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Graduation Ceremony Powerpoint Template

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Graduation Ceremony!

Transcript: 153 Workshops were held every other Wednesday Milk and supplements were distributed to participants attending the workshop 75 Sewing Workshops Identify 100 women About Hand in Hand Project Year The project partners Chevron with Behbud Association, Karachi To provide quality healthcare, vocational training, adult literacy and health awareness workshops For 100 women living around Shireen Jinnah Colony, one of the largest urban slums in the city. 2011 Graduating Women Industrial Home Highway to Health - Workshops Topics First skill Block Print Women who graduated from Project Stitching: 377 women Embroidery: 241 women Block print: 146 women Provide Services: Vocational Trainings Stitching, Embroidery or Block Print Education Health Services LRC/Workshop Health Clinics Hand-in-Hand: Skills & Health for Female Empowerment 106 Graduation Ceremony! Married : Daughters below 15yrs Sons below 12 yrs 2013 Health Services Jugnoo Project Hand in Hand Literacy 62 Patient Profile Project Objectives 2012 146 Second skill 32 Tuberculosis Hepatitis Environment Food & Nutrition Water Immunization Skin, nails & hair Exercise & happiness Cough & cold Eye, ear Blood donation A local method known as Jugnoo Focus on functional literacy skills including Writing letters Writing their names Reading in Urdu, as well as Basic mathematics 122 Women Unmarried: Mothers aged 45 and less Siblings below 12 yrs Clinic Provided: Mother And Child Clinic Population Welfare Program Gynaecology Paediatrics Asthma & TB Dental Skin BP & Hypertension Xray & Laboratory 76 47 9 Jugnoo 35 65 Project Plan 103 Embroidery

Graduation ceremony

Transcript: Graduation Ceremony Plan and Preparation 2019-2020 Friday 3rd of April 2020 Saturday 4th of April 2020 Total number of students / program Graduation Ceremony Committees Graduation Gown Committee Invitation Cards Committee Graduation Book Committee Theme, Decoration and Lighting Committee Marching Committee Reception Committee Organising Committee Stage Committee Media Committee Hospitality Committee Maintenance and Emergency Cases Committee Security committee Graduation Gown Committee 01 Chairperson: Mrs. Aliaa Najdi Members: Mr. Samir Jaafar Graduation Gown Committee 01 Make sure all students came for sizes. Send a list of students name to the gown company (Make sure it contains first and last name only and make sure of the right students name spelling). Make sure student done service order to the gown and done the payment. Submit the gown to students. Invitation Cards Committee 02 Chairperson: Ms. Reem Alblawi Members: Invitation Cards Committee 02 Make the service orders. Distribute the invitation cards to students and sell extra cards. Prepare the VIP, media and faculty cards. Theme, Decoration and Lighting Committee 03 Chairperson: Dr. Ikhlas sindi Members: Theme, Decoration and Lighting Committee 03 Make the service orders for each student Distribute the invitation cards to students and sell extra cards Prepare the VIP, media and faculty cards. March Music & Host Committee 04 Chairperson: Dr. Ikhlas sindi Members: Mrs. Reem Albalawi Marching Committee 05 Chairperson: Mrs. Salwa Kamel Marching Committee 05 Members: Marching Committee 05 Distribute task to each committee members. Planning the order of ceremony. Being sure that the flag of KSA & BMC is in the procession & on stage. Choosing students who carry flags. Following up the entry of graduates the day of event from proper door & assigned seats. Following up the entering of the honor students according to the plan. Organizing the place where the Dean/VDAN/HOP will stand. Following up exit of students off stage. Having a rehearsal with students and all involved prior to graduation. Reception Committee 06 Chairperson: Ms. Omnia Jaafar Mr. Mohammed Aljohari Reception Committee 06 members: Reception Committee 06 Collecting tickets at the doors. Making sure to cut the right side of each invitation card at the entrance (No stamp on it). Monitor that all visitors having invitation cards in BMC premises. Selling of invitation cards in case if somebody wants to buy at the spot. Making list of sold invitation cards and submit cash to “Follow up committee members”. Being in contact with the Follow up Committee in respect to arrival of VIPs Organizing Committee 07 Chairperson: Ms. Hadil Ghalib (Auditorium- Upper Floor) Dr. Ahmed Fouad (Male seating area) Mrs. Braha Arab (Auditorium – Ground floor) Organizing Committee 07 Organising Committee 07 Organising Committee 07 Distribute task to each committee members. .Prepare the list of all VIPs, parents, students and other guest and distribute the list among all other committees. Designing/Preparing name badges for all committee members, employees & student assistants. Making a seating plan for all VIPs, graduates, staff, parents & guests. Labeling the seats for the guests. The left side of each invitation card should be cut at the auditorium entrance up and down. The guests have to be seated according to the card category and raw by raw Do not leave any guest unattended and take each person to designated seat Gift bags / graduation bag to put on seats Organizers not to leave the block or leave with replacement person Distribute task to each committee members. Stage Committee 08 Chairperson: Mr. Aljawhari Members: Stage Committee 08 Collect the list of graduates and honor students. Responsible to arrange place for table on which certificates/shield/medals will be placed for students/staff. Arrange the certificates/shields/medals as per nominees list. Prior to the start of program arrange the sequence of duties on stage for each person during the distribution of certificates/shields/medals. Make sure to be only on stage at the time of distribution of certificates/shields/medals. .Receiving the awards, organizing them on stage & handing off to honor students and sponsors. After the arrangements of all certificates/shields/medals on stage, assign 1 person responsible to keep watching that no one will disturb the sequence of certificate/shields/medals. Media Committee 09 Chairperson: MS. Ghydaa Wali Send invitation to all media members. Organize their seating. Media Committee . Music to stop at prayer time of Mughrib and Eisa prayer Play music around the college before the beginning of the ceremony Hospitality Committee 10 Chairperson: Mr. Ashraf Anan Mrs. Rana Gozi Following up that item ordered & arrived. Supervising the distribution & serving of guests and assigning servers for each group; guests, parents, students. Security committee 11 Chairperson: Mr. Yaqoub Asseri Maintenance and Emergency Cases Committee 12

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