situation is different. People are different." The Product "I went to a store that I had gone to quite a bit in the past. I'm walking around and there's a salesperson next to me and as I move around the store, I notice that she is always next to me," said a victim of racial profiling. True Story Is racial profiling ever appropriate? Racial Profiling! Research President Bush Executive Order 9066 AND Bibliography People are different Situations are different Racial profiling is wrong It must be addressed Conclusion “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Linguistic Profiling Test Results Problem Consequences #3 Tackling the Research Paper: #2 Fictional Story "For the department I'm with, it is illegal to racial profile." #1 Delores Jones-Brown Racial Profiling? - Martin Luther King Jr. "If people are treated equally, then everyone who commits the same crime should stand an even chance of getting caught regardless of his or her race, gender, social status, or common wealth." write first guess right? check mark! wrong? two more chances allowed to listen as many times as needed Do minorities commit more crimes than white people? Or are they simply caught more because of racial profiling? Should racial profling be used? Does racial profiling make us safe from terrorism? what does the Racial Profiling Aftermath Interview Korematsu v. United States Analysis The Fourth Amendment states: “ The Right of the people to secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Hypothesis Violation of Human Rights Three Parts: Linguistic Profiling Test Experiment Personality Morals & Beliefs NO We Must Remember... Asian Location: South Charlotte, South Park Mall Young man and his brother get licensde plate checked Police harass the family after following them home Young man gets shot three times, and dies Scenario "Throught this profession, it has opened a different window for me to see the world." Write Name & Race Number Paper One through Ten Reseach The Experiment When Conducting an Experiment, Use the... Scenerio Black & White Lingustic Profiiling Test Statistics say? President Roosevelt Unjust Law Enforcement Practice! Conclusion Scenerio Racial profiling should not be accepted as a law enforcement practice because it leads to the undermining of criminal justice, devastating consequences, and the violations of constitutional rights. Scenario Test SCIENTIFIC METHOD "The Right to Life? Policing, Race, and Criminal Injustice." Thesis Individuality Hypothesis Police Officer RULES Character

Graduation Project Presentation

Transcript: Graduation Project Presentation By Tony Pantaloni Statement of Project, Goals, and Rationale Project= Create Prezi on Ghost, then shared it on facebook Goals= To teach people about ghosts and information related to ghosts Why this?= Personal interest & experience Explaination of Process Step 1: Gather all of my Resources Step 2: Watch Ghost Hunters DVD to see the process & technology of Ghost Hunting Step 3: Find dangers of a ouija board Step 4: Look for psychological reasons for ghost sightings Step 5: Share prezi on facebook with a group of 20 or more people Resources Resource 1: "Ghost in the Machine." Http:// Coventry University, Apr. 1998. Web. 8 Feb. 2011. <>. Reason used: First piece of evidence used on the psychological reasons of ghosts. Resource 2: Ananthaswamy, Anil. "Sign in to Read: Out of Your Head: Leaving the Body behind - Life - 13 October 2009 - New Scientist." Science News and Science Jobs from New Scientist - New Scientist. 13 Oct. 2009. Web. 09 Feb. 2011. <>. Reason used: Second piece of evidence used on the psychological reasons of ghosts. Resource 2: Levy, Joel. "The Unexplained." Freaky Phenomena. New York City: Metro, 2007. 1-30. Print. Reason used: Provided basic information on ghosts. Finished Project Problems Faced Problem: SO MUCH INFORMATION!!! Solution: Find the basics of the topic and cover that. What I Learned About myself: Convert something crazy to fun and informative About others: No matter what, it's all about learning Applying in the future: Share with those who want to know... Thank you for your time! Any Questions?

