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Graduation Ceremony Powerpoint Template

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Graduation Ceremony

Transcript: Pathways Graduation Pathways Program Manager, Liam McGuire Welcome message from Pathways Program Director Your Student Parent Support Workers (SPSWs) Messages from your SPSWs Noha Alex Stephanie Christine Tarry Sophia Dana Your Pathways Valedictorians Your Valedictorians I want to give a big thank you to all of the spsws and pathways employees/volunteers who dedicate their time and their efforts in order to help pathways students in whichever way they can. I know for one that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for pathways. From bus passes, to volunteer hours, to job opportunities, to having a safe space, and even ramen noodles, pathways had everything; and I know other people can agree with me when I say I’m grateful for having the opportunity to be and ultimately grow as a student in pathways. Ayah Ebada Kate Rodriguez Message from Theresa Kavanagh City Councillor, Bay Ward Pathways Awards Student awards Alternative Mentoring Award Alaa El Mousawi Chinonso Oledibemma Jenipha Auguste Priscille Baebe Alternative Mentoring Award Spirit of Pathways Award Spirit of Pathways Tamyra Metellus Rotary Club Bursary Alaa El Moussawi Rotary Club Bursary Social Justice & Equity Award Nimao Aden Social Justice & Equity Balancing Award Balancing Award Amina Baysuyeva Jenipha Auguste Moesa Malik Dianthe Baird Milka Tsehaye Abdullah Elloumi Tamyra Metellus Perseverance Award Perseverance Award Qadan Amareh Aliyah Douglas Spencer David Brayden Lough-Clark Alexander Richmond Jenelle Jerome Sephora Revolus Abdulrahman Elmi Hodan Nour Steve Kasongo Yazid Abdulrahman Community Builder Community Builder Sindia Nour Nimao Aden Madonna Garang Academic Achievement Academic Achievement Joelle Makdessi Boris Zugic Abdimalik Ali Ayah Ebada Dachena Augustin Dacheney Augustin Caasha Anwar Abdulrahman Elmi Suhayla Sablani Amal Omar Noor Moujally Success Chikezi Linda Yim Ikram Nagash Sandy Meas Congratulations to the class of 2021 Congratulations Grads Alexander Shabaga Amanda Baron-Paquette Anupriya Kakkar Arej Klong Audrey-Lynn Baron-Paquette Austin Lough Cesarine Joy Navalta Dachena Augustin Dacheney Augustin Gabriel Paradis Grace Nzita Joelle Makdessi John Coronado Jorhel Bukera Khadija Ben Hassan Madonna Garang Neyal Dawo Noel Desroches Nyabuoy Pach Sephora Revolus Spencer David Suzana Matona-Ginga Abdimalik Ali Abdulrahman Elmi Shirwa Ali Boris Zugic Chinonso Oledibemma Dianthe Baird Hallom Hamid Kabron Hodan Nour Isaiah Williams Jaeden Fevrier Jenelle Jerome Joseph Lubangi Kamarr Flint Kate Rodriguez Lopez Mohammad Al Jammasi Mustafa Ali Natasia Britton Nhial Gatwech Noor Moujally Qadan Amareh Sandy Meas Sindia Nour Success Chikezie Tah Khalefalla Amal Omar Amina Baysuyeva Bothensky Lorissaint Aliyah Douglas Amanda Houle Aminata Mbito Amira Ali Ayah Ebada Billie - Ann Wilson Caasha Anwar Cordell Destin-Gunn Cynthia Naing Dylan Robillard Emily Kuno Hamdi Hashi Jenipha Auguste Linda Yim Mayson Tait Moesa Malik Nanate Tola Gemachu Navith Kodogoda - Gamage Nimao Aden Saba Ali Sabrin Said Somaya Sassi Suhayla Sablani Yazid Abdulrahman Yousuf Noorzad Dorcas Tusumba Idris Larbani Ikram Nagash Jagne Abdi-Bakal Laika Mwabila Melaid Demmouche Prince Christopher Edouard-Williams Milka Tsehaye Mohammad Al-Saadi Nezar Aldamad Priscille Baeba Shadi Halak Simon Weldeyesus Steve Kasongo Tamyra Metellus Tianna Chuk Tyson Turner Bethany Hamelin Ehtidal Abbara Bradon Watson Brayden Lough-Clark Alexander Richmond Aurora Jane Armstrong Eddy Alumni Once you graduate from high school, your journey with Pathways to Education doesn’t have to end! By joining the Pathways Alumni Association you’ll have access to a range of opportunities including: Sharing your story and staying engaged with the program Being connected to employment and volunteer opportunities Growing your professional network Accessing group discounts Visit the Alumni page of the Pathways to Education Canada website to learn more, and keep posted for an email to come from your SPSW about the Pathways Alumni program! Sign the Year Book

Graduation Ceremony!

Transcript: 153 Workshops were held every other Wednesday Milk and supplements were distributed to participants attending the workshop 75 Sewing Workshops Identify 100 women About Hand in Hand Project Year The project partners Chevron with Behbud Association, Karachi To provide quality healthcare, vocational training, adult literacy and health awareness workshops For 100 women living around Shireen Jinnah Colony, one of the largest urban slums in the city. 2011 Graduating Women Industrial Home Highway to Health - Workshops Topics First skill Block Print Women who graduated from Project Stitching: 377 women Embroidery: 241 women Block print: 146 women Provide Services: Vocational Trainings Stitching, Embroidery or Block Print Education Health Services LRC/Workshop Health Clinics Hand-in-Hand: Skills & Health for Female Empowerment 106 Graduation Ceremony! Married : Daughters below 15yrs Sons below 12 yrs 2013 Health Services Jugnoo Project Hand in Hand Literacy 62 Patient Profile Project Objectives 2012 146 Second skill 32 Tuberculosis Hepatitis Environment Food & Nutrition Water Immunization Skin, nails & hair Exercise & happiness Cough & cold Eye, ear Blood donation A local method known as Jugnoo Focus on functional literacy skills including Writing letters Writing their names Reading in Urdu, as well as Basic mathematics 122 Women Unmarried: Mothers aged 45 and less Siblings below 12 yrs Clinic Provided: Mother And Child Clinic Population Welfare Program Gynaecology Paediatrics Asthma & TB Dental Skin BP & Hypertension Xray & Laboratory 76 47 9 Jugnoo 35 65 Project Plan 103 Embroidery

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