Graduation Project Presentation

Transcript: The Importance of mission Work Habitat For Humanity Mentor 25+ years of mission experience Habitat For Humanity Family Support Committee & Development Committee Impact/ Future Plans Founded in 1993 by Doug Jones Non- profit, inter-denominational Christian Youth Mission Organization TEAMeffort (2010-2013) 40 hour work weeks Restore Home Construction 2013 Tennessee Homeowner: Mrs Annette Numerous health concerns House Repairs/ Landscaping Janet Owle Member of Westwood UMC Westwood Mission Team leader Thank you for your time! By Hannah Brantham Teameffort Mission Trips Mission Work Throughout history there have always been those in need and those willing to help. Deuteronomy 15:11 says "There will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, you shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land." great influence on the person I am today strengthened my faith allowed opportunities for future involvement/ summer employment Habitat Mission Weeks Founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller International non- profit Christian mission organization Qualifications: legal citizen, good credit, critical housing need, sweat equity, monthly payments Employed Staff Volunteer requirements/ jobs Funding/ donations Restore (825 in the US and Canada) 2012 Pennsylvania Family of three with disabilities Renovation of trailer/ built deck Employed Staff Campers Worship/ Youth fellowship Campsites: 25 total Faith Build First year: Mount Olive Warehouse Home Dedications


Transcript: How It Works 3- Shifting by Wire 5-Speedometer & Dashboard 6-RPM Sensor 7- Electric Start Auto-Drive OFF : Reading pulses from both hall sensors in Engine, rear wheel and calculate vehicle’s speed and engine’s speed. Reading Data from Gyroscope (MPU6050) and filtering it with the mathematical Kalman filter in the library “Kalman.h”. Saving Gyro data to SD card with every pulse of the speedometer’s hall sensor and incrementing the distance variable Auto-Drive mode ON: Gyro and SD-Card System is disabled. Instead, The throttle states at the different distances and the shift states also that were developed in the Special Algorithm and also shifting logic and throttle-on-off logic. Auto-Drive mode OFF: Read via Analog input the potentiometer on the gas pedal and map the reading to the opening degrees of the throttle controlled by a servo motor. Read the Up-Shift and Down-shift buttons and shift up or down based on the signals sent. Auto-Drive mode ON: Receive the orders from the Mega. Control shift and throttle on these bases wait for interrupt from the driver switching off the Auto-drive. Conclusion Circuit Connection Circuit Connections Solutions: Servo Motor 1- Carburetor to injection Conversion Debouncing Circuit The Energy Challenge Energy Losses RPM Range 5000 to 6000 No gear shift. Continous transimission of torque Control of engine speed independently of vehicle speed. Ability to operate engine at peak power. Shifting By this subsystem we get the acceleration , Velocity and distance cut by the car every sec. only by knowing the force Matlab Model Sub System To sum up our researches, concepts and the results we reached and implemented we have reached the following: We have finished our Auto-Drive concept and simulated it on Matlab along with the Gyro and SD card for the data collection. The Auto-Drive system is ready for running on our vehicle. Our own ECU is running with the shifting and throttle by wire programs with no errors but it haven't implemented yet. After trials of tuning, our engine is running by the conversion injection kit and all its sensors but it wasn't stable enough due to some mechanical errors. Our Dashboard is mounted on the steering wheel showing the speed, RPM and the shift to inform the driver with all the data he needs while driving. This was the first step towards building an ultra-energy efficient smart vehicle which will be followed with a lot of development steps after our graduation. Gradient Part II: Siraj's Subsystems Derailleurs modification Voltage regulation Circuit Throttle Electrical System specifications: Voltage 6 -7.2V Speed 0.16 sec/60degree (6v), 0.14 sec/60degree (7.2v) Torque 18 (6v), 20 (7.2v), Stall torque Dimension 59.5 x29.2x51.3 mm Weight 164 g The Engine Starts Force = Tractive Effort - Total Resistance Shell Eco-Marathon Mechatronics Team Arduino Squirt WHY?? Arduino Uno Circuit Simulation Using a hall effect sensor of a LADA car assembled to the shaft of or engine which sends the RPM to the ECU , the signal is used to provide the RPM to our microcontroller The aim: Eco Driving Problems Arose: Requirements Our Trials while Tuning the Engine RPM Circuit Simulation Our engine converted to electrical start Calibration Circuit Final Output The Idea: Came from the previous results where the milage depends on the drive's behavior The data calculated from the gyroscope is put into a “double” variable with accuracy of 2-digit decimal places, to send this number as a String it must be a “Char” or an “int” variable so wedeveloped a solution to this problem using this code. Arduino Mega 2560 Mechanical Assembly Our simulated electrical cicuit A String composed of the shift and if the engine is on or off is sent, Shifts are arranged from 1 to 8 as ‘A’ to ‘H’ so the string is sent as (A:1!) if first shift is needed and the engine is needed to be ON,or (E:0!) if the fifth shift is needed and the engine is needed to be OFF. 4-CVT Gyroscope, SD Card Integration Switching the Engine ON and OFF Mechanical efficiency of variator. Parasitic efficiency of transmission system and controller. compromise between fuel economy and torque margin to achieve driveability (avoid elastic band feel). b- SD Card The Auto Drive Concept Disadvantages 2- save the values of these digits in the right sequence: String dataString = String(id) + ", " + String(gyrx_100) + String(gyrx_10) + String(gyrx_1) + "." + String(gyrx_001) + ", " ; Advantages Our Engine after kit installation Engine Map 1- get every digit in the angle value on its own in an “int” variable as follows: int gyrx_100 = int((kalAngleX/100)); int gyrx_10 = int((kalAngleX - (gyrx_100*100))/10); int gyrx_1 = int((kalAngleX - (gyrx_100*100) - gyrx_10*10)); int gyrx_01 = int( ( (kalAngleX) - (gyrx_100*100) - (gyrx_10*10) - (gyrx_1) )*10 ); int gyrx_001 = int( ( (kalAngleX) - (gyrx_100*100) - (gyrx_10*10) - (gyrx_1) - ((gyrx_01)/10) )*100 ); System Integration Our electrical starter circuit Communications Injection

Graduation Project Presentation

Transcript: Ideas Finding the right project? How to figure out the way to make an interesting prezi? How to plan time for the project? Steps For Completing Get the brushes and paint ready to paint. Then start painting the wall. Prepping First take down all the posters and pictures. Second, spackle the wall, let dry, then sand down smooth. Third would be to tape the areas you dont want painted. Final Prep Put an old cloth on the floor so no paint gets on the carpet. Then check and make sure about the color of paint and all the taped off places . Let the paint dry on the wall . Then untape the places you have taped off. Then clean the work area and tools you have used. Balancing out time for the project was difficult and hard to please everyone about what days and the time limit. Soulution Ask your mentor about your problems maybe they can help. On the help of others just take into consideration dont let it change your idea cause it might be better. Just make a plan follow threw with it on the time. "You change your life by changing your heart." John Porter My major goals are to complete the task at hand and finish it to the best of my abilities. How is the project good for college? My first porblem was getting the paint and I solved this by talking to Mr.Sheilds. Second problem was getting the time to complete the project . I came across minor problems like where I'm afraid of heights and had to deal with it to complete my goal. My advice for up coming seniors is to plan ahead and dont wait around till the last minute and try to complete it in a hurry cause it really shows in your work. Also there are many projects around the school you could do such as paint , organize classes. Many different things just find something that interests you or you will get bored. Before After Time Line Getting Started Finish December 13-16, 2011 Major goal Teachers Time This problem was brought into play when I wasnt sure what to make my senoir exit about . Advice Final Step November 13, 2011 Process and Execution Time Planed Remove posters Spackele Shows I'm willing to work and dedicate my time to complete a project of this size. My Graduation Project Getting the supplies rounded up. Others wanting to help. Time to paint. What colors. When it needed to be finished. My Graduation project consists of painting Mr.Rummlers room. I believe painting Mr.Rummlers room will help the dullness of the room and brighten the room. It will also bring out a more confident working environment for teachers and students. Balance Problems December 6,2011 Start December 8,2011 Quote Paint How long it would take . Project

Graduation Project Presentation

Transcript: My Mentor My mentor and I designed t-shirts for my product. I was surprised at the amount of people who bought one. The next few weeks my mentor and I choreographed dances for the zumbathon and she let me teach them during classes. We went around to local businesses and they donated door prizes. LeAnn Adams, Thank you for spending your time with me and teaching me different dances and being patient with me while I was learning them. Mr. Allison, Thank you for helping me with my portfolio and helping me keep my papers in order. Mrs. Nelson, Thank you for helping me with my research paper and all the ideas you gave me. Martha Lester, Thank you for supporting me and attending the zumba classes with me so I wouldn't be alone. James Lester, Thank you for allowing me to share your experience with others and teaching me how valuable family is. Ms. Hughes, Thank you for helping me with my portfolio and making sure I did everything correctly. West High staff and students, Thank you for attending the zumbathon and supporting me. Questions? My mentor and I Why Zumba? The topic of my research paper was male breast cancer. It included the symptoms men can have, what surgeries they can have and how expensive it can be. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Thank Yous At this zumba class the theme was christmas so everyone wore ugly sweaters to win a door prize. After the zumbathon I wanted to thank my mentor for everything she had done for me so I gave her flowers, certificate and a picture frame. Results and Costs The Instructors and I Process Continued Zumba classes involve line and group dances. In this picture we did a line because it gives everyone more energy. Male breast Cancer Ladies who attended the zumbathon Self-breast exams About 2,000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. 450 deaths due to male breast cancer occurs each year. Some of the things that can cause breast cancer in men are getting older, radiation exposure and hyperestrogenism. My father was 1 out of a million men who had breast cancer in 1999. Doctors didn't know how to treat a man with breast cancer. At the self-breast exam table Amanda Hall handed out brochures about breast cancer. She also showed everyone how to feel for lumps in the breast. The reason I chose zumba is because it is easy, fun and relaxing. Zumba is a great way to meet new people and create friendships that will last forever. Attending zumba classes helped me stay in shape and it also opened me up to new possibilities. I wanted to raise money for breast cancer because my father is a breast cancer survivor and I know how challenging it can be for a family. I held a Zumbathon at the Wilkes County Stone Center on October 22, 2011 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. There were three instructors who participated in the zumbathon. Local businesses donated items for door prizes. There were also discounted hair feather extensions. Women and men around Wilkes County came out to help find a cure. Men Get It Too Zumbathon Terra Lester (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr At the zumbathon I taught the 2 dances my mentor and I choreographed on stage. They removed 1/3 of his right breast and sent the sample off for testing. The results came back as cancer. The doctors removed his breast and the lymph nodes under his arm. My mentor and I after the zumbathon My mentor is LeAnn Adams who is a Zumba fitness instructor, zumba is not her only profession, she also works at a dentist office. She started teaching zumba 3 years ago because she liked it so much. She let me shadow her zumba classes and taught me all of her dances. LeAnn helped me choreograph 2 dances to perform at my zumbathon, design flyers and shirts and she also helped me meet new people. The average age of men diagnosed with breast cancer is 67. It is almost impossible for people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to get insurance unless it is provided by an employer. During my graduation project I have really grown as a person. I learned how to speak in front a large crowd and how to properly communicate with others. My mentor has helped me a lot and has really changed my life. I am thankful to all the people who have helped me throughout this process. T-shirts were $10 and the money made from t-shirts was also donated to the American Cancer Society On the first week (10 hours) my mentor and I worked on dances and decided on the location, date and time of my zumbathon. The next few weeks my mentor and I contacted instructors to participate in the event. We designed flyers and put them up in almost every business we stopped at. My mentor during a Zumba class One of the vendors My product James Lester My mentor and I 64 hours with my mentor. 13 hours working on my portfolio, paper and product. My mentor and I on stage Zumbathon This table was for feather extensions that cost $5.00. Photos Me, my father and the instructors Symptoms of breast cancer are different in each person. Symptoms

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